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Love it Or Leave it

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Two girls, MCR. She becomes best friends with him. She dates another rockstar. He falls for her. Yeah, the typical love story. *very long*

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If I owned MCR, I would not be writing this. If I even knew them, I would not be writing this. This is simply a product of the dirty little world i live in ^^

I got the idea for this story a reeeaaally long time ago. It's going to be extremely long, but i’ll try it not to be, and it's going to take a really long time to be finished. I might not even finish it, cause i have no idea of how to end it, but I'll give it a shot.

It involves a girl named Stephanie and the guys in My Chemical Romance, whom I do not own as they own themselves. Any other character will be of my own creation.
This story happens around the Bullets era, and Matt does not appear on it, Bob does.

“Oh my god!! Dude! I can't wait! I mean… We’re gonna se MCR!! Can you believe it?” Silvana said walking out of the bathroom
“I know!! It’s fucking unbelievable! Just three more hours to go!” I replied as I was getting dressed.

Silvana had been my best friend since we were 10 years old. We’ve been through everything together. I love her to death; I can't imagine my life without her or without knowing her at all. She is the most amazing girl ever.
She has shoulder length and straight light brown hair, her lips are huuuge! Her eyes are dark brown, like a little kid’s, and her right eyebrow is pierced; she is less than an inch taller than me… she being almost 5’4 and me 5’3.

“Stephanie!!” She yelled from the living area “You’ve been in there forever!! We have to go in 20 minutes!!”
“You can't rush perfection!!” I said joking “I’ll be ready in ten! Just let me do my make up!” I replied going to the closest mirror and looked at myself, I just saw an average girl, with long and wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, short… well yeah, average.

When I was done with the make up I took one last glance at the mirror an and looked at myself again, my hair was up in a ponytail and looked naturally wavy, my eyes were covered in black eyeliner and eye shadow, and I was wearing my ripped jeans, a black tank top and my favorite vans ever (black with white skulls ^^) yep, I looked just great, so yeah, it was time to leave =D.

“oh god!!! Steph! Can you fucking believe it?! I did not sleep all night” A super excited Silvana said
“dude, seriously…. You’ve already said that 8 fucking times ¬¬” I said from the driver’s seat.
“I know… sorry… I mean, Im gonna see My Chemical Romance perform live! Why wouldn’t I be excited as hell?!....” She said really excited
“Hahaha xD I know! I'm just as excited as you are! But I'm not jumping up and down!!” I said.

When we got there it was already so packed we were lucky, cause it just got worse! Another half an hour passed while we were waiting when they finally got in to the stage. Silvana and I were so freaking excited, we jumped, and screamed, and laughed and enjoyed every minute of the show and I almost cried when they played Our Lady Of Sorrows. I could not take my eyes of them, after we rocked out to all our favorite songs. After a while they announced that it was their last song but we felt like we just got there. After they played ‘Demolition Lovers’ both of us tried to leave; but it was so packed that we were forced to stay and wait there.

“Steph, I think we should wait for the whole crowd to leave, to not deal with it, don’t you think?” Silvana said
“mhm… okay ^^” I replied and we started talking about the show

After a few minutes, we realized we had been there for less than an hour and the place was totally empty and none of us noticed it, so yeah, either of us knew how to get out, so we headed to the first door we saw.


“Hell yeah!! Why don’t we wait for everyone to leave?! Huh?! Why the fuck I always listen to you!? Even thought I know it will get us on trouble!” I said really pissed, god! I swear sometimes I can't stand that girl, as much as I love her.
“Dude, enough!” Silvana said annoyed and we stayed in silence for a few minutes

“mmmh… I had like 6 red bulls and I really need to pee” I said and she just stared at me with an ‘asshole’ kind of look.
“I have to pee!!!” I yelled
“Stephanie! Be quiet!” She said annoyed
“Me be quiet?! You be quiet!”
“Dude! Shut up!! I promise I’ll get us out of here, and then you can go to a bathroom, just… mhm… think about the show and shut the hell up… I have to think where to go – she said a little annoyed

We kept wandering for around 5 or 10 minutes in and endless hallway with tons of locked doors ¬¬. When finally we saw a barely opened door and heard voices coming out of there, so we decided to go there and ask where the exit was.

Silvana’s POV.

We were just about to open the door when we heard a laugh we could pick out of a crowd of a million, but I convinced myself it couldn’t be possible
After I dragged Stephanie with me, I slowly opened the door, both of us stayed right there in shock, I couldn’t believe my eyes, 5 guys were looking at us with surprised looks on their faces, all the My Chem guys were right in front of us, just as shocked as we were.
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