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Chapter Ten

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Set after episode, the Firebending Masters. It was dinner time after Zuko and Aang arrived back from the Sun Warriors’ community. Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Haru, the Duke & Teo, wait for the arr...

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Dragons of the West


Summary: Set after episode, the Firebending Masters. There are many secrets that mortals in the past have long forgotten. Ever wondered how the War started? How the mortals in the Avatar world learned to bend the elements from the help of the Gods themselves? And how did the mortals then defended evil that wanted to take over the world? What happened to Aang’s friends before the War, after he disappeared? How is Zuko related to Avatar Ruko and Kuzon? Is Ursa still alive or she is dead? How did Iroh became a member of the Order of the White Lotus? What really happened to Iroh’s son Lu Ten? What really became the airbenders 100 years before? Ever wondered what became the other characters in the story after we never see them again?

What secrets would be discovered? And what is the cost to know them?


Chapter Nine


Night had fallen.

Mai slowly stopped horse-tiger, Zita, followed by the ostrich-horse that was tied from behind, on the top of a hill. Looking down she saw the lights of a small Earth Kingdom village below. It was small, so the Fire Nation wouldn’t be interested to the village. Mai sighed in relief. Now she can finally have some rest.

Using the moon’s light above her, Mai looked down to the map that Zuko had given her, that was tightly grasp in her hands.

If she was correct, she had finally made to the first safe house. There a note in Zuko’s handwritten next to the village‘s name. /“This is safe house. The mother and the daughter are healers. The daughter’s name Song. And they know me as Lee not Zuko.”
Mai frown. Why did he name himself to these people as Lee? And where did Zuko find these safe houses anyway? And who in the hell is Song? Was she some female that Zuko snogged with when he was on the run?

Mai growled at the thought. /‘She better not be!’ /she thought angrily. She looked around, sighing. She got off of Zita, wincing in pain as the arrow in her hip was still there. Looking at it, as her blood slowly ooze from the wound, that half of arrow was broken off. Her whole bottom of her shirt and traveling pants was soaked in her blood. She knew just as she walked she was light headed and pale from the lost of blood.

Was it by fate that she got wounded right before she arrived to a Healer’s house?

Slowly, she found a good hiding place to hide Zita, tying her to a nearby tree. Mai took off her Fire Nation cloak that was soaked in blood, and putting on a Earth Nation one, that same one that the man given her to spare his life. She sighed, as she untied her hair, for she knew that her hair was styled in Fire Nation. Her long black hair came down to hip, covering her eyes slightly. How many years since she let down her hair, beside going to bed? It was been years…

Finish of disguising herself, she hopped on a the ostrich-horse.

“I will be back Zita.” she whispered to the mare. Zita whined at her, as she watched her mistress ride off.

Swiftly, Mai rode the ostrich-horse towards the village without looking back.-

Mai got off of the ostrich-horse as she approach a small house, leaving it to graze the grass on the ground.

She walked up to the front door, slightly hesitant as she knocked on the door.

No answer.

Mai knocked again, just as she was about to loose hope that no one was home or that they are sleep, the door finally opened.

A young girl pecked out her head, her eyes widen of seeing her. Mai looked at the young girl. She was about her height, maybe a couple years younger then her, with brown hair, brown eyes, wearing a ridicules night grown. But come to think about it, all Earth Kingdom clothing are ridicules to her.

“May I help you?” the girl asked her kindly.

Mai bite her lip. “Are you Song?” she asked, thinking that she may not be in the right house.

The young girl opened the door wider. “Yes, that is my name.” she said.

“Please, I need a healer and a place to stay for the night. You see--” Mai stopped suddenly as her body gave out. Just as she was about to hit the ground, Song caught her by the arms.

Song gasp as she glanced at the arrow. “Oh my Spirits! Mother! Come quick!” Song yelled.

Mai heard foot steps as another woman came from the house. “Oh dear.” the older woman said, helping her daughter pick her up. “Song, gently led her to the bed.”

“I can walk!” Mai said, trying to stand up but failed.

Song shook her head, slightly amused. “Let us help you; you lost a lot of blood.”

Mia knew that it was a loosing battle. She was weak, hungry, and tired. Against her will, she let the two women let her to the nearest bed that they use for their patients.

‘If Azula and others ever find out about this, I swear I will kill them.’ Mai thought before the darkness over took her.-

Mai woke up, just as Song was stitching up her wound. Mai’s eyes widened as she looked down at herself, seeing that she naked, wrapped in a bed cloth. She turned to head, and saw that her clothes were cleaned and folded neatly on the bedside table.

“You are awake at last!” Song said smiling breaking the silence in the room. “Don’t worry you are fine. The arrow wasn’t poisonous or anything, thanks the Spirits that Fire Nation didn’t.” Mai kept her silence wanting to yell ‘I was attacked by the Earth Kingdom!’ but didn’t. Song continued. “All you need now is some nice food and warm place to sleep for couple days at least. Mother is in the kitchen making your dinner now.”

“Thank you.” Mai said. The words felt foreign coming out from her lips. “But I need to get going tomorrow.”

Song smiled. “So you are a traveler. What is your name?”

“Mai.” she answered without thinking. Her eyes widen of what she just did.

“That’s a pretty name. Hardly find anyone around here by that name.” Song said, cutting the stitch with a knife. “All done!”

Mai smiled uneasy. Her own name was Fire Nation, not common in any other Nation. /‘Curse it! Better make up a name until you get the headquarters’ /Mai thought to herself.

“So Mai, how did you find out about my name? Did Kun (1) told you to come here?”

Mai didn’t know who Kun was, guessing as Song looked at her, it was some guy that was important to the village. Deciding to stay with the truth, so she would tell her story straight, Mai answered, “A good friend of mine told me to come here if I need any help.”

Song looked puzzled. “What is your friend’s name?”

“His name is Lee.”

Song‘s eyes darkened at the name. “Lee, you don’t mean that boy with a scar on his face?”

Mai smiled. “If we are specking of the same man, then yes. He came with his uncle.”

“Oh yes, that nice man, Mushi.”

It took Mia’s ever will power not to laugh at the name that Iroh picked out to call himself. “Yes, Mushi is a good man.” she said.

“How did you know them?”

“I grew up with Lee since we were children.”

“He is a nice young man. He's a bit sad really.”

Mai didn’t know what to say to that. What did Zuko said this girl?

Before any of them spoke, Song’s mother came into the room. “Dinner is ready.” she said.


Azula woke up with a start.

At first she didn’t know where she was or how she got of where she was. Then flashes of her father slapping her and pushing her down the stairs came crashes down on her.

She flinch of remembering her father’s hush words.

“Your brother is now traitor to the Fire Nation. He must be dealt with….”

Where was Zuko? Why was he a traitor?

/“And because of your brother‘s treachery of joining the Avatar, I have no choice but to disown him, making you the heir.”
Of course she would his heir. She is the only other child beside her older brother. Why did he join the Avatar? Why would he betray them like that?

/“…you will also be punished by not just your punishment, but also of your brother‘s deeds.”
What will be her punishment?

“Do not 'father' me, Bitch!”

Why did he say that? Why did he slap her? She has always been loyal to him. Respecting him, almost worshipping him, even.

“Azula?” a voice called out in the still silence. Azula looked up. Ty Lee looked at her in horror. “What happened to you? Did your father do this to you?”

Azula nodded mutely.

“Come on, Ula.” Ty Lee said, helping her on her feet. Azula slightly smiled at her childhood nickname. Azula bit her lip as she got to her feet.

Slowly, Ty Lee led her into her room.


Azula then woke up again on her bed. She sat up just as Ty Lee came in, carrying a tray of hot tea and fire-bread. “You’re awake! Here, have some tea to ease your pain.” she said giving her the cup of tea from the tray.

Azula won’t admit it, but she enjoyed tea, almost as much as her Uncle. Taking it she sipped it. The sugary, cinnamon scented tea felt like heaven in her parch throat, as her pain on her back slowly faded away. “This is good Ty Lee. Have to been taking lessons behind my back?” Azula asked her.

Ty Lee smiled. “I made it just the way you like it! Three spoons of sugar, tipped in cinnamon!”

Azula nodded, glad that she had a good friend like Ty Lee.

“Ula, what happened to you in the Throne Room?” Ty Lee dared to ask.

Azula shook her head. “I rather not talk about it, Ty Lee.” she said.

Ty Lee nodded, slightly put out that she wouldn’t tell her the truth. “I heard rumors that your father slapped you…”

It took Azula’s every will power not to drop her tea on her lap in shock and horror. “What?” she demanded.

“Oh my Spirits! Azula, he didn’t!” Ty Lee yelped, covering her mouth.

Azula nodded, sating her tea on the nearby table, knowing that lie to Ty Lee now was hopeless. For she already know the truth. “Soon I will punished.” Azula said slowly.

“What kind of punishment?” Ty Lee asked.

Azula shrugged. “I don’t know.”

There was uneasy silence.

Just then there was crash of a door slam on the walls, as if someone push a door open, shaking the whole room. Both Azula and Ty Lee looked up towards the door. Ozai with a five of his men behind him stood there. Ozai’s eyes was darkened looking at his daughter in disgust. His men who wore their armor and helmets, but knowing hard core soldiers Azula knew that men was stoned face.

“It is time for your punishment, daughter.” Ozai said with venom in his voice. Azula gulped. “Take her to Boiling Rock Prison.” Ozai ordered his men, turning away from her.

Mutely, the five men grabbed Azula by her arms and started dragged to out of the room, not caring that they are manhandling their own Princess as she yelp in pain.

Azula’s eyes widen in shock of what is happening to her. Boiling Rock? Did she hear her father right? No, not that prison! Any prison then that one!

“NO! Please father! I beg of you!” Azula yelled to her father, as the men pulled her down the hall.

Ozai walked out of the room, walking the opposite way of where the five men dragged Azula towards the exit of the palace. He took no knowledge of her, crying out for him.

“Father! I am your loyal daughter! Please!” Azula cried out, not caring how weak she looked at this point. Ozai kept walking not looking back.

Ty Lee who was left in Azula’s room was horrified, not knowing what to do. First Zuko, then Mai and now Azula. All of her friends are gone, maybe forever. She is alone.

She closed her eyes, as tears flown from them, as she heard Azula cries that never seem to fade.*-
-*Jeong Jeong sat cross legged in his tent, mediating of what he felt last night. He knew of what he must do, but should he and his group came out of hiding?

He is a deserter from the military. A high treason from the Fire Nation, a treason that would cause him his own life. It has been years since he been seen in the outside world.

His thoughts went to the Avatar. Was it his duty to go and find the Avatar and aid him in this war? Is it his fate to die and serve the Avatar? Or is it his fate to be found out and die in prison by the Fire Nation or any other Nation?

Or should he stay in hiding like a coward dog that he knew he was, as he sat and wondered these unknown answered questions.

Ever since last night, his men had been worried about him. He knew they heard him gasp in pain, for you can hardly make any secrets from any of them for their tents are thin.

Hours later of mediating, Jeong Jeong then opened his eyes now knowing of what he must do. As he got up from the group, ignoring his stiff legs, as he stepped out of his tent.

His men stopped of what they were doing seeing their leader emerge from his tent.

“Sir?” Asked one.

“Pack up. We are leaving.” Jeong Jeong said.

“Where to sire?”

Jeong Jeong smiled. “Locus qua is est Pondera (2).”

His men nodded followed his orders without anymore questions.

Jeong Jeong then wondered if he made the right decision.

(End of Chapter)Words: 2,681

(1) Kun: both a male and female name meaning “earth” in Chinese.

(2) Locus qua is est Pondera: translated from Latin to English, it reads ‘The Place where it is Balanced’.

Author’s Notes: I found a GREAT you tube video that goes with my story! http : www . youtube . com watch?v 48UOWFAXHnc (with spaces)

Here is the summary of the youtube video clip: Trailer of 300 to Avatar. Basically cause I love zuko. rate and comment. Watch the movie and avatar everday or else Viacom will kill me



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