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Andrea meets Gerards family. And go to a party that ends up in a nasty fight.

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"Hey, you're finally awake." Gerard said when he saw me, he put his Diet Coke on the dinner table.
"Dinner's almost done. Wanna meet my family?" It wasn't really a question. He put his hand on my back and lead me towards the dinner table where everyone sat and some stood.
I waved and said, "Hi." as I got glimpses of everyones face around the dining room.
"Well, everyone this is Andrea. She works at the venue that we played in about a week-or-so ago."
They all said hi together in unison. "I already know her." Mikey said leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms in front of him. I laughed, nobody else did though, I guess it was just funny to me.
"Well, then." My attention was caught by an older woman with white blonde hair. Mikey's act of coolness didn't impress her. She walked towards me, after wipping her hands off with a dish towel. "It's so nice to meet you," she came over and gave me a hug, "I'm Donna. Gerard and Michael's, mother." She then started introducing me to the other people in the dining room, while Gerard took a seat.
"Well, that's Megan sitting next to Mister Cool over there," Mikey rolled his eyes, "That's his girlfriend." I gave her a nod.
"That's Cathy, Gerard and Michael's cousin. She came to vistit from Connecticut for the week." She then pointed at an older man about her age with gray hair. "That's Donald or Don, which ever is fine. He is Gerard and Michael's father, as well as my ex-husband." She then looked over at Mikey. "But as Michael would say, 'We don't have any beef.' whatever that means." She rolled her eyes.
"C'mon, mom." He said sitting up in his chair, his girlfriend Megan was laughing.
"I'm just kidding son." She sighed and then pointed my attention toward a small little Italian woman. "And that is Grandma Elena, my mother."
"Nice to meet you." I said to her.
"Well, go on and sit down. Dinner should be ready right now." I took a seat as Donna went to take the lasagna out of the oven.
"Hey, you want anything to drink?" Gerard asked, I looked over and he was eating a freshly baked garlic breadstick with mozzerella browned at the top. "We have
some Iced Tea, Diet Coke, and regular Coke."
"I'll have a regular coke, I guess." I shrugged and Gerard got up to get one out of the fridge.

Soon, the plates piled up in the sink and the smell of home made Italian food still lingered through out the house. Everyone headed to the living room except for Mikey, Megan, Gerard and I.
"So," Mikey said as he reached over to grab a left over breadstick from the basket. "You guys wanna come to a party with us?"
I shrugged. "I'm down."
"I guess I am too." Gerard took a sip from his Diet Coke. "What time?"
"It's not 'till nine-ish. It ends pretty late, but I was thinking of going to Frank's appartment 'cause Ray and Matt are over there, so we can all arrive together."
I realized that I was just wearing shorts and a baggy tee-shirt. "Can I change before we go?" I looked over at Gerard.
"Sure, I'll wait for you. Hey, Mikes can you take mom's car so we can just meet you up at Frank's?"
"Aw man, C'mon." He didn't seem committed with the idea but then... "Ok, I guess so." Mikey got up and pulled a pair of keys out of a small drawer.
"See ya there." Mikey and Megan quickly left.
"I'll be right back."
I walked down to the basement, or Gerard's room, more likely. I reached into my duffle bag and pulled out regular black pants and a white tank top, that usually men wear, (you could totally see my black bra though) and some slip on black Vans. I was already clothed when Gerard walked in.
"You wanna borrow a jacket? It's a little chilly outside, it might get colder later."
"Sure, if you got one."
"Yup, I sure do." He reached in his closet and pulled out a grey zip up hoodie.
He handed it to me with a smile. "Thanks." I smiled back, I put it on and zipped it up half way.
We were in the car. Most of the drive to Frank's house was pretty much silent between Gerard and I.
"Hey," I said breaking the silence, "can we stop by a store? I wanna buy a drink."
"I'm pretty sure they're going to have drinks at the party." He said still keeping his eyes on the road.
"Yeah," I shrugged. "But I bet they're not going to have slushies."
He gave me a side look. "Ok, you got me." He sighed. "There's a 7/11 up ahead."
He pulled up to the 7/11. I hopped out of the Subaru and jogged to the enterance. I saw Gerard through the big glass windows, he was sitting in the car with the engine running, starring right back at me. I went to the slushie machine and started filling the small cup with the frozen Limeade mixture. I grabbed a lid and a straw and quickly walked to the cashier to pay for my slushie. Suddenly, I felt someone's hand roughly grab my bottom, I turned around to see a man in his late 40's smiling at me. I heard the Subaru's engine roar, then I gave the 40 something year old the bird and jogged back to the car.
"What the fuck?" I heard Gerard say. "That guy had no right."
"Fuck him." I took a sip from my slushie. "Just forget about it."
"Ok." He backed out of the parking space and directed back to the road but I could tell he didn't let the situation go.

As we're pulling into the appartment complex two cars were leaving. Gerard honked at the car that was leading the others. He mumbled something incohearent and rolled down his window.
He looked out, he seemed to know the drivers.
"Are they leaving?" He said to himself.
"You know them?" I asked and took another sip of my limeade slushy.
He took out his cell phone. "Yeah, Frank was the first car that pasted by us and Ray was in the second car following." He said while dialing the number. "I guess Mikey and Megan are riding with one of them."
We were driving out of the appartment complex after Gerard finished with his call.
"Ok, Frank just said to meet him at Tino's, that's where the party is at."
I nodded my head. "Maybe I shouldn't have gotten a slushy we would of been with the others." I shrugged.
"Eh, it's alright. It's not like I'm gonna get lost, the guy Tino, he throws a bunch of parties and I've been to quite a few of them, so I know the way."
The rest of the way to Tino's was filled with small talk about pretty much random things, until he pulled up to the house.
"Hey, can you take out my ciggs from the glove compartment?"
I opened the compartment and pulled out a box of Marlboro Reds.
"Here ya go." I passed it to him and we both got out from the car.
I could see that the party had been going on for several hours before we arrived.
Gerard lit up a ciggarette and grabbed my hand. "C'mon follow me." He lead the way.
I was pretty much being pulled through the people and things through out the house, until we reached the back patio, where the others were.
"Hey! You two are finally here!" Frank said raising his bottle of beer to us.
Everyone was there at the very dark corner of the back patio, Mikey, Megan, Frank, Matt, Ray, Gerard, and I. We were all hanging out and having beers, it wasn't long 'til everyone was drunk or at least buzzed. Frank and Gerard kept talking loud and Frank from time to time, jumped on Gerards back causing us all to laugh. Everything was going fine and dandy until he came. I saw him with another girl, I didn't get the chance to kick his ass thoroughly last time, I'm definately going to now. Gerard noticed that my laughter abruptly stopped and followed my gaze, worry struck his face as he looked back at me.
"Frank, get off for a sec." Gerard said to Frank.
"Come on, man! We were having fun." Frank slurred a bit as he giggled.
"I know, but hold on." He walked towards me and grabbed my hands and pulled me up from the chair I was sitting on.
I had little time to steady myself because Gerard was yet again pulling me through the house as I was fumbling around. We finally stopped at a narrow secluded hallway.
"Andrea, don't do anything stupid!" He said right in my face as he pinned me to the wall, I couldn't move.
"But-" Gerard cut me off.
"Brandon's with another chick, I know I saw too." He said finishing my sentence. "Just ignore him anyway possible, Ok?
I nodded yes. He backed off and helped me steady myself off the wall. We started walking towards the back patio, this time he wasn't pulling me and I was leading the way. As soon as I opened the patio door, he was right there.
'FUCK!' I thought.
"Oh well look who's here, psyco bitch and her fag friend." He said in a smart ass tone.
"Get the fuck away from me." I said trying to push past him but his other "girl" was in the way.
"Or what? You can't do shit! I know more shit about you than your fag friend there!" He said getting into my face.
"You don't know shit about me! And don't you dare talk about my friend, you don't know him!" I said standing on my tip toes to get to his level. "I can't wait to tell Aneesah, about this tranny whore you're with!"
He gave a dark laugh. "Like she'll believe you! I've got her wrapped around my finger, she's sprung!" He started laughing again.
My voice lowered. "You son of a bitch!" My fists balled, it happened like a reflex. I hit Brandon square in the face and upper cutted him in the gut.
He yelped in pain. "You fucking bitch."
"You'll get what you deserve," I said. He was on the ground and people started to crowd around. "and when it comes, it'll come sevenfold on your ass!" I emptied my beer bottle on his face and pushed through the crowd that was forming.
I started running towards the front door to the house, I was trying to run back to Gerards car. I fell down the porch stairs, and layed there on the grass looking up at the sky. I was lost in the moment and in my head, it was almost like I was paralyzed with the commotion of life. Like a mary-go-round spinning at top speed and never being able to stop.
"Andrea!" I heard my name being called. "Are you ok?" I looked over to my left side to see Gerard kneeling beside me. His cold hands touched my face.
"No." I mumbled.
"What did I tell you Andrea? You were supposed to ignore him." He sighed. "How many scrapes and bruises can you get in one day?" He helped me up.
I was sweating and everything seemed to have stopped moving. I fell to my knee's and started vomitting everything I ever comsumed since birth. Gerard pulled my hair back. What a great way to impress someone you like, eh? After I finished puking my guts out, Gerard picked me up and placed me in the passenger side of his car. During the whole ride to his house I couldn't keep my eyes from rolling, I was pretty much passed out the whole way there though. We arrived at Gerard's house and I felt him gently lay me down on his bed. He took off my shoes and socks before he pulled his Batman covers over me. I heard him walking up the basement stairs before faint words escaped my lips.
"Don't leave." I said groggily.
"You want me to stay?"
"Yes." I heard him walk down the steps and slowly come over to the bed where he laid over the covers next to me. I started to take off my pants under the covers.
"Are going to sleep in your underwear?" He looked at me questioningly.
"I have shorts under my pants but unless you want me too." I said in a fake sexy voice.
He laughed. "Well, if you insist."
"I was kidding!" We both laughed.
"Are you feeling better?" Gerard said getting into a more serious note.
"Yeah, a little." I got closer to him and put my around him and my leg between his legs.
"What are you doing, woman?" Gerard said holding me in his arms.
"Getting comfy." I said simply as I laid my head on his chest. "Are you comfy, Gerard?" I was toying with him.
"Oh, I'm very comfy." I could hear his laugh bellow from deep within his chest.
It was silent for a few minutes, we were just enjoying each others presence.
"I'm glad you're not mad at me." I said.
"Why would I be mad at you?"
"For fucking up at the party."
"I already knew something was going to go down when I saw him. That's why I told you to ignore him, I just didn't know who was gonna get hurt him or you."
"Are you psycic?" He and I laughed.
"Nope, I can just pick up a lot of vibes all at once."
"I know what you mean."
"Ok, 'Ms. Fight Club' you should start getting some sleep."
"Ok, good night." I yawned.
"And a wonderful night to you."
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