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I hide behind these words but I'm coming out

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I woke up at my apartment to Lady barking. I guess someone must be at the door or walking within 100 feet of the door. She was an amazing guard dog, but sometimes too cautious. With Pete being as busy as he was with FOB and trying to finish the record, I spent more nights at my place. I dragged my sleepy head out of the bed an pulled my white robe off the floor. The clock said 11:09 am. Who was waking me up? Why didn't they just call?

When I walked into the living room Lady was standing at the door barking and I could hear someone talking baby talk to her. Pete? What a weirdo. I opened the door and stared straight into a chest. Okay, not Pete, he's not that tall. I followed the body up until my eyes locked with Gabe's. He was wearing his infamous purple hoodie, tee shirt, jeans and a baseball cap perfectly placed off center on his beautiful head.

"Hey Kiley," he said smiling.

"Hey Gabe, come in," I said and stepped to the side. He walked in and Lady jumped at his calves. He knelt down and pet her. I shut the door and walked to the kitchen to grab a drink. My mouth felt like sandpaper.

"I just wanted to come and tell you in person that I'm going back to my place in New York for a few months." He sat himself down at the stool along my bartop.

"When are you leaving?" I was honestly a little sad. I mean, my feelings for him have almost completely gone away, but I didn't want him to leave. He was so much fun!

"Tonight actually," he said as he tapped his fingers on the bartop.

"Wow, that's soon," I poured myself a glass of milk and took a sip. "Does Pete know?"

"Yea, I told him a couple days ago. We're going back there to write and record our next record."

I just nodded and took another sip of my milk. "Well, I'm going to miss you." I said and I honestly meant it.

Gabe smiled at me. "I'm going to miss you too Kiley. Hopefully I can get over you while I'm gone. I don't want to interfere with anything between you and Pete. I've never seen him this happy without his anti-depressants. He really loves you, and cares for you so much more than I could ever. I know he's going to treat you right."

"Thanks Gabe."

We talked for about another hour before we said goodbye. We hugged and then he left. No I love you's, no kissing, no nothing special. Just a friendly hug. I am so glad that the man drama in my life has calmed down. Deciding to surprise Pete at the studio, I get dressed and walk to Starbucks and get his favorite. I also grabbed myself a coffee and made my way to their studio. It wasn't too long of a walk from the Starbucks. Pete had given me a security pass so that I could come into the studio anytime. I walked right in and no one questioned my presence. Some security. Patrick was playing with some knobs and switches when I walked in and Pete was just watching him and kept pushing switches that Patrick would then reverse.

"Quite fucking with him Pete," I said laughing and he turned to me with a huge smile on his face.

"Hey baby," he walked over and kissed me. "You brought me Starbucks, I knew I loved you for a good reason." He took it and immediately gulped a bunch down.

"Hey Kiley," Patrick waved without looking up. He was still trying to fix what Pete obviously fucked up.

"Hey Patrick, how's production coming?" I walked over next to him to stare at the knobs and switches that looked completely random to me.

"Would be better is ASSHOLE over here would stop fucking with it," he joked and slapped Pete's hand as he reached for yet another switch. "PETER LEWIS KINGSTON WENTZ III STOP IT!" Patrick yelled and Pete just laughed. We all knew that Patrick was only half mad and Pete would eventually stop.

"Hey sis!" Joe walked in and hugged me. "No Starbucks for me? That's fucked up," he lisped.

"You're not my boyfriend. Ask Marie to bring you some!" I responded.

"I'm already high, so I probably don't need any coffee anyways."

I rolled my eyes. Andy walked into the room.

"Thank you GOD for Kiley. Pete was starting to be an ass. Good thinking on bringing Starbucks."

"Glad I could rescue you guys from this place becoming hell." I laughed and Pete rolled his eyes.

"I wasn't even that bad."

"You knocked my food right onto the floor dickhead," Andy stated and Pete just shrugged.

The rest of the afternoon was just like this and we all left around 9 pm. Pete decided to come to my house with Hemmy. The dogs played on the floor in the living room while Pete and I cuddled up for some Forensic Files. I had gotten him hooked on this show. I don't think I've ever been happier than in this moment. I was with someone who loved me as deeply as I loved them and I was doing what I love, writing. I just finished my book yesterday and sent it off to publishers to review. I knew that it would be published, but it was just a matter of how much editing needed to be done. My life was falling perfectly into place and it couldn't be any better.
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