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Chapter five, maybe the last chapter, but i feel like writing another...

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The two boys stood there, embracing the decision they had just made.

It had been the younger boys’ idea.

Although the older one had been thinking of it.

They knew it was the right thing. Brendon was moving miles and miles away. Ryan wasn’t allowed to go on trips.

They wouldn’t ever see each other again.

This was the only chance they had to do it.

They stood there for a short while until the older boy knelt on the floor.

The younger boy, hurried away into another room.

As Ryan waited for Brendon to return, he thought silently about what they were about to do.

It was the biggest decision he had ever made.

It was finally going to happen, him and Brendon...together...

Brendon returned, holding a small package in his hand.

He knelt in front of Ryan and smile encouragingly.

“Why do you have this stuff Brendon?” Ryan asked anxiously.

“I was planning this for a while...” Brendon whispered quickly. Ryan’s eyes widened and he placed his hand on Brendon’s shoulder.

“I’m glad you waited for me.” Was all Ryan said and he squeezed Brendon’s shoulder.

Brendon hurriedly prepared the package for use.

Ryan looked at it edgily. Was he sure he could do this?

Was he ready to finally share this part of himself with Brendon?

Was he ready to do this to Brendon?

It was ready.

They only had a matter of minutes to do it though.

They had to hurry.

Brendon quickly lifted it up to Ryan neck.

He quickly kissed him on his lips.

“You ready?” He whispered, almost silently.

Ryan just nodded and bit his lip, preparing himself.

Ryan picked the one he was going to use on Brendon.

“Are you ready?” He asked. His voice was shaky and insecure.

Brendon smiled and nodded.

That was when they did it.

They each thrust the needles into each other’s necks.

The syringes emptied the fluids into the veins of the awaiting boys.

They collapsed beside each other.

Both watched the other as they slowly went into everlasting sleep.

Brendon reached out his hand, which was now cold as ice. He stroked Ryan’s jaw line and pulled himself closer.

They kissed, tears falling from their eyes.

Ryan’s eyes widened for a second, when he noticed that Brendon wasn’t kissing back.

“Bre...Bren...Brendon?” He whispered, his voice was soft and almost gone. The boy reached out to touch his lovers face.

His skin was deathly cold and just as white as the snow.

The beautiful snow.

As he stroked is love’s face. He realised that his eyes weren’t going to open.

Brendon was dead.

Ryan’s hand was shaking, his heart was racing.

He waited patiently for the drugs to take hold.

He waited perfectly, lying there; studying Brendon’s perfect sleeping face.

It was the perfect end.


With the most perfect person in the world.

Ryan closed his eyes. Maybe that would speed up the drugs; the smallest of things would help.

He lay there, very still, very quiet, until he realised something was wrong.

He wasn’t dying.

He wasn’t dying.

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