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Now I have started collage, Dads always out with Dean of "Hunting" trips. He's not fooling anyone, we all know he loves dean more. Thats only because Dean does what ever dad says, Where as I have the friggin guts to do what I want, to be me.

Its the begining of my second year at collage and all the new students are flooding in. Most of them are arrogent.

They all push past me in the corridors. I go up to my dorm, On my way past the Girls Dorms i see some one, Some one i know... Celeste?

There She is. Its Celeste. Wow shes still stunning. I walk back towards her.

"Hey Celeste," i yell.
But she doesnt hear me.
"Celeste!" she still doesnt hear me.

Where is she going? Who is she kissing? Whos that guy?


I can believe it. Has she completely forgotten about me?

Deans Prov

Oh yeah she passes, Shes got the looks.
Nice, A cutey with a booty.
God i cant wait for tonight. I going to sneak into her dorm and blow her mind, well thats not the only thing thats going to get blown. If you know what i mean ei.

Well its now like midnight, i guess iĺl sneak in now.

Celeste´s room mate is out or state so it will just be me and her, oh yeah and i little, i mean HUGE thing i call dick.

I knock on the door.
Celeste quickly answers it, pulls me towards her and shuts the door.
"did any one see you?" she asks before sucking my lips.

"" i say in between the kisses.
She starts to un button my shirt. She slides it off and slowly starts working her way down my body. Kissing my neck, My chest, my stomach. As she does so he is undoing my pants while i slide off her top. She slides up to my face and we fall onto the bed. She lands on top of me.

I undo her bra strap. It falls to the ground.
We are one. Our bare chests rubbing.

Whats happened. I thought we had something.
I dont understand, I havent stopped thinking about her since that lovley night and here she is with my brother.
What have i done wrong?

I cant sleep it just wont work.She keeps comeing into my mind. Her smile. Her Eyes. Her Face and her tears.

I get and go to her dorm. I have to sneak or else i'll get busted and there will be hell to pay.

I see Dean walking out of her corridor. I really hope he wasnt in her dorm.

I knock on the door.

"Sam?" she says with a puzzled look on her face.

"what are you doing here?" she says with a look of confusion.

"Um hey could I please talk to you?" I say trying to rush inside.
"um yeah" she says, her face still looking confussed.

"Could I get you something?" she asks me.

"umm.... no im fine... i mean i came here to talk to you" I say awkwardly.

"ohh" she kind of dully says and walks away.

"Celeste... i really liked you" i state.

Her eyes fill up with tears.

"You really hurt me, I really thought we would of worked" I say calmly holding back the hurt.

"loved ?" celeste says.

"Love" i say taking her hand. " love, I never stoped"
I grab her hand and turn her to face me.
I look in to her beautiful blue eyes. Moving my head in closer to her face i passionately kiss her.

Things start getting intimate. Im not the kind of guy who kisses and tells so i will not be telling this little insert(yes pun intended).

The next day was like the past few years never happened and Celeste and I were back together.

I wait for her after classes.My week is all about her, i just meet her at her classes and and then we go out for dinner. I love her.
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