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Plot and Treason

by Oblivion12 15 Reviews

The Finale is here! It's my longest chapter yet, The Jedi Council makes an appearance and along with some new clones!

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Crossover,Sci-fi - Characters: Harry - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2008/04/20 - Updated: 2008/04/20 - 4036 words


  • One Man Army

    (#) alec_potter 2008-04-23 10:26:19 AM

    Nice chapter, i really like HP/SW universe, so this is really good. Will be interesting to see Harry being "trained" in the ways of jedi, and their relationship in future. Hope you bring in Padme in here somewhere. Keep updating.
  • One Man Army

    (#) CG172375 2008-04-26 10:10:13 AM

    I'm really impressed with the way you handle the action, and I hope the following battles will have more intricate strategies, brilliant tactics... and the gritty realism of war.

    Anyway, I'm fond of Commander Athy (for Athena)... but if Harry was feeling cute, I'd think Commander Acky would be nice. ACC-07, "Accy".

    And because I'm a sadistic bastard, the 2nd in command would be "Lackey".

    And you just KNOW that the first insane clone's name would be "Loony". or maybe Luna :))

    Anyways. Keep it up! I would like to think the female Jedi, if not an Original Character, would be everyone's favorite dual-wielding twi'lek. Aayla Secura... but wait, how old would she be in this timeline? It must be nice if it was her, though. You could make her a total n00b at commanding and she'll pick up battle tactics from Harry...

    Because as far as I know there was no explanation why she kicks ass while commanding the Grand Army in that stupid Jungle planet. (what was the name of that again... Mygeeto? I forget)

    Author's response

    lol, still thinking of the names at the moment. I want them to be original and is a mix between both SW and Earthling names. If you study military strategies, you'll recognize the tactics Harry will use next chap ;D. I will use Aalya Secura. She's a Padawan right now in the time. I've tweeked it so she can be the same age as Harry(14). Her master will be with her searching for Harry. She didn't get her ass kicked, she just got shot in the back of the Head by the clones because they were ordered to. The planet name is Felucia, it will come up as well in battle. Hope these help you.
  • One Man Army

    (#) selenepotter 2008-05-04 06:37:09 AM

    I wonder how Palpatine will react to this new clone army?

    The idea of a three-way war between the Republic, the seperatists and harry is appealing.
  • One Man Army

    (#) TxA_GunFighter 2010-04-23 08:00:41 AM

    Very good chapter.

  • One Man Army

    (#) GetlostD91 2012-03-27 07:33:14 AM

    it really isn't a potter/sw cross if the only thing you use from the potter series is the main characters name and description, you should try throwing in some basic magic use have him do something wandless when he is backed into a corner then expand his abilities from there, it doesnt have to be grandiose simple stunner, shields and expeliarmous would work fine.

    also you need to work on your battle strategy a bit, everything harry did was blindingly obvious and basic, surround them (which would spread out his men to far), use there captured guns against them (who wouldn't)and then he the leader plus a small group somehow sneak into the midst of the enemy leadership undetected and kill them all (highly improbable to work as well as foolish, big difference between being near the front lines and being on a suicide mission) as the writer you control both sides of the battle so set up a slightly more intricate trap next time, its better reading and as the writer you can make sure that hary's plan always works be adventurous

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