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Dragons and Dances

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The First Task and Yule Ball

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Dumbledore,Harry,Hermione - Warnings: [!!] [?] - Published: 2008/04/26 - Updated: 2008/04/26 - 3441 words - Complete


  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) slashslut 2008-05-02 04:36:55 PM

    very well well-written and well plotted story. the druids and that aspect of the story is very unusual and quite imaginative! looking forward to reading more!
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) dogbertcarroll 2008-05-04 01:01:45 PM

    Why do I see things going awry?

    Probably because of all the DEs wandering about.

    Excellent chapter.
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) Wonderbee31 2008-05-04 02:43:06 PM

    Very interesting part here, and really liking how things are continuing to proceed, and will be looking for whatever hammer drop is coming, as it seems Harry is a diligent student of Murphy. Nice to see more Luna, and maybe Draco's re-Neducation is going to show him that it's not all milk and honey.
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) brad 2008-05-07 12:52:18 AM

    "For Hermione, it was one of the more romantic moments of her life ... She was storing up precious memories, in case she had few chances in the future" - awww, nice. I insist on a happy ending for those two! :-)

    Enjoyed reading of Harry's preparations for the second task. Why the hell didn't he - or Hermione - do anything [like that] in canon? He was totally unprepared right up to the final morning, wasn't he? Hmmmph.
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) noylj 2010-03-27 12:32:25 AM

    It sounds like they outlawed gillyweed since they specifically name what and only what can be taken by the participants. Personally, I would try to think of anything that the hostage might plant on themselves, but the big problem as the participants see it is getting to the hostages.
    Why do so many fanfics mess up Fleur? I would think that the Veela nature would be continuously correcting any imperfections. Also, I have never seen where a scar or two is that bad. You look at the whole person and the scars just blend out to me.
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) noylj 2013-03-27 02:13:08 AM

    The magical adults, even with thousands of years knowledge and experience, are just as inadequate as Bumbles. They know Harry is a target, so none of them take precautions

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