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An Otherworldly Reverie Clouding His Vision

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Ryan wants to admit something to Cammy and Brendon through a chatroom with their friends. Will he find the bravery in him to do so?

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Like A Knife Part 25

After making myself a bowl of cookie dough ice cream and taking a shower, I comfortably walked up to my room and grabbed my laptop from the cluttered desk in the corner of my room. It was fairly new, black with silver lining. I carried it back to my bed and placed myself down on it, signing on to AIM as xCammykinsLOVESyoux, realizing that most all of my friends were online. I started a chat room and invited them all.

xCammykinsLOVESyoux: Hey guys!

PeterPandaXO7 (Pete): Hey Cams.

LuigiXISXacoolXname (Spencer): Hi!!!

BlueberryBananaCupcake (Brendon): Aloha.

OvercoatsCANESandLONGwords (Ryan): Bden, you’re not Hawaiian.

DylanISloveXOXO14 (Jon): WOO! CHAT ROOM!

PattycakePattycakeSTUMPx1 (Patrick): What’s up, guys?

PeterPandaXO7: Patrick!! I love you, Buddy!

InsertDesiredScreenNameHere (Joe): If you love Patty than I love Spencer.

LuigiXISXacoolXname: Joe, shut up. No one cares what you think. =-)

InsertDesiredScreenNameHere: Tear That hurt, Spence. It really did.

DrumsANDtatoosRULE123 (Andy): Joe, your screen name sucks.

xCammykinsLOVESyoux: Yours sucks too, Andy.

BlueberryBananaCupcake: Hell yeah!

OvercoatsCANESandLONGwords: Hell yeah what?

DylanISloveXOXO14: Hell yeah for blueberry banana cupcakes. That’s what.

xCammykinsLOVESyoux: Man, we have problems. =-) I love you guys.

PattycakePattycakeSTUMPx1: Yay!

DrumsANDtatoosRULE123: Last summer we took threes across the board.

LuigiXISXacoolXname: You’re not a singer, Andy. You’re a drummer.

DrumsANDtatootsRULE123: Drummers unite!

OvercoatsCANESandLONGwords: Guys, I want a pair of baggy pants.

BlueberryBananaCupcake: GASP!

DylanISloveXOXO14: NO!!! It’s a sign, guys.

InsertDesiredScreenNameHere: Apocalypse!

PattycakePattycakeSTUMPx1: No, two apocalypses.

xCammykinsLOVESyoux: Three!

OvercoatsCANESandLONGwords: Relax guys. I was kidding.

BlueberryBananaCupcake: Phew. You had me worried!

OvercoatsCANESandLONGwords: Hey, Bden, Cammy, what if I told you that I had a dream about you?

LuigiXISXacoolXname: If I were them, I’d be scared.

PeterPandaXO7: Ditto, Spence.

OvercoatsCANESandLONGwords: No, I’m serious. The rest of you shut up already.

BlueberryBananaCupcake: Well, it depends, Ry. Was it dirty? ;-)

xCammykinsLOVESyoux: I’m not sure I want to know what you’re thinking, Brenny. I wouldn’t say anything if you told us you had a dream about me except to explain it. So that’s what I’m going to do; tell me.

DrumsANDtatoosRULE123: Story time!

InsertDesiredScreenNameHere: Shut the Hell up, Andy. =-D

DrumsANDtatoos123: Access denied.

DylanISloveXOXO14: No robots. You have to leave.

OvercoatsCANESandLONGwords: All right. I’ll explain it, but don’t take it the wrong way.

PeterPandaXO7: Please don’t stop the music!

PattycakePattycakeSTUMPx1: I’m listening to that radio station! Please don’t stop the, please don’t stop the, please don’t stop the music! WOO!

BlueberryBananaCupcake: SHUT UP!!!

LuigiXISXacoolXname: Hkjflalemahfhdjiendfkdlsncoja!

DylanISloveXOXO14: Gibberish! My turn! Withwithwithwithwithwithwithwith.

InsertDesiredScreenNameHere: Jon, that isn’t gibberish. You’re just saying with over and over again.


OvercoatsCANESandLONGwords: Here goes nothing.

BlueberryBananaCupcake: Before I’m seventy, please, Ry.

OvercoatsCANESandLONGwords: I had a dream that I went to go give you your phone back after everybody left, because I was getting worried about you. I was walking down the sidewalk, remembering some memories that the rain recalled. You know what? I’ll tell you later. Because some people here just happen to be eavesdropping. ;-)

BlueberryBananaCupcake: Eavesreaders.

xCammykinsLOVESyoux: Not to mention any names. cough Pete and Andy cough

I couldn’t help but wonder what he had dreamt about that had him as frightened and distraught as he was this afternoon. It was strange to see him so disconcerted, so I knew it had to be some sort of otherworldly reverie. Or maybe just one that he didn’t want to see.

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