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Maybe it's best you leave me alone

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Peter picked me up before we made our way to Patrick's. Something seemed to be on Peter's mind, but I shrugged off the feeling. He told me that he had bought us some tickets for a week away from everything and I was more than happy! We haven't been on a trip in a little while and soon he would be back in the studio and I would be touring or something.

Amanda and Patrick had snacks prepared when we arrived. Joe, Marie, Brendon, Ryan, Andy and Travie were already there when we arrived. Most of the gang was here. I almost expected Gabe to show up any minute. There were multiple Guitar Hero guitars in front of the TV, I guess it was duel night for the so-called "Guitar Gods" in the group. We all were pretty damn good and most of us played on the expert setting. I think that Travie, Marie and I were the only ones who still played on medium or hard. I sat down with a soda next to Peter on the couch. We all gathered around while Patrick and Joe took their stances in front of the illuminated screen.

"OH! I almost totally forgot Ashlee, let me see your ring!" Marie walked on her knees across the carpet towards me and took my left hand. I was honestly really proud of my ring. It was so beautiful, Peter did an amazing job. "It's amazing. Nice work Pete," she patted his leg and he just smiled. I caught his gaze drift elsewhere. He wasn't looking at the TV, but at Amanda. Huh, guess she was doing something that caught his attention.

"I almost fainted when he gave it to me. I swear my hand feels heavier!" I gush. I loved talking about the engagement.


Amanda looks amazing, as always. I really need to distract myself. I don't need the entire room knowing that I am in love with her. I haven't told a soul! Not one. I don't know if I could trust anyone with this, and I can't tell Patrick. Ashlee and I take that trip in 3 days, so I can't wait to just get away and hopefully clear my head.

"Damnit! That's bullshit and this is my house!" Patrick laughs and hands the guitar to me. "Kick his ass Wentz."

I stood up and took the guitar. This would be too easy. I smoke Joe everytime in this game. I pick One bye Metallica everytime. He can't ever get that guitar solo and I ace it evertime.

I smoked Joe, Andy, Travie, Ross and Brendon before it comes to Amanda's turn.

"Go easy on me," she teased. She was actually pretty good herself, but we all knew that she couldn't beat me. I couldn't help but go somewhat easy since I was 90% distracted by her scent. It was so intoxicating and her standing right next to me let it flood my airwaves. It ended up being a close game and she won by about 500 points.

"That's my GIRL!" Patrick high fived her and picked her up. I just shrugged my shoulder's and plopped down next to Ash. She gave me a funny look and then began talking to Marie and Joe again.


I was so shocked to actually beat Pete! It was a first! He usually can only be beaten by either Patrick or Ryan. I was so proud and I know Patrick was too! When everyone left I could sense some tension between Pete and Ashlee. I don't know why, but I can always sense when trouble is brewing between couples. Marie and Joe of course seemed just fine. They never fight, I think it's probably because they're both high, so they are just laid back all the time. That's probably a good attitude to have in a relationship, being laid back. Less fighting I bet, and probably more sex!

"So I think that Pete and Ashlee are about to fight." I said as I helped picked up the mess with Patrick.

"About what?"

"I'm not sure, but I have a feeling Pete did something."

"Wouldn't surprise me. And it scares me how you can tell these things. I swear you're psychic." He held open a trash bag and I dumped everything in my arms into it.

"I can just sense these things. I watch their body language and I can tell. I really should be a criminal profiler or something. Get paid for this gift."

"You should." He said and kissed my temple. I love how Patrick is always showing affection. It makes me feel so loved!


Amanda was 100% right. It is 5 days later and Ashlee came home early, Pete a few hours later on a different flight. Something happened and they are no longer engaged. What did he do? He didn't want to talk about it, but asked me to pick him up at the airport. I am standing at the terminal now. I didn't bring Amanda because he said he wanted to see no one. Pete walked off the plane, cap on and hood up, his dark sunglass hiding half his face. I hugged him hard when he walked up to me. I could tell he needed it.

"Let's get your bags and take you home," I said as I tried to comfort him. He just nodded and we made our way to baggage claim. The airport was busy and very noisy, but Pete and I's silence was deafening. I could tell he was hurting deeply. He reached out and grabbed his bag after about 15 minutes. We rolled his bag to my Civic and hopped in. He needed to get home and be with Hemmy. Just get away from his problems.

"Look Pete, I'm almost scared to leave you alone. I don't want you not eating or anything like that. And whenever you are ready to talk, I'm here. You know that. Joe too. You have so many friends who will listen." I glanced at him and all he did was nod.

I helped Pete into his place. Amanda was here with Hemmy. We were taking care of him and she had just dropped him off. Pete immediately picked up Hemmy and hugged him. It looked like Pete was going to cry, but his face was still blank, like it had been all day.

"Thanks for watching him guys, I think I'm going to take a nap." He spoke the words and his voice sounded foreign. He wasn't himself and it was a little scary. Once Pete and Hemmy retreated behind the bedroom door I turned to Amanda.

"Poor guy, he's so heartbroken! I'm almost scared to leave him." She said. "I almost feel responsible. I saw the fight coming though."

"I know, me too. Let's stay for a little while. I want to check on him soon."


I convinced Amanda and Patrick to leave around 10 o'clock tonight. I really didn't want to be around anyone, especially them. It's not that they did anything wrong, but it hurt too much to see them, especially together.

Ashlee left me because she discovered my feelings for Amanda. I called her Amanda twice and didn't even realize it. Once was when I was half asleep one night and she thought I was dreaming. Thank god! But the second time was unmistakeable and unforgiveable. We were making love and it just came out. Was I thinking about Amanda, not really at that moment. Getting away did nothing to deter my mind from her. Ashlee slapped me and shoved me off her. She immediately began gathering her stuff and accusing me of cheating.

I never once cheated on Ashlee. I loved her! I also harvested sinful love for my best friend's girl. I had to explain that I had never cheated, that I wouldn't do that to her or Patrick, but that I did love her. She asked me who I loved more and I didn't know how to answer. My five second pause was enough for Ashlee to throw the ring in my face and storm out with her things.

Now I am loveless, still in love with Patrick's girl, and I can't talk to anyone about it. I mean no one. I know Patrick is waiting for me to tell him, but I just can't! I can see the conversation now. 'Hey Patrick I love your girlfriend and I said her name during sex. That's why Ash left me. Still friends?' Not really going to work.

I could always talk to my psychiatrist again, but I hate that stupid little woman. She never gives me any good advice. I think I'll scratch that idea. Maybe Brendon? I mean he's best friend's with Amanda, but he wouldn't spill a secret this deep to anyone.
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