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Chapter 3 - Hunt Master

by PuckSilverbreeze 44 Reviews

Hermione writes a letter. Katie notices a few things. Hedwig is an odd owl. Was that a Prophecy?

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Harry,Hermione - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2008/04/28 - Updated: 2008/04/28 - 1729 words


  • Oaths of Fantasy

    (#) NotACat 2008-04-28 02:18:29 PM

    Still having issues with tense: you really need someone to proof-read for you.

    More seriously: "On a quim" is really not what you meant to write, trust me.

    "On a whim" is the appropriate phrase: please look up the word you used in error and don't use it again unless you really mean it...

    Author's response

    Yes that is supposed to be whim... I wonder if I can to rate the chapter nc17 cause of that typo.. (Sweat drops)
  • Oaths of Fantasy

    (#) CrimsonRogue 2008-04-28 02:25:44 PM

    I enjoy the way this is going, it is a unique (so far) exploration of an AU. However, this uniqueness and desirability is offset by the fact that you need a beta.

    I offer myself.
  • Oaths of Fantasy

    (#) Dragen 2008-04-28 02:28:45 PM

    Another great chapter mate, I love how the story is going and can't wait to see what happens next.

    I love Hermione's letter to her mother, very nice. Oh love the new Prophecy. :D PLEASE could you do other people's points of view, as it would make this story even better then it already is, I hope you go with this idea.

    PLEASE update soon.
  • Oaths of Fantasy

    (#) DrT 2008-04-28 02:57:00 PM

    Interesting, and good, use of Trelawney

  • Oaths of Fantasy

    (#) c3markh 2008-04-28 03:24:25 PM

    Love the story line. It goes over the original storyline but in a unique way. Thanks for writing.
  • Oaths of Fantasy

    (#) Vanir 2008-04-28 03:30:50 PM

    I agree with NotACat, and move that it's a great idea, to act on a quim, but that has to be done in a smuttier fic, and not by a 11-year old.
    The prophecy was great. As a semi-professional mythologist, i note that it's a better "classical" prophecy than Rowlings, and again, your flowing prose is beautiful but you really do need someone to Beta for you.
    On the possible intricacies of bondings and such, I always defer to the brilliant DrT, but you seem to have a different plan in place.

    Eagerly awaiting your next installment.


    Author's response

    Really I thought it might be too long. Why do you think so.

    Come comment on it here:

    To see a more detailed reply to your review check here:
  • Oaths of Fantasy

    (#) HarryGinnyTonks 2008-04-28 04:58:25 PM

    Sounds really interesting, i noticed the quim/whim thing, gave me quite a laugh when i figured out what you meant.
    Question, will this be a harem/multi fic, and will it be NC17 later on?

    Author's response

    I am not sure if it will be Harem in the sense you mean. Harry will probably have a few vassals but not sure if Hermione will be the only slavegirl. Yes there will be a NC17 Rating in later years
  • Oaths of Fantasy

    (#) Destroyerdrt 2008-04-28 05:46:53 PM

    That was great but what have you get planded for them next?
  • Oaths of Fantasy

    (#) Musings_of_Apathy 2008-04-28 06:37:07 PM

    "And only after Trelawney finished did Dumbledore enter, completely missing the prophecy."

    Good chapter, but did they really not go see Papa Elf in the week between chapters?

    Mike (MoA)
  • Oaths of Fantasy

    (#) Nautilus 2008-04-28 06:46:50 PM

    nice work, the letter was very hermione-ish, i was a little surprised at katie and her knowledge of reading runes at whatnot... i look forward to see where that part of the story goes...

    will harry be picking up more followers or more family...

    the prophecy was a little cliche, but nevertheless fun.. i guess ur referring to the hallows and harry's elvish history...

    congrats and looking forward to the next chapter... just make sure you don't progress too quickly, the are afterall still in they first year, if they are able to learn everything about the bond and magic to early it will make writting the story in 3rd and 4th year difficult... anyway congrats

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