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Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour

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the Delacours are claimed, a revelation from Lily and the Personal Sluts are known

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A/N: The much anticipated second chapter of the Shimmering Mermaid is here! Our second smut scene, as well as some revelations!Note: The ages and details given are a conglomeration of my personal visions of the girls and

Both were panting and Fleur seemed to be unconsciously tweaking her nipple. Gabrielle's eyes were locked on Harry's erection. He slowly grinned. "Sluts, get your asses over here. I'm gonna pump you so full of cum, you'll be leaking for days."

Fleur and Gabrielle squealed and leapt at the bed. Fleur leapt upon Harry, locking his lips in a heated kiss. Harry's hands locked on to the French girl's ass. He squeezed and she moaned in to his mouth.

Gabrielle surprised Raven by landing in her lap. Before she could react, the part-veela locked her lips. Raven never figured herself for a lesbian but a burning heat erupted in her at the girl's kiss.

Fleur pulled away from Harry and he locked eyes with his sister. She was frozen, unsure if this was okay. He groaned at the sight and Raven smiled. She wrapped her hands in Gabrielle's hair and the French girl moaned. She slid down Raven's body. She began licking and sucking down the slowly drying cum still forgotten after the interruption.

Fleur quickly got Harry's attention by dropping her head and burying his cock in the back of her throat. "Oh god Fleur...what a slut, you took me all the way in first time." Fleur shivered and her left hand buried itself inside her cunt.

Fleur came up for air breathing heavily. "Oh Master, my sister and I have been training for this day since we were old enough to have an orgasm." Harry grinned at that and pushed the girl back down on to his cock. She slurped loudly on it. Harry smiled and leaned back on his elbows.

Gabrielle had cleaned Raven off and the two girls were kissing heavily. Gabrielle steadily pumped two fingers in to the dark-haired girl and Raven was shuddering. "How does that feel Mistress? I love pumping your cunt." Raven moaned and shoved her tongue down Gabrielle's throat.

Harry stroked Fleur's hair as she bobbed on her. Due to his coming in and on Raven only minutes ago, he had awhile to go before he filled her mouth. "God that's so hot. You sluts are so fucking hot." All three moaned at Harry's words, Fleur sending vibrations down Harry's cock.

Gabrielle pushed Raven down on her back next to Harry. With no foreplay, Gabrielle buried her head in Raven's cunt. Raven moaned and Harry took the opportunity to smash his mouth in to his sister's. Raven grabbed his head and met his gaze. "God we please you?"

"Yes. Sluts, you please Master very much." Fleur hummed in happiness. "Oh god Fleur. Get your ass up here." Fleur released his cock with a pop and scooted up his body. She bypassed Harry who was busy aligning himself with her sopping cunt and she met Raven's lips.

"Oh Mistress Raven, you taste wonderful. When my sister is done, I am going to devour your cunt." Raven moaned against her mouth.

Harry grinned. "Good idea slut. Gabrielle, move." The younger French girl immediately complied and moved up the bed. Fleur swung her body around and kneeled in front of Raven's inflamed pussy. Harry walked around behind her and stroked the French girl's ass.

Gabrielle rubbed Raven's heaving breasts. "Get up there slut. Raven, eat her out." Raven hesitated and looked down at Harry.

"Master...I am not sure I want to do this...kissing is one thing but eating her out?" Harry glared up at her.

"Slut, did I give you a choice?"His words were cold as he stood tall, his erection pointing angrily out at her."You will tongue-fuck her until she comes all over your pretty little face because I want you to."

Raven shuddered and she nodded at Harry. "Yes Master." Without further ado, she slammed her mouth in to Gabrielle's open pussy. The French girl had been squatting over her and moaned as Raven's stiffened tongue penetrated her.

Harry smiled. That flash of anger had hit out of nowhere and he filed it away to study later. He glanced down at the perfect ass in front of him. Fleur was still bobbing in Raven's crotch and Harry thrust a finger in her. He was pleased as she was tight and hot.

He aligned himself and buried within her. She screamed in to Raven and the Potter heiress moaned in orgasm. That set Gabrielle off and she flooded Raven's face. Harry began thrusting fully in to Fleur, the head of his cock bumping her cervix. He groaned and one hand reached around and began roughly pulling at her swollen nipples. His other hand ran down her crack and he grinned as she shivered when he passed over her rosebud.

He straightened his index finger and squeezed it in to her ass. Fleur's back arched in ecstasy before Harry growled and pushed her face back down in to Raven's gushing cunt. He added asecond and third finger in to her ass as he pounded her tight cunt. He felt his balls tighten and he groaned as he bottomed out within her.

Fleur screamed as she felt her cervix nudged aside as Harry's cock pointed directly in to her warm womb. With a primal yell, he burst. Ropes of thick cum shot in to her womb. As he came, he managed to fight his final finger and thumb in to her ass. As the first strands entered her, he spread his fingers within her. Fleur convulsed in the longest and hardest orgasm she had ever experienced as her womb was filled and her ass was stretched.

Harry withdrew and frowned at his now-flaccid cock. As he watched, he sprang back to full erection. He arched an eyebrow and met Gabrielle's gaze. Around her moans, she spoke. "Master...I do not's not a Potter gift..." He shrugged, grinned and softly patted his lower head.

Fleur was breathing heavily in to Raven's cunt but otherwise completely still; trying to recover after her mind-blowing orgasm. Gabrielle was still riding Raven's tongue but she arched her back and moaned through a long slow orgasm.

Harry pulled the younger Delacour off his sister. He grinned at her. "How old are you Gabrielle?" She smiled at him as she pushed him on his back. She crept up his body, licking up his thigh, then stomach, then neck before kissing him lightly.

"Fifteen Master, turning sixteen in a few months." Harry thought for a second before grinning.

"Close enough, SLUT." He had been subtly aligning his member with her cunt. As her eyes closed due to his words, he pounded firmly home. He frowned as he met no blood barrier.

"Where is your virginity, slut?Your sister too?" He pounded her steadily from below, watching her teenage breasts bouncing heavily.

"We lost it to vibrators long ago. Yours is our first cock Master." She groaned and bit his shoulder. He moaned and pounded harder.

Raven was French-kissing Fleur before a tugging on her arm attracted her attention. "Get up here whore." She groaned and mounted Harry's face. He slid a tongue up her slit and embraced her clit with his tongue. Raven leaned down and, holding Gabrielle's hips as she bounced, she licked Harry's cock as it plunged in to Gabrielle's tiny stretched slit.

Harry lapped away at his sister, trying to hold back his orgasm a little longer. His recovery gave him some questions but the delightful engorged labia hovering in front of him distracted him quite thoroughly.

"Oooooh Master...your tongue feels so good." Raven moaned and Fleur stroked her back lightly, smiling down at her mistress.

The older French girl looked up towards Harry and kissed him softly. Her face was inches from his own as he ate out Raven while Fleur's tongue danced around her puckered back entrance."Master, watching you pound my sister makes me so wet. I wish you could fuck us both at once." Harry smirked at her before he froze. Above him, Raven froze as well.

Raven looked over her shoulder and met Harry's eyes. "You remember it too?" He nodded and knitted his brow, deep in thought. Raven settled Gabrielle down who mewed from the loss of motion.

"I think I can do it Raven." She stroked his lower stomach, just above his cock. To Fleur's amazement, a form started to grow there steadily. Within a minute or two, an exact replica of his cock stood. The two phalluses bobbed slowly and the room was silent.

Fleur groaned and touched it hesitantly. Raven slid off Harry and spooned up next to him, laying her head on his chest. At a smile from Harry, Fleur straddled Harry and sunk down on him. Awhimper escaped her as she faced her sister.

The room was silent as first Gabrielle then Fleur started bouncing. Harry shuddered as the sensation of two cocks being caressed by the inner walls of a Veela cunt ran through him. Raven groaned as both girls increased their speed. She gasped as Harry grabbed her breasts and started massaging them and Raven began to grind herself against his hip.

Fleur and Gabrielle were holding each other as they bounced, in tears. Their Master could please them both at once. This was the greatest honor a Delacour Veela could achieve in this world.

Soon the sisters were kissing, then slobbering and soon devouring each other's mouth. Fleur had gotten an iron hold on Gabrielle's ass-cheeks while Gabrielle was pulling and tweaking at Fleur nipples.

Harry held his sister tightly, his eyes closed as both of his cocks pulsed. He groaned and surprised the girls as he met their down-thrust with one of his own. "MASTER!" The girls spoke simultaneously as they came, clamping down on Harry.

The tightness rocketed Harry over the edge and he filled them both, sending spurts of seed in to their wombs. He collapsed against the bed, breathing heavily.

Raven stroked his chest. "Hmm Master that was so hot. I think you killed them." He wearily looked down his body to see Fleur and Gabrielle holding each other up. Each was gasping for air, and their eyes were closed.

The girls slid off him bonelessly and collapsed on the bed. Harry glanced down and saw his cocks rise once again. He looked at the girl next to him. Raven smiled and kissed him softly. "Take me again Master."

Harry paused and let his second cock disappear back in to his skin. He rose to his knees and rolled Raven on to her back. He smiled at her and slid in to her used cunt. He stroked a few times and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

Harry grinned at her and glanced at the French veelas. They were watching him tiredly, wrapped in each other's arms. Gabrielle's head rested on Fleur's softly rising chest.

After a few more strokes, Harry pulled out. Raven mewed in loss but Harry shushed her. He slid her closer to him and pulled her legs up and apart. Her glistening cunt was fully exposed to him. She smiled up at him. He grinned mysteriously before gathering a bit of her lubricating juices on to his fingers.

He met her eyes and smiled as he started rubbing the fluid all around her back entrance. Her eyes widened in fear for a second and he frowned. Their eyes were together and he continued to stroke her rosebud.

Deep within her mind, he heard acrack. He blinked as her face turned from an apprehensive look to a smile of encouragement. "I am yours what you will. I will not question you again."

He smiled at her and filed the crack away to be investigated. Aligning himself, he slowly entered her ass. He breathed long deep breaths, as her rectal walls squeezed him terribly. He gave her a few seconds to adjust after the initial penetration before he started pushing in again.

Finally he was fully sheathed within her. Raven was breathing heavily but smiled at him. "God slut, your ass is so tight." She blushed at his words, as if he had complimented her smile.

"Thank you Master." She squeezed and he groaned. He mock-glared at her before he began a steady pumping. Raven started mewling and shuddering as her ass was stretched. It wasn't long before she moaned through a long orgasm.

Harry kept pumping in to his sister's rectum. Soon, he felt the end coming, literally. He met her eyes and smiled as he bottomed out within. With a grunt, streams of cum began to fill up her insides. She held her stomach, as if she could feel the seed distending her belly.

Finally he pulled out. Fleur leaned over and cleaned him off quickly. He noted he was still hard but he quickly deflated. Raven was lying on her back, eyes closed. Harry lay next to her and gathered her in his arms. "Thank you Raven." She smiled at him and snuggled in to his chest.

Fleur lay behind him and wrapped an arm around him. Gabrielle moved behind Raven and encircled her with her arms. Harry lay there content as he thought over the past day.

Raven's voice woke him from his thoughts. "Master...I remember something. It feels like Mum...she left something in here for me." Harry lifted his sister's face and gazed in to her eyes.

"Legimens." He dove in to her mind and flashed by memories. He saw her worrying about him during fifth year, during the Tri-Wizard tournament and during the Chamber of Secrets fiasco. He also saw her roughly fingering herself at night, imagining different boys at Hogwarts before she finally settled on her brother roughly pounding her.

Finally he arrived at a strange memory. Their mother stood in a jumper and jeans that fit her snugly. She was swollen with child and she rubbed her stomach lovingly. He mentally blushed as he realized he was checking out his own mother.

"Dear Harry and Raven. It feels so weird to be doing this. I am recording this and will embed it within Raven's Mermaid Memories. They should be awakened when you receive your inheritance."She took a deep breath and looked towards Harry was theoretically standing.

"First, I want to make this perfectly clear. Whatever you two wish to do...or not to your decision."She blushed. "Do what feels right, forget everything else." She shook her head and ran a hand through her lustrous red hair.

"Anyway, on to business. First, the Mermaid Memories, as they are known, are normally set to activate on a Potter's 17th birthday. I adjusted the arithmancy of the memory spell slightly. If you are listening to this, you both killed Voldemort and claimed ownership of the Mermaid. Harry, you are the Master and Raven is the mistress. You control every move the Mermaid makes, including full ownership of the sluts of all levels. In Harry's head should be the full instructions of how to run the house." Harry mentally checked and found the specified memory-encoded instructions and guidelines.

"Now Raven, whether you and Harry are in a relationship, you are in control of any Personal Sluts of his." She smiled and arched an eyebrow towards Harry's general direction. "That's right Mr. Potter. You get your personal harem. Technically, you can take any girl who works in the Mermaid." She wrinkled her nose in disgust. "However, my boy shall have much better than that! It can be as big as you wish, though in the past, none have exceeded twenty five. I would recommend people you know, not just the hottest girls. While they are primarily there for your pleasure, you will have to live with these women and you don't want to be surrounded by divas and airheads."

Lily paused and sighed. She looked up at Harry with a sad expression. "Normally, the encoded message stops here. However, I have done something which may make me look incredibly smart or incredibly stupid. The Prophecy was just told to James and I."

She took a deep breath. "I knew you needed an advantage. I am an Unspeakable and broke many, many laws. I might as well just tell you...I took DNA, look in the muggle world for what that is, from many magical species. And I implanted in you. Specifically Harry. Soon after we learned we had twins, I implanted it in the male embryo." Harry glanced to his side and noticed the ghostly image of Raven viewing their mother with him. He held her hand softly.

Their mother continued. "I added many species in ways to help you. For instance, I took DNA from a vampire and implanted it, which should help your speed and grace. Werewolf DNA, from Remus, should raise your senses, though your eyesight should suffer until your full adulthood. Veela DNA, from Fleur and Gabrielle's mother, should give you some Allure." She grinned suddenly at Harry. "Don't you start charming every woman around, leave some for Molly and Arthur's newborn." Harry grinned but his eyes dropped and Raven wrapped her arms around him.

Lily listed off a dozen or so magical species and the various benefits for Harry. Finally she blushed and looked at Harry guiltily. "I got a bit carried away with the final one Harry. The Department of Mysteries happens to have a sample of an Incubus." Harry gaped, his jaw swaying slightly. "I procured a piece. You should enjoy the benefits with your personal sluts. The most major benefit is that you can get and maintain an erection at will, as well as an unlimited supply of semen."

The memory ended there but the ghostly form of Raven led Harry to another memory, again of his mother. This time she stood in a white cotton tank top and a skirt that came to her knees. Harry absently noticed her smooth, long legs. He sighed and allowed himself to look his mother over once again.

"Hello loves. You guys were just born and are the most gorgeous babies I have ever seen. You won't be separated at all, and Raven, you are always holding on to Harry's tiny hand." Lily smiled wistfully before she shook her head to clear her thoughts.

"The important thing to know is this. James and I found an ancient spell in the Mermaid. It allows one person, who must be previously charmed, to be brought back from the dead as long as they gave their life to save someone else. It should keep you two alive if Voldemort attacks." Harry was crying; Raven enclosed in his arms. "It can only be performed on one of us and James insisted it be me. Raven knows the actual spell, though I believe that Harry will have to perform it: his accidental magic is off the charts. That's usually a sign of a powerful core. One thing, the returned soul, in this case, me, will be a slave to whomever returns it, as it is sort of an uber-life debt."

Harry looked at Raven and opened his mouth to ask her if she knew the spell. She held a finger to his lips and shushed him. She nodded and whispered softly. "I know it Harry, we'll do it soon."

"This will be the last memory I leave for you two. Know that no matter what happens, your father and I love you. You can trust Remus and Sirius with anything, though Peter throws me off a bit." She frowned. "To be honest, he gives me the heebie-jeebies sometimes." Harry and Raven laughed through the tears.

"We love you so much and we know you will defeat Voldemort. If you wish, bring me back. If it would be too hard for you, then let me rest in peace. I love you both so much." She raised a hand towards Harry before the image disappeared.

Harry retreated out of Raven's mind and held her as she sobbed. He cried in to her hair. He smiled at Gabrielle as he held Raven from behind and he felt Fleur hold him in the same way. They lay there in silence for a few minutes before Raven's tears stopped and she smiled up at Harry.

"Thank you brother." He smiled and kissed her forehead. She tilted her head back and kissed him softly on the lips.

He rolled on to his back. Raven dropped her head to her chest. Fleur mimicked her on her side. Gabrielle spooned up behind Raven.

"Fleur, is the Mermaid running properly?"

"Yes Master. The sluts are working and there are no matters of urgent importance. I will take you on a tour of the building soon. The sluts should see you again and it is good for business if word gets out that you returned."

"Excellent. Raven and I have a way that should return our mother to us. We will perform it later today. Then I will take control of the Mermaid in full." He smiled evilly. "Then the construction of my Personal Sluts will begin." He got out of bed, unashamed of his nakedness. The girls drank in the sight of his naked body as he made his way out of the room. They followed moments afterward.

As they entered the office, they groaned as Harry was wearing a pair of pants, though he was still shirtless. He waved them off and they quickly put on the underwear and bra that a house elf left for them. Fleur spoke as she got dressed. "Master, we have files on every girl above the age of ten in England. Gabrielle and I can bring them up for you.

Harry motioned them to a pair of chairs. Raven sat in one, Gabrielle in the other. Harry sat Fleur in the chair in front of the computer on the desk. She tapped away at the keys. "Ready Master."

He picked up Gabrielle, sat in the chair and placed the girl in his lap. She sighed and curled in to his chest."Hmm...Hermione Granger."

Fleur tapped at the keys. "Hermione Jane Granger, muggleborn Witch. Born on September 19th, 1979. Currently 17 years old. Mother is Jane Granger; father is Frank Granger, only child. Very intelligent, magical power is average. Strength in organization and overall planning, weakness in action and situations which require quick decision making. Betrayed the Master in the Weasley/Dumbledore plot against Master, with Dumbledore taking advantage of her trust in authority. Currently vacationing in Greece with family, will return to Hogwarts for her seventh year. Attractive, with large breasts and long slim legs. Buckteeth were fixed, giving Granger anice smile. Brown eyes are moderately attractive. Ass is fairly large though not at all fat. Would not be a Slut, as she is against servitude of any kind."Harry leaned back and watched in amazement as a three-dimensional figure of Hermione appeared in front of him naked. He felt himself stiffen and he began thrusting his hips up.

Gabrielle moaned and slid her underwear off. She slid down Harry's pants and impaled herself on him. Through his grunt, he spoke. "Ginny Weasley."

Ginny's naked image replaced Hermione. "Ginevra Molly Weasley, pureblood Witch. Born on August 11th, 1981. Currently 15 years old. Mother is Molly Weasley, father is Arthur Weasley. Has six older brothers, Ronald, Fred, George, Charles and William. Arthur and Percy are deceased; fell in final battle against Voldemort. Large magical core, possibly accidentally enlarged core due to contact with Voldemort through the magical diary in 1992-93. Smart for her age, though very emotional. Strengths in flying, duels and overall magical strength. Good acting ability and good improvisation skills. Weakness is emotional control and has a tendency to become very envious of other girls. Low self-esteem, partially due to contact with previously mentioned Voldemort. Betrayed the Master, possible escape from blame in that her family and Dumbledore took advantage of her envy and crush on Boy-Who-Lived. Currently spending summer at Burrow with family and will return to Hogwarts for sixth year. Attractive, with her best features being her smooth red hair, and a very tight ass. Breasts are small but fit her frame. Chocolate brown eyes and very athletic. Possible Slut, but family background would restrict that."

Harry held Gabrielle down, just allowing himself to pulse within her. "Nymphadora Tonks."

Tonks appeared above Harry. "Nymphadora Andra Tonks. Half-blood witch. Born on November 11th, 1973, currently 23 years old. Mother is Andromeda Tonks nee Black, father is Ted Tonks. Only child, Ted is deceased, killed for being a muggleborn wizard. Tonks family was previously ejected from family Black, reinstated by Sirius Black 2 years ago. Slightly above average magical core, with extensive training in Auror. Metamorphmagus ability, able to change everything besides gender. Reported that she forgotten her natural form, usually sports bubblegum pink hair and aheart-shaped face. Excellent marks in DADA and Transfiguration. Reported the third highest grade in history on Transfiguration NEWT, behind APBW Dumbledore and M McGonagall. Most common form is very attractive, with a lean body fit for an Auror and a very attractive ass. Abilities as Metamorphmagus make her able to change at will; therefore physical attribute is not applicable. Contacted for work as a Slut, employed by the Mermaid for two years after graduating Hogwarts." Harry laughed, causing Gabrielle to bounce slightly on him.

He looked over at Raven. "Tonks was a Slut? For some reason that doesn't surprise me much." Raven laughed at that. Harry turned back to Fleur. "Katie Bell."

Katie appeared. "Katherine Ann Bell. Pureblood witch. Born on June 26th, 1978. Currently 19 years old. Mother is Samantha Bell, father is Eric Bell. Has an older sister, a squib named Jackie. Fairly average magical core, an excellent Chaser, and currently plays on the Holyhead Harpies reserve squad. Strengths include flying ability and an above average skill in Charms. Highest Charms NEWT in her year at Hogwarts. Has long lustrous blonde hair, and a slim waist. Katie has an athletic figure borne out of years of Quidditch. Best features are her hair and toned stomach. Reports from Hogwarts indicate she has good oral skills." Harry groaned and gave a little jolt in to Gabrielle.

"Angelina Johnson."

The black beauty appeared. "Angelina Lisa Johnson, half-blood witch. Born on October 31st 1977. Currently 19 years old. Mother is Tara Johnson, father is Jason Johnson. Two younger sisters, Jenny and Sally. Jason died in war, Tara remarried Alexander Spinnet. Below average magical core, specialized in Care of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts. Excellent Chaser, currently plays on Holyhead Harpies. Soft chocolate skin compliments her rough black hair. Her best features are her large perky breasts and a thick ass. Reports from Hogwarts indicate that she wants to save her virginity for marriage, and frequently partakes in anal sex to keep her hymen intact." Harry groans at that image; he had been wanking it to Angelina's ass for years.

"Alicia Spinnet."

The brunette appeared above Harry. "Alicia Tara Spinnet, pureblood witch. Born on January 13th 1978. Currently 19 years old. Mother is Lisa Spinnet, father is Alexander Spinnet. Only child. Mother died in war, father remarried Tara Johnson. Above average magical core, with specialty in Potions and Astronomy. Excellent Chaser, currently plays Chaser for Holyhead Harpies. Dark brown hair with bright blue eyes. Is a medium between her best friend Angelina and Katie. Not as large as Angelina, but still has large breasts and a nice ass. Confirmed as a non-virgin, reportedly engaged in a drunken foursome with the Weasley twins and Angelina Johnson. The one detail we have is that while she was double-teamed by the Weasleys, she reportedly ate out Angelina." Harry leaned back on the chair as Gabrielle tightened around him in orgasm. He felt his end coming and sat back up.

"Lavender Brown."

"Lavender Delilah Brown, muggleborn witch. Born on April 12th 1980. Currently 17 years old. Mother is Alexis Brown, father is Richard Brown. Older brother named Andrew, younger sister named Cindy. Very small magical core, barely qualified for Hogwarts. Best subject was Divination and struggled in most everything else besides Care of Magical Creatures, where it is suspected that Hagrid gave her passing grades out of pity. Lives with parents and visits with Parvati Patil, her best friend. Plans to attend Hogwarts for her seventh year. Very attractive. Large breast, long blonde hair and an almost impossibly slim waist. Sexual escapades very well known in Hogwarts, rumored to have been consistently engaged in threesomes with Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan. Would have been approached for a Slut position upon graduation from Hogwarts."

Harry exploded within Gabrielle, the long time buried in her combined with the narration provided by Fleur pushed him over the edge. Gabrielle moaned. Harry pushed her off and beckoned Raven over. Mistress Potter sank down on him and leaned back on to his chest. "Susan Bones."

The redhead appeared above Harry. "Susan Amelia Bones, pureblood witch. Born on June 1st 1980, currently 17 years old. Father is Charles Bones, mother is Sophia Bones. The file notes that Amelia Bones, head of the Aurors, is her aunt. Parents killed in first war, raised by her aunt Amelia. Above average magical core, with strengths in Charms and Arithmancy. Known crush on Harry Potter during time at Hogwarts. Currently touring England as she spent much of her childhood in seclusion and plans to attend Hogwarts for seventh year. Best physical features include lustrous red hair and soft blue eyes. Had the best ass in Hogwarts since she was a 5thyear. Told best friend Hannah Abbott she's bisexual and never wears panties. Experimented with Hannah multiple times during their time at Hogwarts. Says that she would be a lesbian if not for Harry 'Hotter.' An excellent candidate for the Personal Sluts."

"Jesus she was hot. You mean I could have fucked that slut all through Hogwarts? Damn." She thrust a couple times up in to Raven who groaned.

"Yes Master. Me and you should have fucked that slut to death. Probably Hannah too." Harry grinned and pinched Raven's nipple through her bra.

"Hannah Abbott, of course."

The blonde girl appeared. "Hannah Millie Abbott. Pureblood witch. Born on July 21st, 1980, currently 17 years old. Father is Jason Abbott, mother is Anna Abbott. Only child, best friends with Susan Bones. Above average magical core, with strengths in Defense and Potions. Had the distinction of the only non-Slytherin to get an O in Potions during the tenure of Severus Snape. Reportedly a bisexual though agrees with Susan that the only guy she is attracted to is Harry Potter. Blond hair usually done up in two pigtails. Large perky breasts and wide hips. Sky-blue eyes that, according to Ernie McMillan look great as she sucks your cock. Hannah fiercely denied the statement, saying the only cock for her belongs to Harry. Another excellent candidate for the Personal Sluts."

He grunted as he blasted Raven's womb with his seed. She came at the same time. He pushed Raven off and she returned to her chair. Fleur made her way over and dropped to her knees. She began sucking his cock fiercely. Gabrielle took over the explanations. "Hmm...Padma and Parvati Patil."

The two girls appeared above him. "Parvati and Padma Patil. Twins, pureblood Indian witches. Born on May 3rd, 1980. Currently 17 years old. Mother is Pari Patil, father is Henri Patil. Father owns East India Trading Company, legendary tea and spice trading company. The girls are identical physically, with slim bodies and dusky skin. Their best features are their tight asses and the bright pink cunts they both sport, an excellent sight against their dark skin. Padma is much more intelligent, and scored the highest scores on the Arithmancy and Ancient Runes OWLs, edging out Hermione Granger. Parvati is much more girly, and an expert in Divination and Astronomy. Unlike her best friend Lavender, Parvati is actually quite intelligent. Parvati was initially upset at Master for a terrible date at the Yule Ball but forgave him quickly enough. Padma however vowed to never forgive Ron. Both girls had admitted to a secret crush on Harry. The girls own a green dildo which they share that they call Harry." Harry laughed and ran ahand through Fleur's hair as she bobbed her head on his cock.

"Raven, those sluts were so hot. Hottest girls in Hogwarts outside of my very sexy sister of course." Raven blushed prettily, never mind that she was still leaking Harry's seed.

Harry turned back to Gabrielle. "Last but not least, Narcissa Black." Raven looked in shock at Harry. He smirked and waved for Gabrielle to continue.

The former Lady Malfoy appeared. "Narcissa Black, formerly Malfoy. Pureblood. Born on December 19th, 1955, currently 41 years old. Sister of Andromeda Tonks and Bellatrix Black, formerly Lestrange. Husband was Lucius Malfoy, killed in the final battle. Son is Draco Malfoy, whose whereabouts are unknown. Graduated Hogwarts with excellent grades in Potions and Charms. Known as a political master, is very cunning and fits the Slytherin mold perfectly. Marriage with Lucius was possibly arranged, though love seemed to have developed. Tall and elegant, Narcissa is a physical specimen. In her early forties, she looks like she's in her late twenties. Her long blonde hair is reminiscent of a Veela and she has the body of a goddess. Long tan legs and high, large and firm breasts."

Harry looked at the picture of his rival's mother. He felt himself reach the edge and he slammed Fleur's face down on his cock. With his head buried in her throat, he came. She swallowed it up, her throat closing around him coaxing every drop of cum out. "God she is hot. Iwould fuck her all day."

Fleur moved away to regain and Harry stood. He fixed his pants and glanced at the three girls watching him. "Well, that's my harem." The girls laughed and Raven slipped under Harry's arm.

"Master, when shall we do the spell for mum?" He smiled at her and kissed her softly. Their tongues intertwined and danced.

"Tomorrow my love."

A/N: Whew, those descriptions took ages. Again, the information is a combination of my own thoughts and hp-lexicon.
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