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Kristin and Pete woke up still tangled in each other's arms. Pete's phone began ringing so loudly that it scared them awake. Pete rolled over so quickly he almost fell off the bed before answering the phone.

"Hello hello?" He said frantically as he pressed the phone speaker to his ear.

"Woa, you alright?" Patrick said on the other end.

"Yea, you just scared us to death," Pete said as he took a deep breath to calm down. Kristin wiped her sleepy eyes before walking into the bathroom.

"Us?" Patrick asked confused. "I thought you and Ashlee broke up?"

"No, Kristin, and we didn't sleep together! She came over to comfort me because I was upset." Pete knew exactly what Patrick was thinking, so he decided to be proactive and answer his question.

"Uh huh, sure. So why aren't you dating her again? It's so obvious that you two are meant for each other."

"We're friends Patrick," he said as he rolled his eyes. Kristin walked back into the room and opened Pete's closet. Patrick continued to explain why they should be together and Pete just tuned him out. He watched as Kristin put on his fruit snacks hoodie and a pair of his pants. The could share clothes because they weren't much different in size. He was slightly bigger than her and only a few inches taller. She weighed a good 40-50 pounds less though. Kristin walked out of the bedroom with Hemmy in tow.

"Are you listening to me?" Patrick said irritated.

"No, really I'm not." Pete laughed. "No man, I see what you're saying, but I don't think it's a good idea. I'm going to go though. I'll see you at the studio later today."


Pete hung up the phone and walked into the kitchen. Glancing around, he saw Kristin and Hemmy laying on the couch watching TV.

"Why do you always have to watch HGTV?" Pete opened a can of coke and sat down on the other couch.

"Because I'm hoping you'll let some of it rub off on you," she said smiling wide.

"Haha," Pete replied sarcastically and threw a pillow at Kristin. She proceeded to throw one back. Soon they were beating each other with pillows in the living room and standing and the couch. Pete hopped off the couch and picked Kristin up like a fireman and she frantically fought to get down.

"PUT ME DOWN!" Kristin screamed while laughing.

"NO chance woman!" He was laughing and carried her outside and down the stairs towards the pool.

"No! Don't throw me in the water!" She grabbed onto the railing once they reached the bottom of the stairs, but Pete was stronger than her and next thing she knew they he was trying to toss her into the water. She held onto him tightly and they both fell into the water. It was ice cold and they both came back up for air screaming.

"COLD! SO COLD!" Pete whined and Kristin brushed the hair out of her face.

"You're an ass, that's why I took you down with me." She smiled at him and he splashed her. She splashed back and it became an all out war until Pete grabbed her and pinned her arms against the wall.

"Truce?" He said softly. Their faces were only a few inches apart and their bodies close. She could feel the heat eminating from him. She looked at his full lips before looking up into his hazel eyes.

"Truce," she breathed out. All she could think about were his soft looking lips. Pete loosened his grip and moved back nervously. Kristin looked away and pushed the hair behind her ears.

"Let's go inside and change," he laughed nervously and helped her out of the pool. They rung their clothes out the best they could before trailing water through his house. Good thing Hemingway was there to lick up all the water.


Pete made it to the studio after he and Kristin stopped for some Starbucks, his treat of course. He never let her pay for anything when they were together. Patrick, Andy and Joe were already there getting started.

"Hey," they said in unison to Pete.

"Hey," he said and sat down on the couch.

"Pete we need to get the bass recorded today for that song we haven't titled yet."

"We shouldn't title it, just call it that song we didn't find a title for," Joe commented. Patrick and Pete laughed. Andy looked in deep thought.

"I actually kind of like that," Andy said and that caused them all to laugh again. "I'm serious."

"I can tell," Patrick replied and mouthed 'psycho' to Joe and Pete.

Pete walked into the studio with his bass and out those giant earphones on. They began to record his part and all Pete could think about was that moment in the pool with Kristin. Whenever those moments happen, he gets all nervous and backs off. He was in such a trace with his thoughts and playing that he didn't hear Patrick.

"PETE! You alive in there?" Patrick's voice boomed through the loudspeaker. Pete stopped playing and stared at the guys through the glass.


"You're playing the wrong song."

"Oh shit, sorry." Pete flipped through his sheet music that he and Patrick made a few days ago and waited for his cue before playing again.


Kristin was at home getting ready for a night out. She had tried to convince Pete to come and get out, but it didn't sound promising. She was going out with Amy, Gabe and a few of their other nonfamous friends. Gabe was her club buddy. She could call him at anytime and he would show up and get the party started.

Kristin phone rang and she picked it up.


"Hey, I'm picking Gabe and Jen up now, then we'll be over." Amy spoke into the phone.

"Ok awesome, I should be ready by the time you guys get here. OH! And have Gabe call Pete and convince him to come out."

"Ok will do. Seeya," and Amy hung up. Kristin walked into her closet and searched for something to wear. They were going to this new club where it was really hard to get in, but not for them of course. Being friends with celebrities helps out for things like this. She decided on a grey tube tunic dress that was slightly loose, so that something would be left to the imagination and some heeled black chucks. She let her long blonde hair down and it had a slight wave from being in a bun.

"Perfect," she commented to herself in the mirror. Good thing I've been tanning lately she thought. Her tan was accentuated by the grey dress. She began rummaging through her million purses when her phone rang again. She answered it without looking.


"Do I seriously have to come?" Pete whined.

"YES! I need someone to deflect nasty men who might hit on me!"

"Gabe will be there."

"He can't maintain like, five girls at once. No one will believe he's that big of a pimp. Maybe two of us but not five."

"Fine, but I'm only coming for a little bit and I will not drink, so don't ask me."

"I won't grandma. Come over here so we can all ride together."

"Okay, I'll be there soon." Pete hung up and she continued to rummage through her purses. She has a million and none of them match what she is wearing. Screw it she thought as she picked out a simple black clutch.


The club was packed and they all had no problems getting in. With two celebrities in tow, there were no issues. Pete seemed almost bored being there while everyone else was having a blast.

"Come on Pete, cheer up. Go flirt with some girls," Gabe suggested.

Pete rolled his eyes before answering. "I don't want to flirt with random girls. It's not my style anymore." Pete glanced over towards Kristin, Amy and Jen. They were standing by the bar with a bunch of guys talking to them. Pete felt a pang of jealousy when one guy touched Kristin's arm. Gabe looked over to see what Pete was watching.

"Ask her out," was all he said. Pete looked at Gabe confused.


"Kristin," Gabe replied as if it were a stupid question. "Who else? I can tell there's something between you two."

"There isn't anything. I've known her forever and we're just friends. Plus I just got out of a serious relationship, remember?"

"So you have thought about it?" Gabe smiled and Pete realized he just admitted some feelings towards Kristin.

"Well, yea, I mean look at her Gabe. She beautiful." Both men look over at her. She was extremely beautiful. Even when she was wearing just a t-shirt and jeans, this girl was still amazingly hot.

"Yea, I'd go for her if you weren't all hung up on her."

Pete rolled his eyes. "She'd never go for you."

"Oh really, why not?"

"You're just not her type."

"Yea yea, have you seen the guys she dates? I'm her type." He teases Pete. He decides to ignore Gabes comment and looks back over to the guy flirting with his best friend. Great she's giving him her number Pete thought.

"I feel like having a drink," he says and Gabe looks at Pete as if he's sprouted antlers.

"You, drinking? Are you okay?"

"Yea I just need to relax a little." Pete says and walks up to the bar next to the girls.

"Hey Pete! Having fun?" Kristin turns from the guy as he leaves.

"Sure. I think I'm going to have a drink."

"What? Why?" She says concerned. Pete never ever drinks unless he's really upset. "If you want to go, we can." She places her hand on his and he becomes nervous once again.

"No, you're having a great time. I'll stay. I'm just going to have one drink to relax. I've been pretty stressed lately."

"Okay, just let me know if you want to leave. We can just catch a cab." She smiles at him and the bartender walks over. Pete orders a gin and tonic while Kristin orders a cosmo. Pete of course picks up the tab for her drink. The girls and Pete make their way over to a table that Gabe was able to snatch from a group that just left. Kristin sets her drink down on the table.

"I'm going to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back." She says and makes her way to the crowded bathroom. She fixes herself as she looks in the mirror. She wanted to make sure she looked perfect because deep down inside she wanted Pete to be into her. Even though he's seen her at her worst, sick and all, she wanted to impress him. She returned to the table and everyone seemed happy from the alcohol. And Pete, the non-drinker, seemed a little tipsy himself.

"Pete's drunk!" Amy laughed. Kristin sat down next to Pete and looked at him.

"Is this still your first drink?" She asked. Pete rolled his eyes.

"I am not drunk, but I do feel the alcohol slightly."

"I'm so glad I'm no longer the light-weight." Kristin laughed and Pete lightly nudged her with his elbow. Kristin glances up and sees Ashlee walk through the door with her sister. She silently gets Gabe's attention and he nonchalantly glances over towards the door. He looks back at her like shit!

"Hey Pete, come to the bathroom with me," Gabe asks.

"What are we? Girls now?"

"Yes now come with me!" Gabe demands and the men go to the bathroom.

"You guys, Ashlee is here! Pete will flip if he sees her. We need to make up some excuse to go elsewhere. I'm going to get our tab and when the men come back, we need to get Pete out of here without seeing her." Kristin says as she starts to stand up.

"Gotcha," Jen and Amy say in unison. Kristin makes her way to the bar and asks for the tab. As she waits, Ashlee walks up next to her.

"Hey Kristin," she says as she leans against the bar.

"Hey Ash! How are you?" She smiles. She really did get along with Ashlee. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Ashlee, except for the fact that she was weird and never wanted to have children. Who wouldn't want to have Pete's kids? Hell I'd have them now Kristin thought.

"I'm okay, just here trying to have fun. Jessica made me come with her and Tony." She ordered her drink from the bartender and he handed me my tab. Pete had given his credit card earlier and Kristin had to sign his name. Ashlee saw and glanced around. "Is Pete here?"

"He was, but he left just a little bit ago," Kristin lied. She was praying that the girls had already snuck Pete out. "Have a good night Ash. See you around." She gave Ashlee a smile before heading towards the door. No one was at their table, so mission accomplished. They were all standing outside waiting for the valet to bring their car. It had gotten slightly chilly outside and Kristin wasn't exactly dressed very warm.

"Jesus it got cold!" Kristin began rubbing her arms. Pete noticed and took off his jacket and draped it around Kristin's shoulders.

"There you go," he said smiling.


Gabe glanced at Pete like make a move! Pete shook his head when Kristin wasn't looking. The valet pulled up and they all piled in. Pete drove since he'd had one drink only. He was always the DD.

"Pete's the DDD tonight, designated drunk driver," Gabe teased. Pete threw some unknown object from the front back at Gabe. "Fuck, what was that?" Gabe asked.

Pete just shrugged. "No idea," he said honestly. Instead of going to another club, the group went back to Pete's to hang out and eat. Amy, Jen and Gabe were all swimming in the pool while Pete and Kristin were inside cooking pizza. Pete slid the pan in the oven and turned to Kristin who was leaning against the counter.

"What was the real reason that we left so early?" Pete asked.

"Ashlee showed up and we didn't want any drama." Kristin never lied to Pete ever and she knew that he'd figure out if she was lying.

"Oh," he says softly and runs his hand through his hair. Kristin takes a step closer to Pete.

"You okay?" She asks and Pete looks up into her eyes.

"Yea," he says and pulls Kristin into a hug.

"Hey guys," Gabe says leaning in the door. Pete pulls away slowly.

"Yea?" Pete responds. Gabe gives them a huge grin before speaking.

"We need towels. We forgot to grab them earlier." Pete walks of down the hall to fetch some towels. "So, something going on with you and Pete?"

"No Gabe, nothing is going on. I was comforting him."

"Sure," he says and Pete walks in with some towels.
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