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5:00 p.m

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Mikey gose over to to Massie's house and he gets to know her better.

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It was 4:30 and I had just gotten home, my mom was yelling at. " were did you go at lunch. I called your friends but they said that they had no cule!" " I told you I was getting stressed out so I went to the spa. I wanted to be alone so I didn't tell my friends were I was. I'm sorry. Oh and my teacher assinged us lab partners so he is going to be here at 5", I told her leaving to go up to my room to get ready.
When I got to my room I put my I-pod into it's docking station and truned it up, the next thing I did was pull my hair up into a bun on the top of my head leaving my bangs down, I then put on my slippers and then put some clear gloss on my lips.
Now my bed needed to be fixed so I pulled the covers up over it and straightend my pillows, wich is easyer said then done because I had a lot of pillows. I then pulled over two bean bag chairs putting them by my closet. I had the maid that lived in the house being up some coke skittles and other foods, when this had been brought up I put it in between the chairs.
The last thing I did was get my books and trun down the music so that it was mearly background noise.
I finally heard a knock on the door," come in" I called. I don't know why I wanted to every thing to look good for when Mikey came over, its not like he was my boyfriend or some guy that I wanted to impress. 'You like mikey', Frank's voice came through my head, shut up I told it.
When Mikey came into the room I got up and hugged him, then I went to go sit back down on my bean bag. I loved my room it had hot pink walls and a black celling and walls, my bed was blood red and had black Crtens around it. " I'm glad you found the place ok" " yea, its ...big" " well we should get started on this"
Just then the song drity little secrt came on, perfect I thought.
" hey Mikey I have a question to ask you"
" yea?"
"what do you think of secrts?"
"what do you mean?"
"I mean if like the head cheerleader of the school started to fall for the school nerd and they had to keep it quite that they were dating because of her rep"
"I never really thought that something like that could even happen... I gusse its kinda cute and is like a modern day Romeo and Julet"
" oh I love that story. So I have a bit of a problom, do you think you could help me with it"
"I'll try, so what is this problom?"
"I have nothing to do on Sateday and all of my friends are bussy, what should I do?"
"well you could come to my house if you wanted and me you and my friends could go and see a movie, but my house could probly be your guste house"
"I don't care how big of a house you have! Here write down were you live and I will see you on Sateday about noon"

Sorry it was so short.
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