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Massie has just been asked to be Chuck's girlfriend she said yes and now she is feeling gultly about it but isn't sure why. It is the next day and Massie is going to hang out with Mikey and his fri...

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"Mom I'm going out for the day", I told my mom befor leaving. I had left all the details of were I would be on the counter and I had my cell phone on me. I steped out side, a rush of cold meeting me when I steped out to my drive way and down to the car were my driver Chives was waiting, " were to ms.Jonson?", I handed him the paper that Mikey had writen down his address on the night befor.
We pulled up to a small house and I jumped out of the car, telling my diver that I would call him when I was ready to be picked up. As I walked up the steps of the house I tryed to ignored the look that Frank was giving me.
" hi", I greeted when I got up on the porch, " hey ", mikey said to me as he got up off the swing to pull me into a hug. I felt butterflys run though me.
"do you want anything to drink?", he asked me. "yea, if you show me were it is then I can help you get drinks for every one els", I said.
"so I was thinking that we go see The hills have eyes2, you know if you aren't to scared", he told me when we got into the kitchen.
"oh so now you got jokes? Well we will see who is scared in the thearter" we both had looks of determination on our faces wich caused us to start laughing. I sliprd and mikey reached out to stop my fall but he fell on top of me. Thank fuck we were alone, I thought to myself as I imagened what Frank would say if he saw is. "you are such a clutz", mikey told me laughing. "and you can't blance to save your life", I replyed just as some one walked though the door. It was Frank. Perfect, I thought." I can come back when you two are done", Frank said with a smirk.
I pushed Mikey off of me as I said ," its not what you think, you see I fell and Mikey tryed to stop me but he lost his blance and fell on to me" " yea ok" "god stop doing that!"
" what's going on in there", came Gerard's voice. "nothing", me and Mikey said at the same time making Frank laugh. We looked at eachother then looked away quickly. I felt my face heat up a little bit, Frank who was now making kissing faces was no help. "I'm glad you find me tripping so funny", me and mikey both said at the same time again, " ummm o...k", gerard said in a what the fuck voice." were is the bathroom", I asked really embaresed. "oh my god! Is massie blushing?!", frankie said laughing.
"here i'll show you", mikey said standing up and offering me his hand. " you two have one min", gerard siad finally caching on to what frank thought was so funny. I rolled my eyes and followed Mikey. " So here is the bathroom", Mikey said pointing to a door on my left. " I didn't have to go", I told him, " I just wanted out of Frank's presences"
"I'm sorry he can be kinda a dumbass" I laughed still not forgetting how quickly he had picked up on my feelings for Mikey when my best friends couldn't even tell." Massie there is some guy named Chuck here for you", Gerard's voice came upstairs. I felt like I was going to be sick and that I was gonna faint... Maybe I would do both. I wasn't used to not being in controle and I hated it. As I walked down the stairs I tryed to controle the nervous butterflys in my stomache. What was I going to tell him, sorry I blew you off because I made plans with the outcast and I may be in love with one of them, probly wouldn't be the best thing to tell my new boyfriend.
" What are you doing here", he asked me when I got out side to him.
" I got assinged to be partners with one of them and we are working on our project today", I told him.
"well let's do something tomorrow. It would be nice to hang out with my girlfriend once in a while", he told me pulling me close to him and starting to kiss me. I put my arms around his neck, he was a good kisser I thouht as his tongue made it's way into my mouth. I really liked him, so why did I not feel anything in the kiss? Why did I wish it was someone els that someone being mikey who was exploring my mouth? I pulled away saying that I needed to go back to work.
When I got into the living room I found that everyone but frank had left it."isn't that Becky's boyfriend" he asked me. " no they broke up"
"so now he is dating you?"
"you say it like it's a problom"
"you like mikey first of all. 2nd Becky is still dating him and 3rd he is using you for something I know it"
" that's crazy! My friend saw them brake up and so what if I like mikey? Its not like me and him will ever date. Were the hell is every one?" he pointed up the stairs.
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