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Chapter 8: Encounter with the Enemy

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Is this the end of the journey for DarkFire?

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Chapter 8: Encounter with the Enemy

DarkFire slowly stepped towards the circle of people around the strange red figure.

The female, who was an echidna, smiled grimly. “Attack the thing!”

DarkFire dashed at top speed towards the red figure, and grabbed him by the arm. She tugged, and pulled it free from the other men trying to capture him. She pushed off the ground, and flew a few metres away, and helped the battered figure stand up. She propped it against the brick mansion, and looked around for any incoming attackers. No-one was approaching.

A male voice growled. “I almost dislocated my shoulder to catch that echidna!” The man hobbled away, in the wake of the others’ stare, and leaned against a pole, clutching his shoulder in pain. The other three men turned around, and glared at DarkFire. They remained still, in shock.

The red figure standing beside DarkFire, battered, bruised, and wounded, spoke up, with a frail voice. “…Who are you? I’m Knuckles the Echidna. And what are you doing here?”

“I’m DarkFire the drakehog” said DarkFire, giving a glance to the kidnappers. They were stationary. “Don’t ask me why I’m here, I’ll explain everything later!” She sharply turned her head to see the three men running towards her. They were within a few metres from her. “Knuckles, jump as high as you can!”

Knuckles slowly obeyed, with a scornful look on his face. He bent his knees, and took a leap into the air. He launched himself a few metres into the air. The kidnappers were upon DarkFire. She emitted a blast of fire from around her. The fire raced towards the kidnappers. Their skin turned a deep red, their clothing singed. They raced to the swimming pool nearby; leapt into it. Water sprayed everywhere, and DarkFire was drenched in the icy water. She fell to her knees. Everything was becoming fainter by the second. Knuckles blocked DarkFire just as she swayed forwards to fall face-first onto the concrete.

“What’s the matter?” asked Knuckles.

DarkFire responded, with a soft voice. “The water… it weakens me… Just let me lay down for a second… And you… don’t move, too.”

Knuckles eased his grip, and lay DarkFire gently onto the cold concrete. “Why it that?”

“You’ll see…” The scene became black again, lit by the faint moonlight. The scene dimmed further. It was pitch black. DarkFire heard a loud clang to her right.

“What? Now, the place is pitch-black. This isn’t fair! I just walked into a pole!!!” shouted an agitated male voice.

DarkFire laughed. “Ha, I’m the one weak against water!”

“Can you hear her? One… two… three!!!”

DarkFire felt a huge, persistent sensation on the back of her head. She slowly laid her claw onto the back of her head, and felt a warm, sticky fluid oozing from the back of her head – dragon’s blood. “Crap, I’m bleeding from the back of the head…”

DarkFire heard a loud thump from her right. She lay down, listening to the sounds of the night. Oddly enough, she started hearing grunts from in front of her, splashes, and a loud cracking noise… All of the sounds became faint, and all ceased to exist.
DarkFire heard footsteps. All was dark around her… of maybe she was too tired to see anything properly. She was uncomfortably dangling from a sack, whilst being inside it. The regular rhythmic thuds of footsteps echoed across a dark hallway. DarkFire felt the sack stop moving. All was silent. She then felt a sudden swing of motion, and felt her wings slam against a cold, hard, flat concrete surface. She was still unable to see. She pulled the sack off her tangled wings, and lay face on the ground, on the concrete, too weak to move. She felt a warm hand clutch her wrist.

“Rouge!” shouted a young, high-pitched female voice. “You’re purple! And why do you have horns and scales? You’ve also had a change in clothing!”

DarkFire groaned. “Who are you talking about?” she replied in a faint murmur.

“She’s lost her memory!” shouted a male voice.

“Wait!” shouted a younger male voice. “I think we should tell her what really happened. You have been captured.
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