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read and find out.

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"Mum, I'm home" I said as Frank and I walked inside my house
"In here"
"alright" I said and we walked into the living room
"hey sweetie, how was school?"
"it was cool, mum this is my friend Frank, Frank this is my mum"
"hey I've seen you around before and its nice to meet you" she said
"I live right across the street, and its nice to meet you to mrs. Martin" he said and they shook hands
"please, call me Lyssa"
"Lyssa it is"
"mum, Frank and I will be upstairs for a minute"
"alright" she said and we went up to my room
"nice room" he said
"your moms tall"
"yeah 5'9, I feel really short around her"
"you are really short"
"hey, your only two inches taller then me buddy"
"so was your dad short?"
"no, my dad was about the same hieght as my mum, but my nanna and grampa on mum and dads side were both short so I get it from them, you?"
"both parents are short" he said as I grabbed some clothes out of my dresser
"I'll be right back, I'm just gunna go change out of my uniform"
"alright" he said and I went into my bathroom and changed.

I decided to wear my black ripped jeans, with my studded belt, my pink short sleeve shirt that had a black skull on in, and I put my wrist bands on, and walked back into my room and threw my uniform on my bed.

"oh how I hate that thing and I have only worn today" I said
"tell me about it"
"shall we go?"
"I have to stop at my house for a minute so I can change"
"alright" I said and we went downstairs
"you two going?"
"alright, Khez be home by seven, thats three hours from now"
"mum, why seven? dad didnt let me be home until 11:30"
"your kerfuw is still 11:30, but I'm just saying be home by seven because we are going out for dinner with John and his son"
"John? ooh John, yeah ok I'll be home by seven"
"alright, and it was nice meeting you Frank"
"you to Lyssa" he said and we left to his house wich was right across the street.

Yeah my mum is dating this guy named John. I've never met him before but by the sounds of it he sounds like a nice guy. Him and mum are getting married in like two weeks and I've never even met him before. Mum says that he has a son who is 19 years old and she says that he is really nice. she wont tell me his name because she says that she wants me to wait until I meet him and John tonight. anyways, when we got to Franks house, wich I said before, was across the street from mine, we went up to his room and he got changed and then we left to his friends house.
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