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I'll be just fine pretending I'm not

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Raising her tierd green eyes from the floor, she noticed a man watching her, He had long black hair that came to his shoulders, piercing hazel eyes and skin, if possible, whiter than her own.

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Chapter 1
She ran a badly varnished hand through her dark, greasy hair. Glancing at the clock she realized she had sat there for almost three hours, she rose cause her chair to grate across the hard wood of her kitchen floor. Picking up her almost empty scotch glass, she walked over to the sink downing what was left of the cheap scotch. Dropping the glass into the tepid water she turned towards her bedroom. If he wasn’t home when she woke up, she’d phone them, but until then all she could do was wait. He was sixteen he could handle himself. With this in mind she quickly undressed throwing her clothes onto the floor and pulling her bedclothes on, she slipped under the covers and turned the lights off. The last thing her brain processed before sleep consumed her was hope; she hoped he hadn’t done anything stupid, she wasn’t sure if she could take it again.

Hi, ok so i know its short and there is yet to be an appearance of MCR. but wait, they do start to appear over the next few chapter. Please review even if you think its crap. thanks xxx
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