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read and find out.

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~A week Later~

As Alicia and I walked home
from school we talked about Random stuff.
Frankie still hasnt been at school. Our Teacher
said that his mum said that he had a really bad case of the
flew. Thats bullshit. He's not at school because he doesnt
want to see me.

"so whats the deal with you and Frankie?" asked Alicia
"I dunno, I want to talk to him so I think that that is what I am gunna do"
"good choice"
"yeah, I mean I have to tell him sooner or later"
"about what?"
"about the baby"
"oh yeah"
"well I gotta go this way, so I guess I'll see you later?"
"it depends because I might not come to Gerard and Mikeys"
"see ya"
"see ya" she said and we went our seperate ways.

On the way Home, I thought of how I was gunna tel my mum that
I was pregnant and thought of what I was gunna say to Frankie when
I talk to him. When I got by the house, I looked over at Frankies and saw him sitting
on the front porch but when he looked up and saw me, he stood up and went inside.
I hung my head low but looked u again when I saw a third car infront of the house. It wasnt Johns car becasue he was still at work and his car isnt blue. his is red. I knew dam well whos car it was.

"oh no" I said to myslef and ran inside the house and to the living room where I herd screaming.

"what the fuck are you doing here" I said to my dad
"I've come to get you Kheziah" he said
"why? so you can beat the shit outta me again? get the fuck out"
"dont you dare talk to me like that" he yelled
"she'll talk to you like that if she bloody well wants to, Mike" yelled my mum
"you shut the fuck up and you lets go" he said and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out to the car. I tried my hardest to pull free. He was gripping me so fricken hard that it hurt.
"let go, your hurting me" I cried
"oh stop being a fucking baby and get in the dam car"
"fucking make me" I said
"" he said and slapped me really really hard.
"you leave her alone" yelled my mum as she came out of the house
"dont you fucking talk to me like that, Bitch"
"dont you fucking call me that" she said and slapped him and he let go of me
"get in the fucking car Khez" he yelled and grabbed me again
"let fucking go of me" I yelled/cried and tried to pull myself free
"your not fucking getting away from me this time" he said and tried to get me in the back seat of the car but I fought as hard as I could.
"NO!" I cried/yelled and Kicked him as hard as I could in the area and that made him fall to the ground and I got out and ran to my mum.
"Kheziah, fucking listen to me" he yelled and came over to mum and I and threw mum to the ground.
"Just because you are fucking bigger then me does not mean that I have to listen to you"
"I am your fucking father"
"then fucking act like it you bastard" I said and he slapped me again wich made me cry even harder
"now get in the god dam fucking car you bitch"
"LET.GO!" I cried/ screamed and kicked him again and then ran to my car, got in, started the engine and took off.

I cried the whole way to where I was going. I am sick and tired
of all this hit happening to me in life. I am sick and tired
of everything and I just want it all to stop but it wont. I am sick
and tired of life and I am sick and tired of living it.

When I got to where I was going, I went up to
the 30th floor (wich was the last floor) and then walked
up the few extra steps to the roof. I told you, I am sick and tired
of life and sick and tired of living it. I went over to the edge of the
building and I as I did so, all these memories of my dad beating the shit outta
me came back. I just wanted to get this done and over with and I cried even harder.
As I stood on the edge of the building, it didnt take long for other people to gether around
at the bottom and stare up at me. A few of them started pulling out their cell phones.
I still cried. Not soon after, their were police cars at the bottom and some police men
were running inside the building trying to get up here before I jumped. I dont want
them up here I dont fucking want them up here. I am sick and tired of my life and it is my decision whether I want to end it or not and I am ending it.

"Dont jump miss" said one of the police men
"I have to" I cired
"no you dont"
"yes I do" I argued
"ma'am please, Just step down off the edge and everything will be fine"
"no it wont" I cried and turned back around
"Kheziah dont jump" said a familiar voice and I turned to face him
"sir, you cant be up here" said a police man
"I have to be" Frank argued
"you cant be up here sir"
"I'm the only one that can help her and I am the only one that she will listen to right now" he said and I turned back around
"Kheziah, please dont jump" he said
"and why not?" I cried
"because I love you"
"no you dont" I cried
"yes I do, and so does every one else"
"no they dont"
"see those people donw their? they care about you and they dont even know who you are and they dont want you to jump, your mum is down their crying and scared to death because of what you are doing right now, I'm up here because I dont want you to jump because I love and care about you to much to lose you"
"nobody cares about me Frankie" I cried
"I do!" he cried "your life might be like shit and you might think that nobody loves you, but I do Kheziah. I love you with all my heart and I know what I did was wrong and I'm sorry" he cried.

I kept looking down (over the edge of the building) as I cried and said nothing.

"I love you with all my heart Kheziah, and right now not only are you hurting yourself but you are hurting me and everybody alse that is down their not wanting you to do this. I'm asking you Kheziah, please dont do this, please. I'm nothing without you Kheziah. before I met you, I was nothing and I wasnt myself. when I met you, I was something and I was able to act like myself. I finally knew what Love was when I met you and you mean everything to me, and if you do this, everything will be taken away from me. Kheziah, you are everything to me. you are amazing, perfect, talented, funny, you are everything. Kheziah please dont do this" he cried.

I stood their (still crying) for a minute before I
slowly turned around, looked up at Frankie and came
down off the edge. I walked a bit away from the edge
and Frankie ran up to me and we threw our arms around eachother and cried.
We stayed like that for a few minutes (about 10) until he picked me up (bridal style)
and carried me down. once we got down, everyone cheered and I ran
to my mum (who was crying to) and we threw our arms around eachother and cried.

"I love you Kheziah" she said
"I love you to"
"what do you say we go home?"
"sounds good"

So Frankie went in his car and mum and I went in my car.
Mum drove. When we got home, the three of us walked inside
and went straight to the living room because dads car was still their
so that meant that he was still here

"Kheziah" he said
"I'm not coming with you"
"Kheziah, I'm so sorry"
"you apology means nothing"
"Kheziah, I didnt mean to hurt you and for this to happen"
"I said you apology means nothing"
"Listen here Kheziah" he said (threateningly) as he grabbed my wrist. Frankie went to go at him to let me go but my mum grabbed him back
"no dad. you listen here. Get.the.fuck.out!" I said and he let me go, stood their for a minute, then turned around and walked out. We waited until his car was gone, then Frankie came up to me and we hugged.

"why dont you say" said my mum "that the three of us call it a movie night"
"I'd like that" I said
"me to" said Frankie
"what movie?" asked mum
"can we rent 'Pay It Forward'?" I asked
"yeah sure, I'll go get it after dinner. wich is pizza"
"thanks mum"
"your welcome sweety"
"Frankie and I will be upstairs"
"alright" she said and we went up to my room.

"Frankie" I said as we sat down on my bed "I'm really really sorry"
"Kheziah, the important thing is, is that you are ok and besides, I'm the one
who should be sorry" he said "I did a terrible thing and I'm sorry"
"Its ok"
"No its not ok, Khez. you are the most beautiful, most amazing, most talented person in the whole universe. I love you with all my heart and I lost you over something terrible that I did. I love you Kheziah, I have loved you since the first day we met and I still do love you"
"I love you to" I said and I meant it
"you you do?"
"yes Frankie, and I havent stopped loving you" I said and crashed my lips against his. He kissed back, and with that, I knew that he meant it. I need to tell him now.
"will you be my girlfriend again?" he asked
"of course" I said and we kissed again
"yeah Khez?"
"I need to tell you something"
"I think I know what it is"
"I kinda heard you talking to Bob about it the other day at the mall"
"are you..mad?"
"why would I be mad?"
"I dunno"
"Kheziah, of course I'm not mad. not one bit. This is amazing" he said and we kissed "I'm do happy that we are having a baby"
"you are?"
"yes" he said Truthfully
"how are we gunna tell our mums?"
"well why doesnt my mum come over right now and we sit them down and tell them?"
"right now?"
"ok come on" he said and we went downstairs and he called his mum and told her to come over. She was over in less then five minutes. when she came, we sat our mums down in the living room and then we sat across from them.

"so whats up?" asked Linda (his mum)
"Their is something that Frankie and I have to tell both of you"
"what is it sweety?" asked my mum
"we dont know how to put this" said Frankie
"Just come right out with it" said Linda
"you sure?"
"I'm pregnant" I said and they both got up and hugged us
"congradulations both of you" they said
"your not mad?" I asked
"of course not" said my mum
"your both 18 and it is your lives not ours, and we're not gunna always tell you what you can or cant do. but I do hope that you both realize what you are doing" said Linda
"we do" we both said
"and I hoe that you both know that a baby is gunna be alot of work and that you both are taking big big big responsibility" said my mum
"we do"
"oh I'm so happy for you two" said Linda and they hugged us again.
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