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A New Beginning

by Bratling 8 Reviews

Small decisions can change canon events. One small decision can change the fate of not only a small boy, but also an entire world. Fusion with Forever Knight. Minimal mentions of past child abuse/n...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Drama - Characters: Dumbledore,Harry,Hermione,Neville,Ron,Snape - Warnings: [!!] [?] - Published: 2008/05/06 - Updated: 2008/05/15 - 10670 words


  • Midnight Watch

    (#) scruffy1 2008-05-06 12:53:24 PM

    An interesting take on the Harry's adopted idea. I like how it has started. little Harry even giving his consent to be adopted. Dumble's reaction should be interesting to write.

    I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

    Author's response

    Thanks! :)
  • Midnight Watch

    (#) D14852001neko 2008-05-06 04:37:50 PM

    Interesting story, I would truly like to see how everything folds out, but just one note, it seems like this chapter was cut short, try to re-upload it!

    Author's response

    Did it. Twice. Only thing I can tell you is to check FFN. It's still cut off.
  • Midnight Watch

    (#) Prince_Charon 2008-05-07 07:29:22 AM

    Interesting concept. I look forward to seeing it continued.

    Soon, please.

    Author's response

    Fairly soon, I promise. I have the first six chapters finished while I work on chapter seven. These still aren't completely beta'd, but my BRs have had the whole shebang for three months already.
  • Midnight Watch

    (#) DrT 2008-05-07 03:49:28 PM

    Oh, good to see this being posted here, too!


    Author's response

    I'm glad you're enjoying this. I should warn you, T, you might not like Hermione at first in this one. She's a bit of a brat for a while.
  • Midnight Watch

    (#) crkt 2008-05-07 04:08:29 PM

    Great idea :D Something good too look forward

    Author's response

    I'm glad you think so. :) I spent the first six months informing my imagination that there was no way this would work. I was wrong.
  • Midnight Watch

    (#) slashslut 2008-05-09 03:10:01 PM

    i really like how this fic is starting out, and the long chapter was definitely a bonus. forever night was a fave show of mine and i think the xo really works. definitely looking forward to the reaction of the wizarding world and the usual cast of characters when they find out! read ya later!

    Author's response

    Things should be a tad different this time around. :) I hope you enjoy it. Part of what made this absolutely irresistible was the idea of LaCroix being Henri's General...
  • Midnight Watch

    (#) Alorkin 2008-05-09 03:46:03 PM

    An excellent fic! This genre is one I normally refuse to read, as most have Harry becoming an amoral bloodsucker, and I think we have enough politicians already.

    Nicolas is, despite everything, a kind and caring father.

    Le Croix wants to seem an uncaring snark, but you've given us enough to show he is deeply touched by the little waif. His devotion to his two 'children' shows more than he would like.

    Nicolas should have opted for the silver bars...and ensured there were thirty of them.

    Dumbledore is gonna go absolutely apeshit when he finds out: 1) Harry's gone, 2) Harry's been adopted by a vampyre, 3) his access to Harry's gold is cut off, and 4) there ain't a damn thing he can do about it. It's times like this that I truly enjoy fanfiction.

    I wonder if he's going to arrange for a trial for Sirius, in order to get Harry back under his control?

    Little Harry is in safe hands, and is, for the first time since his parent's murder, happy. What more does he need?

    I was pleasantly surprised at Harry's language. I presume you have, or have had young children around. To many good stories are thrown off by someone using a two-year-old's language for a five year old, or an preteen's language for a small child, or worse, a random combination of both.

    You commented to Dr. T, that Hermione is a brat at first. GOOD! It's about damn time. To many authors write her as a rule abiding milksop with little or no character beyond SPEW. I usually write her as confident and self-assured, but I consider temper tantrums as OOC. A little brattiness would be a refreshing change. It shows she's willing to explore her boundaries, and refuses to accept 'NO'.

    Usually those who want to write Harry/Ginny make her out to be a pathetic whining, scheming banshee who's brains have leaked out her ears. (Hmm! Brings to mind book six.)

    I really enjoyed this piece and so, I have added it to my alerts list in hopes of reading your convenience, of course. Alorkin

    Author's response

    I hate Vampire!Harry and Werewolf!Harry stories. I intend to have Harry stay fully mortal... though it won't be smooth. Since when does anything go as planned with Harry Potter?

    Nicolas always was the good guy, despite being a vampire. :) And he was proven to be good with children, though fairly clueless, in the series.

    LaCroix is a complex character. On one hand, he was the antagonist of the series, but on the other hand, his main ambition seemed to be to become a Pater Familias. Most of the scenes involving him all had him pushing Nicolas to accept his state and/or return to the Family. Think Mafia, only scarier.

    Spanish dollars, also known as "pieces of eight" are solid silver. I considered silver bars, but in the end decided to go with the first universal currency.

    Yeah. smirk I enjoyed completely thwarting all the evil things that Dumbledore usually does in these kinds of stories. I need to work on him more, because I've received a bit of feedback saying that he's falling a bit flat.

    And lose that much face? Besides, the adoption records are sealed until Harry turns 17. Finding him now would be worse than finding a needle in a haystack.

    Hm... How about a great education, knowledge of forgotton magics... Yeah, this is a Harry who'll be prepared for Voldie.

    Thanks! I caught a good bit of flack for Harry's "accent". I worked daycare with two year olds one summer. Letters that they have hard times working their mouths around seldom change.

    Ah, but wait 'till you see what the brattiness is about. Let's just say that Ron's dislike of Hermione at first might be a bit more justified this time around.

    I'm actually not completely sold on making this H/G. It will be at first, but I'm seriously considering H/Susan at the end. It's a possibility, anyway.

    I'll probably be updating next week.
  • Midnight Watch

    (#) ROBERT_1958 2010-07-26 07:05:16 PM

    The fallowing ideas and questions I have, are not ment to tell anyone how to write their stories. I like characters that think. Thats why I have the ideas that fallow, use them or not:

    I would just like an "Author's Note" at the top of each chapter, stating Harry's new name, as well as any other people who have their name(s) changed. The reson for this request is: 1) Somtimes updates are long and the reader forgets the name(s) when they are changed. 2) you might re-read a story and forget the name(s). 3) Having the "Author's Note" helps speed up reding the story, as the reader knows the names at the start of the chapter.

    Please change the pairing from Harry/Ginny to someone else for Harry say: Luna Lovegood or Daphne Greengrass or Tracey Davice. Ginny is more like a yonger sister in cannon, she does not share in Harry adventures and she is a moma girl and the Weasleys almost if not completly under DumbleDORK's control.

    How is DumbleDORK going to be manipulative, if he does not know who Harry Poter is?

    I have never read or know anything about Forever Knight.

    Where is this story on FFN.?

    Looking for more.

    Author's response

    Obviously since I just answered a FFN review that's identical to this one, you found it.

    I refuse to put an Author's Note at the top of each chapter. It's annoying and disruptive to the flow of the story.

    My universe, my pairing. You don't like it, tough. This is my sandbox.

    Just because it's not common knowledge at the moment that Henri de Brabant is Harry Potter does not mean that Henri's anonymity will last forever.

    Learn proper grammar and spelling. Your pitiful excuse for it makes my eyes hurt. And not even being able to spell Harry's last name makes my brain bleed.

    Oh, and frankly, it doesn't matter to me if you've never seen Forever Knight. I'm a fan. It meshes well. And if you're insanely curious, the Chiller channel plays it on a semi-regular basis and all three seasons are on DVD.

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