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Paint My Heart Next To Yours SaixNaruto

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No good at summaries, but I will tell you this its yaoi, don't like don't read, oh and its not set like the anime. Please review if you would like btw.

Category: Naruto - Rating: R - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Naruto - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2008/05/17 - Updated: 2008/05/17 - 2069 words

Everyday I watched this hyperactive guy try and impressive this cold, and collective jock day after day he failed. But each day he was back at it again, only to get rejected again any normal person would have given up already. Normally I wouldn't ponder or such things, after all I didn't even know what a true friendship was but yet this guy had made me think about him more than anyone else. His loud voice, had me looking up from my sketch book and over at him, he was running into the classroom and over to his object of affection. "Hey, Hey Sasuke wanna eat lunch with me today?!" he asked hopefully. Sasuke merely looked up at him, long enough to say coldly. "No now go away loser." I knew it wouldn't take long for Naruto to react as he always did when he was rejected, sure enough in less than a minute he shouted. "I'm not a loser! Your such a ass, you could at least eat with me once you know!" I seriously couldn't understand why he kept pursuing Sasuke if all he did was piss him off. As the usual Sasuke, ignored Naruto and went back to staring off into the distance and Naruto stormed off to his seat, which was next to mine. Naruto threw himself down into the seat, and as I went back to my drawing I heard him murmur.

"What's with him? He never even acknowledges me, all I want to do is hang out with him back when we were younger." It wasn't my problem, and yet I almost wanted to tell him to give up and find someone new, someone who would care about him more than that guy. But I kept my thoughts to myself, its not like what I said mattered anyway people wouldn't listen unless it was to their advantage. A little later on class began, and I set my sketch book aside and listened quietly and took notes for a upcoming test we would be having. All the way through class even though I was suppose to be focused on the notes my eyes kept wandering over to Naruto, I watched as he watched Sasuke with soft eyes. But never once did Sasuke, look back at Naruto it was like he didn't even act like he existed but I decided it wasn't my problem and I went back to my notes. After the bell rang, I got up to get my things ready for the next class and my eyes yet again wandered to Naruto as he stood there just gazing at Sasuke. I found that I couldn't keep quiet any longer, so I walked up to him and asked. "Why do you go so far for him? He cares nothing about you, he's cold and heartless you should forget about him."

The minute the words left my lips, I watched as Naruto got ticked off like he usually did when someone said something, he didn't like. He's eyes snapped to mine, and he all but growled out. "Shut your mouth, I don't need you pointing out the obvious and as for why I go so far for him, that's none of your business. You know nothing about me, and you know have no clue what my feelings are for Sasuke so back the hell off!" I merely stared at him, his temper was nothing to me most people I guess would yell back or wince but not me. Ever since I was little I had never shown much emotion, even my parents thought it was odd, but it never seem to bother me with what people said. "I was only telling you want you needed to be told, I'm sorry your so overbearing that you cant see that." I replied. I watched calmly as his face turned a bright red, and he began to shake and his fists clenched at his sides. "I said shut the hell up, you pale freak of a person!"

Naruto shouted as he raised his fist back to punch me, all I had to do was step a little to the right, and I dodged his fist easily. His fist connected right into the steel lockers, causing him to yelp in pain, I then turned on my heel and walked on to my next class. He wouldn't listen to reason, so I wouldn't stand around and try and convince him to change. His words had no effect on me, everyone said the same thing eventually they had no clue about me so what did it matter?

Naruto's POV

Damn it all to hell! What did that loser Sai know? Nothing he knew nothing he couldn't possibly understand the feelings I have for Sasuke, and had ever since we were younger! I clenched my throbbing fist, and stomped off to my next class Tsunade sensei would b** for my being late but at the moment I didn't give a crap. As I headed for Science thoughts of that ass Sai entered my head, and the more I thought about him the more enraged I got! So when I finally got to my class, I was furious and without thinking I stormed into the room and let the door slam behind me. No sooner had I done that Tsunade sensei was on my case. "Uzumaki Naruto! Not only are you late now you have a bad attitude to match explain now!" shouted Tsunade sensei. "I'm late and that's that don't like it that's all I have to say." I grumbled. What shocked the hell out of me when she threw her book at me, and before I could duck it hit me smack dab in the face. "Detention tomorrow morning! Now go take your seat you little ingrate!" shouted Tsunade sensei.

I was still in my daze, I couldn't believe she had actually hit me, oh she had threatened a time or two but she had never done it until now at least. Several snickers, from behind me had me coming back to reality and I stormed to my seat, while shouting. "Shut up you jerk offs!" When I sat down, a familiar annoying voice said. "Gee Naruto you, really did it this time." I turned around, and glared at Kiba my annoyingly smug friend, and replied. "Its no different than when you wet your pants that time, when she threw that dagger at you." That shut him up, which left me to grumble to myself on how it sucked that the old bat had given me detention. Even though I had been in and out of detention my whole high school year I still hated having it, because it was always in the morning. That's when I ate the ramen I brought to school, oh and drooled over Sasuke's hot bod! But now that damn pale freak, had gotten my blood boiled, and made me late to the evil witches class, and now tomorrow's routine would be screwed all to hell! The next time I saw him, I would defiantly be sure to pound his freaking face in, that would show him not to mess with my life! After class finally ended Kiba and Shikamaru came up beside and starting walking with me, not that I cared at the moment.

I heard Shikamaru sigh then reply in his low voice. "What's got you so riled early this morning?" He sounded more annoyed, but that's just how Shikamaru he was even lazy when talking. "That damn freak Sai whatever his last name is! He made me late for class, all because he asked me why I went so far for Sasuke!" I shouted. I didn't care if others heard, I needed to let off some steam to anyone who would listen to me for the moment. "To be honest I don't see why you go so far for the jerk myself, he was just asking a question so why be so pissed about it?" asked Kiba. I glared at him, then snapped. "Because its none of his damn business that's why!" "Easy, easy Naruto just calm down just chill you don't have to worry about him just brush him off." replied Shikamaru. Any normal person would be like yeah, yeah I guess your right but I wouldn't let it go!

Normal POV

As the last bell of the day rang I stood up and walked out of my class room, and headed for my locker. I put my things away, and headed out the door just as I opened the door there was Naruto looking pissed as ever. I paid him no mind though, I continued on towards home only when he shouted did I stop. "Wait just a minute you!" Naruto shouted. I turned around and merely looked at him, and asked. "Yes?" He started over my way, and glared at me the whole time, surely he couldn't still be mad about me asking a simple question. Naruto pointed his finger at me, well it was more like he tried to stab me with his finger. "You not only did you start poking your nose in my business, you made me late for that witch Tsunade sensei's class and thanks to you I also have detention! I'm going to go hungry, and I wont be able to gaze at Sasuke!" shouted Naruto.

"Your the one that wanted to stay around and b* so don't blame me for you own faults." I replied simply. "Okay that's it, your starting to piss me off you and me right here, right now!" shouted Naruto. He really was stupid, what kind of idiot picked a fight with someone while still on school grounds? Instead of replying I started towards home, if I just ignored him then I wouldn't have to fool with him. I didn't know why I had even bothered to say anything in the first place, all it had made me realize was that Naruto was nothing more than a rude, loud person or had a temper to match. Just then I sensed something come at me and fast, I turned around in time to catch Naruto's fist, I twisted it behind his back and forced him down on the street. I then plopped down on him, and sat on him I didn't believe in violence but that didn't mean I wouldn't defend myself when I needed to. "Hey what's the big idea? Let me up now!" Naruto demanded. "I should ask you the same thing, your the one that tried to attack me from behind like a pussy would." I said simply. That seemed to anger him more, because he started trying to break free that much more, but all he was doing was putting himself in a awkward position. I decided to tease him a little I leaned down then whispered lowly in his ear.

"I wonder what Sasuke would think if he saw you in this awkward position." I was only teasing but Naruto didn't take it like that, he bucked up which only made the position look even more wrong, and he desperately tried to break away. "Let me go you perv, and leave Sasuke out of this he has nothing to do with it!" Naruto said heatedly. I stayed put for a few moments, then I decided it was enough teasing there was no since in staying around any longer. So I let him go, and got back to my feet and I glanced back at Naruto who was looking rather flustered at the moment. My eyes traveled down to his pants and I smirked and looked back up at Naruto, and I couldn't help but say what was on my mind. "I didn't know I had that effect on you." I replied with a smirk. I watched as he looked down, and then his face went all red, as he tried to explain. "No i-its not what y-you think, I-I'm not attracted to you!" sputtered Naruto. I didn't pay him no mind though, I just turned and walked in the direction of home, luckily he didn't follow this time I wanted to go home and be alone. I didn't like being around other people they, were always so emotional and I really couldn't understand why. Though Naruto was more emotional than anyone I had ever met, but I had to admit he was fun to tease.
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