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Light and Dark

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its the same story from before same title but it was stuffed up so i'm just updating it again. the title says it all shes popular he's not, but they slowly merge together.

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“Hey Melody”

“Hey Melody!”

“Melody, hi”

I waved at them all with my perfect smile as I walked to my clique of friends. Today is my first day of year 11 and I was excited.

“Hey Melody” said some girl that came up to me, “Your hair is so beautiful today, actually it’s always beautiful!”

“Thank you” I felt my blonde straight hair with my perfect feminine hand.

She smiled as I walked off. Everyone knows me because I’m popular, the girls love me and the guys worship me, you could say that I’m a player. I sat down at t he table where my friends were already there.

“Hey Mel” said my best friend Kelly.


“OMG Matt was asking for you” she squealed.

I scoffed, “What does he want now?”

“He wants to go out with you”

“I am so not going out with him”


“I know, he’s like sooo…wimpy…I
heard that he isn’t good at sex at all” said Daniel who is my gay best friend.

I giggled. You could call me a player but you can’t and will not call me a slut, because I haven’t had sex yet although people think that I did. Some rumor just went around that I had sex with Jake (a dude that I dated) and from there I played along with it. No one found out cause I keep on breaking up with my boys when it comes to sex, oh yeah I’m smart. The only person that knows I’m a virgin is Daniel.

“Mel, can I talk to you for a sec?” asked Dan.

“Sure” I got up and followed him.



“I have a crush!” he squealed.

“OMG” I squealed too, “Who is it?”

“His name is Jason”

“Who is he?”

“That’s him there, with the white
shirt” he pointed in the crowd.

I looked and saw an ok looking guy sitting with a bunch of emos. “Dan you can’t!” I turned to him.


“Because he’s hanging out with emos which must mean that he is an EMO” I gave a disgusted face.

He looked down, “But I love him, I can’t stop thinking about him and I think he likes me too. He talks to me at classes and I heard that he was gay too”

I imagined myself rolling my eyes I sighed, “Fine, if you want to ruin your reputation then go ahead”

“Cant you cover for me?”

“What? I can’t; you somehow have to meet up with him in private places”

“Yea you’re right. Thanks so much Mel!”

“So does he know?”

He shook his head. “Can you come with me to the table?”

“No way in hell! They’re scary! They might suck my blood or something!”

“Please? I’ll protect you…”

I scoffed, “You haven’t got as much muscle compared to others”

“Please???” he gave the most cutest face in the whole wide world.

I sighed after a while, “Fine”

I got scared as we walked towards the tree where they were sitting, I straightened my face to my signature expression.

“Hey” greeted Dan when we approached them.

They all looked at us as if we were some aliens from another planet so far away. I saw a guy with long black hair and piercing hazel eyes stare back at me. I felt uneasy and looked up at the tree.

“Um… Jason can I talk to you?” asked Dan after no one said anything.

“why?” asked some dude with blonde hair.

“It’s none of your business” I said as I crossed my arms and ignore my gut feeling.

He looked back at me, surprised of what he heard but didn’t say anything.

“It’ll be a sec” said Jason to the guys and got up and followed us, I made sure we were more than 50 m away from them.

Again. Please tell me what you think. Im kinda wanting to continue this story.. i kinda had a writers block for this one :D

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