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Second Chances

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People Expect Weird Behavior In Bathrooms

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‘So … What you’re saying is this: You want me back. You want to be my boyfriend again?’ I sigh, surely this is a mistake.

‘That’s kinda what I’m saying. Well, along with the fact that I was previously a douche bag and I’m sorry I hurt you last time’ Pete, you crushed me last time. We’ve been skirting this for too long, and I’m fucking scared, ‘Last time, I freaked out. I was worried we didn’t know each other that well. It’s different now, I know you. Every part of you. Even the disgusting places you hide your buggers. Especially the weird little thing you do when you fart’

Oh, the romance of it all. Wait, what does he know?

‘Say what?’

‘I know that you go to the bathroom, spray air freshener and cough loudly. Just to make sure nobody know that you’ve had a little bit of curry’ So he knows me, does that mean that we’re ready to get back together?

‘Look, never mind. It’ll wreck every thing again. I have no way to get home and I want you to be part of my life. Even if it is only as a sex buddy. Forget I said anything’ He looked crushed, I’d never seen Pete look like this before. He looked ill, paler than normally and incredibly depressed. It wasn’t right.

‘You want me to be your … boyfriend?’ I ask, hoping he’ll say yes. I was about to throw caution to the wind, knowing it was the right thing to do.

‘Patrick, I said forget it’ Pete turned away from me, stalking towards the door.

‘Pete don’t go’ My words were lost on him, he was already out the door and (Damn that kid could move fast) down the street, ‘I feel the same’

He turned, facing me. Looking not unlike a figurine by this point, he drew nearer. We were almost a metre away from each other when my rambling started.

‘I’ve always wanted you and was practically dying inside when you told me you didn’t feel the same. Jesus, I’m such a coward. I should’ve done this a long time ago.’ I pulled him towards me by the crook of his neck. Allowing our lips to be reunited after months of longing for one another, ‘Pete? Be my boyfriend?’

‘Uh … I’m not sure’ He grinned, ‘Dude … Didn’t I just ask you?’

‘Fair point … So … When are we going to tell people?’ I smiled, Pete was way ahead of me, dragging me back into the house by my hand. We could only find one of our band mates. Joe.

‘Joe … I wanna tell you something’ Pete started.

Joe was way ahead of us, ‘Let me guess … You’re “Making Love” again?’

‘Dude … Gay …’ Pete put on mock offended look, and then laughed at the irony.

‘Oh and Patrick,’ Joe started, ‘People expect you to fart in the bathroom’
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