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You've Really Got A Hold On Me

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Joon reflects.

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Joon: You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me

I awake to his smell. It wafts through the sheets and air like lethal gas. I get a sharp pain in my heart, like I can’t get enough air and my heart is shutting down. Now I know what prisoners who die in a gas chamber felt like. He left again, while I was sleeping. Who knows when but I can still feel the heat emitting from where he was laying. The clock reads six fifteen. He gets up so early, just to get away from me. Any other man I would call a coward, but I didn’t blame him. How could I? There’s obviously something that pushes him away from me, something that comes from me. ‘I love you, Gabe’ I’d whispered. ‘Yeah, I know.’
I was always so clingy. I wanted to hold him and I wanted him to hold me. I could feel the tears slide down my face slowly at first then faster as his reply echoes through my head. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, as I so long to fix it. Every night I say the same thing and get the same answer and every night it crushes me just like the first time. I let my hopes get so high when the thunder rumble then get so shocked when the lightning zaps me. The tears flow and flow for lord knows how long till the phone rings. “Hello.” I answer softly, silently hopeful. “Hey, Joon.” Nate’s voice fills my ears and accidentally drives the knife deeper. “Oh, hi.” Is all I can manage as more disappointment falls down my face.

Hey, sorry it's so short. Theres one chapter left.
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