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In A Hail OF Bullets :Frerard:

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MCR members are in a rehab-hospital thing. They're in for drug possession, murder, and other problems. Well, they're not in a band here, but yeah.

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I look up to see a blonde guy sit next to me.

I completetely ignore him and look away.

'So, you're new here.'

I don't look at him but I nod.

Looking back at my cereals, i scoop some then throw it back to the bowl.

'You wanna know the others here?'

I look at him, my face showing I was annoyed, then shrugg then look back down at my food.

'You see that there?' I look at the guy he was pointing, then I turn to him.

'Well, I don't know his name, All I know is he like trashing places and screaming when he's angry.'

I just look back at him and he continues.

'That one, with the big hair, that's my friend, Ray. He's really fun to be with. Like, he's into music and stuff.'

I speak to him for the first time.

'Why don't you bring him over?'

I don't know what's wrong with me, wanting more people with us.

'Finally, you spoke. Well, later. Let me intoduce the others first.'

'So, those two, well, they're brothers. The one with black hair, never speaks. We don't really know why, but yeah. Then the other one...'

He pauses and thinks.

'Well..?' I ask the guy.

'He's the brother. Gerard's the one that doesn't talk. Mikey's the younger one. They're inseparable. Mikey's not even supposed to be here, he pretended to do drugs with Gerard to get in with.'

Whoa. That shut me up. I mean, if I had a borther who did drugs I won't go as far as pretending to do that too just to get in the place with him.

'Yeah, so basically, that's all the guys that I know the name. The others are pretty boring, so yeah.. By the way, I'm Bob. Bob Bryar.' He smiles genuinely and stretches out his arm to shake my hand.

I just smile back and shake his hand. 'I'm Frank Iero. Nice to meet you, uhh.. Bob.'

The next day I went back to the table I sat at the day before. I looked around for Bob and I saw him pulling 'fro dude and pointing at me.

I looked down at my food and back at Bob who apparently was already in front of me with 'fro dude.

"Uhh.. hi?" I said/asked.

"This is Ray," he said, pointing at 'fro dude. "Can we join you?"

"Yeah, sure" I said, moving over so the two of them could sit.

Bob and Ray just kept on talking but I was focused on Gerard. Staring at him like he was a god or something. I was so focused on him that I realized he was staring back at me already.. except not in awe, but in a freaked-out way.

"uhh.. Frank?"

I break my gaze and look at Bob. Who seems to be smirking.

And Ray.

"what?" I ask, raising an eyborw and staring back at them.

"You like the Gerard guy don't you?" Ray says, and continues smirking.

"what the fuck? I'm straight. s-t-r-a-i-t straight. "

"c'mon, closet case," bob started. "We know you like him. Oh, by the way, It's S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T. dumb ass."

I just shrugged and said whatever, then continued my gaze at Gerard.

I stood up and slowly walked towards his table. I don't know why I'm doing this, but fuck it, I want to.

I sit down infront of him and he looks up, he wasn't really eating, he was drawing, I got a glimpse of his drawing and it was good. Like, whoa good. He quickly started tugging his brother's arm as if he's asking him to talk for him.

"What d'ya want?" His borther asked, not in an offending way, but in a sweet way that he really did want to know."

"Uhh.. can I hang out...?"

Gerard nodded and looked at Mikey again.

"He's Gerard, he's my brother. He doesn't talk to anyone, really, except me. I'm Mikey" He said, reaching out his hand to shake with mine.
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