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A New Chance Continued

by pyrodaemon_87 18 Reviews

Managing to kill Lord Voldemort, Harry now faces the fates themselves. Watch as he's thrown back in time to his eleven year old self and given a second chance at life, a chance to right past wrongs.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Harry,Luna,Lupin,Neville,Sirius - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2008/05/20 - Updated: 2008/05/21 - 8632 words


  • A New Chance Continued

    (#) DavidMPotter 2008-05-21 02:27:38 PM

    That was a brilliant start! I so look forward to reading more of this delightful story. I do hope after Harry removes the blocks that he is able to return to the alley in order to get Hedwig and or a snake. He also should buy advanced books in runes or wards.
  • A New Chance Continued

    (#) Rocky235 2008-05-21 03:29:01 PM

    I like it.

    I read all the other reviews and your responses so got all my questions handled.

    I never even thought of Hedwig, to my shame.

  • A New Chance Continued

    (#) Cateagle 2008-05-21 08:02:32 PM

    I definitely like this start, though I never read the original version. I do think, though, that Harry should be able to find a way to establish at least a modus vivendi with Vernon that suits both of their needs, though he may have to get a bit rough with wandless and/or runic magic at first to get through to him. Behind that, I'll be interested in seeing how you manage to unite/reunite Harry with Hedwig, perhaps someone could do a follow-up visit? In any case, 'twill be interesting to see what happens when he gets his magic unblocked and really starts developing.

    It would be entirely in character for -this- Harry to not only acquire Hedwig, but another, snake, familiar and likely a magical one at that. Of course, revealing himself to be a parselmouth that early might cause problems, but the right magical snake familiar could also help with his parselmagic situation.
  • A New Chance Continued

    (#) jsdailey 2008-05-22 12:46:37 PM

    Great new story; I'm really liking the individualized takes that so many authors are taking on the "Harry's memories and power's sent back in time" story. Your's, with the integration of The Fates, is very interesting and provides a new perspective on how the magic of the universe functions-- in many other stories, Harry/Hermione/Luna (Luna's mom, in one case) etc usually perform some necromatic ritual to do the deed. Verry interesting; I look forward to the upcoming chaps. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration and they will come about sooner, rather than later ;)
    Keep the spacing too, please.

  • A New Chance Continued

    (#) morriganscrow 2008-05-23 08:25:34 PM

    A fine start to a story I will be keenly following.
    I can see what you are saying about Harry being resigned to the Dursleys, but I hope, from his new perspective, that Harry reevaluates Dumbledore, his manipulations and his so-called "greater good".
    Are you considering any slash relationships - like Sirius and Remus?
  • A New Chance Continued

    (#) Clell65619 2008-05-25 06:32:41 PM

    - A wonderful start on a dangerous road. Do overs are the most hazardous of all the various fic themes.

    - Having Filius being the contact is a novel approach, that I don't recall ever seeing before, the abuse by vernon is unfortunate... but remember despite Harry having no way to communicate, he does have a way to attract attention... cast something with his wand (assuming he has access to it)... The owls will come.
  • A New Chance Continued

    (#) telmah 2008-06-02 07:20:31 AM

    great first chapter! Well written, not too stupidly overpowered (so far), nice soft touch on the details.
    Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us.
  • A New Chance Continued

    (#) SomeGuyFawkes 2008-06-24 08:29:20 AM

    Fine spin in the "redo" fic!
    Grammar, Spelling, Plot, and canon all are good.

    Harry's already making changes that should have big effects down the road. I hope you don't try to shoehorn in canon plot points if they no longer fit this 'verse.

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