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New Beginnings

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Cali and Frank move in together. There suppose to be meeting for lunch, and Cali runs into someone.

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Chapter Nine
New Beginnings

As to no surprise Frank and I moved into together. We started “fresh” as Frank says. He said I need a new beginning, nothing that reminded me of the past. So we got a new apartment on a completely different side of town.
The apartment was nothing special. It was small and cramped, but if you know New York City, then you’d expect nothing less. It had two bedrooms, a small kitchen and a dinning/living room area. It doesn’t sound like much, and truth be told it wasn’t. But I learned to love. And what made me love it was the park.
It was Franks and mines place. The one where he’d shown me the sunset. We tried and visiting it as much as we could together, but he’s usually playing around with his guitar or working. I however, go there all the time. Most of the time I bring a book and a blanket to lie on and sit under a huge tree I've become quite fond of.
Which brings me too today; September 23rd. The first official day of fall, and it looked like it. It was my lunch break and I was suppose to be meeting Derek at the park. I sat down beneath a tree in the shade and put my face in a book, and waited.

“There you are”.

I turned my head to see Frank making his way towards me, and smiled.

“I have been looking every where for you. I went to your office, I went Bobby’s, I went to the apartment. I was just about to call Delia when I saw you sitting over here in the park. You know come to think of it, I should have checked here fir-“.

“Frank” I laughed, “I told you we were meeting here”.

“I don’t remember this” he replied confused and eventually gave up, “ anyways I wanted to know what you were doing tonight”.

I thought for a minute, “Well I was thinking about a small trip to the moon and then have a date with Mr. Tall-dark-an-handsome”.

“Well cancel those plans, because I’ve got something better for you” he said ignoring my sarcasm.

“What” I sighed.

“Well, I want you to come and see my band play”.

I smiled, “Are you serious?” Frank has been in a band for about 5 months, and he won’t talk about it. Whenever I ask about them he refuses, saying you’ll just have to see. I know it’s because of what happened with his former band that broke up awhile back, and he thinks he’s going to jinx his new band.

“Yes” he said.

I got up and jumped into his arms “Oh F rankI am so excited”.

“But you have to promise to play it cool” Frank said sternly.

“Okay, okay I’ll behave, but I have to get back to work. My lunch ends in about 2 minutes” I replied getting up and shutting my book and kissing him on the cheek.

“Cool well I’m heading over to Gerard's”.

“who” I yelled back.

He waved his hand at me and I made a mad dash to my office.

I couldn’t believe I was finally going to see his band and meet the guys. Frank may not seem like the most intelligent person, but he was definitely musically talented. However, my thought were so consumed about the concert, that I didn’t even notice the man walking in front of me, and before I could I stop we collided.
Papers flew, books were in the air, and what seemed like a mixture of coffee and left over lunch toped it off.

I flew myself to the ground, “I am so sorry”.

“No it was my fault” the stranger replied gather up what seemed like sketches.

“No, no I wasn’t looking as to where I was going” I replied reaching for a sketch and before I knew it our hands were colliding for the same sketch, of what seemed to be a cartoon monkey. I blushed and laughed nervously letting him grab the sketch as we stood up, and looked into each other eyes.
They were a beautiful shade of hazel and if you looked close enough a slight hint of yellow.

“Sorry” he said looking down.

“Oh, here’s your papers” I replied with a slight blush again.

He looked up and smiled, “ thanks, here’s your book”.

“Thank you,” I said taking it from him, our hands once again brushed each other.

We both stood there looking at the ground not saying a word or moving. I looked at my watch and realized I was suppose to be at the office fifteen minutes ago.

"I'm Ge-" he started to say, before I cut him.

“Oh my, I have to go, thanks again” I yelled back and ran off.

“Wait” he yelled.

“What is your name?” he whispered to himself as I disappeared off into the New York City.
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