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Lady in red

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There are some criminals even the Batman can't catch.

Category: Batman - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Batman,Catwoman,Nightwing,Robin - Published: 2008-05-29 - Updated: 2008-05-29 - 178 words - Complete

Disclaimer: Slash fiction is silly, and is little more than masturbatory fantasy.

The expression on Commissioner Gordon’s face was even grimmer than usual as Batman landed on the rooftop.
“What’s the situation Jim?”
“There’s been a robbery.”
Batman frowned. “You called me for something that minor?”
Gordon sighed “It’s not that simple Batman. The Metropolitan art museum has been stolen.”
Gordon was pretty sure that he was the first person to ever see the legendary Batman do a double take.
“What?” the Bat growled.
“The museum has been stolen” Gordon repeated. “not the contents, just the museum. We have a lead, but the perp’s way beyond our abilities to catch.”
The dark expression on Batman’s face somehow managed to get even darker.
“Tell me about the suspect”
Gordon took a deep breath.

“Well she sneaks around the world from Kiev to Carolina,
She's a sticky-fingered filcher from Berlin down to Belize,
She'll take you for a ride on a slow boat to China,
Tell me where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”
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