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Chapter 16

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Frankie and some prankies!

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I woke up and my head hurt. This time I didn’t hit my head on the bunk above me but instead fell off the bed. I got up from the floor noticing the only people on the bus was me, Brooke, and Frankie. I looked at their bunks…they were asleep. I walked into the kitchen area there was two notes.

The first one said:

Dear Aubrey and Brooke
We left you asleep because the boys said you probably needed some sleep. Frankie had a fit about how he wanted to stay with you two so I hope you don’t mind watching him. If he gets out of hand just call and tell us and I’ll come and get him. Well if you guys get bored come see us.
- Denise and Paul

I laughed a little at the thought of Frankie throwing a fit over us. I looked at the other note.


Ok guys we made them let you sleep because you guys seemed tired. Frankie is here so if he gets on your nerves deal with it-just kidding you can call us. I know that you guys are probably bored so we will come see you whenever we can or you guys can come in and be bored here if you like.
You don’t have to come to the concert because well we’re sure it can be boring not seeing anything new. Oh and be prepared for a shocker later when we come and see you guys.
- Joe Nick and Kevin.

Oh god what will they do this time? I heard a small rustle and then Frankie ran into the room. “Hey buddy.” I said as he stopped right in front of me. “Hi Aubee I’m hungry what’s for breakfast?” he asked sitting down. “Well…I don’t know what do you want there isn’t much to choose from?” I asked. “I want…cereal!” he yelled and grabbed some lucky charms. I poured him a bowl and he ate quietly.
I heard another rustle and Brooke walked in. She read the notes and came over to me. “Aubrey what do you think the boys will do to us.” she asked leaning on me. “Oh my brothers are gonna…oh ya I’m not suppose to tell you.” he grinned and started to run away. I looked over at brooke we smiled and took off after him. We began to tickle him once we got him down. “I wont tell you I wont I wont!” he shouted giggling furiously. “Oh fine.” I said as I quit tickling him. He stood up. “Ok Frankie what do you wanna do?” Brooke asked.
He looked around, “I want to play outside.”
“Alright but we all have to get dressed.” I said as I patted his back. “Ok!” he ran off to his bunk. Brooke put on a cute skirt with leggings and a tee shirt and I wore jeans and cami with a vest. Frankie came out in a tee shirt and sweat pants. “Ok lets go.” I said as we walked out of the bus.
We were watching Frankie run around making noises so we decided to talk while doing this. “So what happened with you and lover boy?” I laughed. A serious look formed on her face. “I’m sorry I didn’t know something bad happened.” I spoke before she got a chance to explain. “Well Kevin basically asked me out…but I said no.” she put her head down. “What do you mean you said no?” I asked with a shocked look on my face. “I mean I said no to him. I couldn’t do it…I wanted to I really did but then I just couldn’t. Aubrey I have had a lot of boyfriends but I always just broke up with them but with Kevin I’m scared he’ll brake up with me because I know I wont brake up with him.” I grabbed her hand. “Brooke I really think you should take the risk I mean you seem to care about him a lot and apparently he feels the same.” I felt bad for the both of them, Kevin and Brooke. “I know but we barely know each other I mean we’ve only known them for like two weeks now.” she had a point but a lot had happened in just two weeks.
“What about you and Nick?” she finally asked after a moment of silence. “Well I think he was gonna ask me out but then Joe walked in and ruined the moment and Nick just never asked me after that.” I sighed. “Well you know what I think is funny?” she said. “What?” I sat down on the pavement. She sat down next to me, “That you were so madly in love with Joe and then you go out with Kevin and are probably gonna go out with Nick.” she laughed a little. “Well I don’t know…to be honest me and Joe have had a few moments but I mean well never mind.” I said as Frankie ran up to us and plopped down.
“I’m bored now.” Frankie said as he lay on the pavement. “Well what do you wanna do then?” I asked disconnecting the thoughts between me and Brooke. “Well I wanna watch a movie.” he stood up and grabbed my hand. “So come on.” he pulled on me.
We walked back into the bus and waited for Frankie to pick out the movie. He handed me Peter Pan. “This one please.” he said as I took it in my hand. I plugged it in and sat back down. My phone vibrated.

It was Joe texting me:

Joe-hey I was bored so I txt u
Aubrey- ok wel wat u wanna tlk bout?
Joe- idk? Wat r u doin?
Aubrey- watching Peter Pan wit Frankie and Brooke
Joe- oh…so how r u?
Aubrey- fine I guess y do u ask u seen me last nite
Joe- well nick seems funky 2day so I thot u mite no wat was up
Aubrey- well…I dnt really wanna tlk bout it…

I never got another text. I looked down at my lap and Frankie was asleep. “Brooke look at him.” I whispered to Brooke. “Awe.” she smiled. I carried him back to the bunks and set him down on his. Man he must of worn himself out running around for like an hour straight.
“ok Brooke so what do you wanna do now that the little guy has passed out.” I said basically laying on top of her. “Well first you can GET OFF! And then I want you to finish what you were gonna say earlier.” she pushed me. “Oh fine I’ll get off.” I laughed. “Ok well I was gonna say that me and Joe had had a couple moments…but nothing serious-ish.” I said thinking about how we sang together. “Ish?” she asked laughing lightly. “Well…you know I like Joe I always have but I mean if Nick is putting the moves on me then I’m not gonna keep trying for Joe when he doesn’t like me like that.” I said. “well alright whatever.” she just laughed and turned on the TV.
“And welcome the Jonas Brothers!” a man said as the boys walked on stage. “Oh my Jonas they never said they would be on TV!” I yelled and turned it up. “Ok so you guys are having a concert tonight is that correct?” the man said. “Yes we are infact in this building.” Kevin said. “Well how convenient. What is your favorite thing about touring right now?” the boys all looked at each other and laughed. “Well we just met two amazing people and they are on tour with us right now.” Kevin smiled as did the rest of the boys. “So I’m sure everyone’s wondering some things about these people.” the man laughed.
“Well if you want you can meet them.” Joe said all perky. “Well I’m sure the camera man wouldn’t mind an adventure.” after that the boys started off. They were coming to us! “Aubrey they are coming here…” Brooke looked horrified she hated the camera. We turned off the TV and checked our hair and such.


We were heading out to the bus. “Hey guys get out the silly string.” I pulled mine out of my pocket. We turned to the camera. “Ok viewers are you ready for something funny?” I asked. “We are gonna get the girls with some silly string on camera.” Nick smiled. We walked up to the door and knocked…


I finished straightening my bangs. “Brooke didn’t they say they were gonna give us a shocker?” I asked thinking of the note. “Ya…” Brooke raised her eyebrow at me. “Maybe we should be prepared.” I spoke as we walked back into the front of the bus. I handed her a pillow. “Just in case put it behind your back so if there isn’t a prank we don’t look like retards.” I laughed.
We heard a knock at the bus door. The instant I opened it silly string flew at me. “Ahh.” I screamed and flung the pillow around. Then it turned into a fight. The boys with silly string and us with pillows. The camera guy was laughing. “Oh crud no more silly string I’m out!” Joe yelled. “Me too.” both of the other boys yelled. “Mhahaha!” I yelled doing an “evil” laugh. We whacked them with the pillows harder. Then I realized something, millions of people just watched us have a crazy pillow/silly string fight with the Jonas Brothers.
“Ok we give we surrender just stop with the pillows!” Kevin shouted holding his hands up. We stopped and the boys got up off the ground. “Ok viewers see how weak the Jonas Brothers are the get beat up by girls.” I laughed. “Just kidding I love them just as much as you guys do.” I smiled as Brooke was slightly frozen with the camera being on her.
“Well ok you guys this is Aubrey…” Nick said pointing to me, “and this is Brooke.” he said pointing at Brooke. “And I’m Joe!” Joe said loudly. We all looked at him. “Well I figured that that would wanna know since we were introducing everyone.” he smiled. “Joe I think they know who you guys are…I mean you’re famous.” I said looking at him with a weird face. “Good point everyone knows me. I mean how could they not know someone so good looking.” he made a sexy- I mean normal grin.
“Ok well enough meeting us I’m sure the fans really don’t wanna hear about us they are watching this to hear about you guys.” I laughed. “Well alright everyone say bye to them.” Kevin said wrapping his arm around Brooke. I could see the anxiety in her eyes. “Bye fellow Jonas fans!” I said and waved into the camera and drug Brooke into the bus with me.
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