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Response to Word #65 in LF's 15_min_fic community

Category: Gundam Wing - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Heero,Zechs - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2008/05/31 - Updated: 2008/05/31 - 487 words - Complete

Disclaimer: GW characters and universe are the creation and intellectual property of Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu Agency and associated parties and are used here for non-profit entertainment purposes only. My stuff is mine. ^_^

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Zechs's mind tripped over the sentence "... military might... vast array... Khushrenada's Earth Forces... Gundam Pilots... vanquished Milliardo Peacecraft...." Ice blue eyes stuttered to a halt. Funny how the little things could still trip him up after all this time.


To vanquish one's enemy. To defeat in contest or competition. To conquer in battle... subjugate.

He'd never considered himself vanquished, conquered, defeated. True, he hadn't succeeded in destroying the Earth. But that had never been his true objective. (Not in his saner moments anyway.) Though the world at large didn't know that. So it probably shouldn't come as such a shock that the semi-objective judgment of history would see him as the loser in that final battle. Conveniently forgetting, of course, that Une surrendered on behalf of the Earth Forces. But what was a largely empty surrender compared to Milliardo Peacecraft's defeat? Sinister Plot foiled, Doomsday Weapon destroyed, Villain dispatched, Planet saved by the Hero. Precisely as it should have been. Never mind that Heero hadn't defeated him in battle. Or that Zechs's true objective had (largely) been accomplished. The fairy tale version was far more succinct. Easier to comprehend and accept. Far more suitable for a bed-time story. Provided one left out the gruesome casualties. Better to focus on the Villain's epilogue - converted to the Hero's cause, the Madman reappears to dedicate his life to Peace and Justice in Penance for his Misguided and Evil Deeds. And the magnanimous Forces of Right accept the Reformed-Villain and award him with a collar and a leash and acclimate him to a cage.


Zechs blinked as the words left his field of vision, smooth vellum slipping away beneath his fingers. Blinked again to resolve the indistinct shape of the book dangling casually from tapered fingers. Tanned wrist... muscled forearm. His gaze wandered upward of it's own slow accord. Defined chest... broad shoulders... strong jaw... perfect ears... full lips.... Lips that would never question, never demand an explanation that could never properly be voiced. Breath-taking eyes... twilight blue... midnight ocean depths framed by chocolate lashes. Eyes that drew him in... stripped him bare.. saw deep into the heart of him, past the glacial armor to the blue-hot inferno of his soul. Eyes that had always seen.. always understood.

A distant corner of his mind noted the thud of the heavy hard-back hitting the wood floor. The rest of Zechs was preoccupied with the calloused hand that lifted to tangle in his white-gold hair... the jean-clad thigh sliding along the outside of his own... the warm, solid promise of heat settling over him... the soft brush of lips as Heero breathed life back into him.

Perhaps Milliardo Peacecraft had been vanquished after all.

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Iri - 30 May 2008
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