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FACT: I didn't even know his last name

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  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) XxIceCreamHeadachexX 2008-06-24 09:10:27 AM

    Well, before I go ranting on how amazing this second chapter was, I'd like to share a story with you of how I came across the second chapter/fic/whatever.

    I was roaming around on FicWad absent-mindedly and I noticed your username next to the title, and I thought you had a new story up, considering the new summary. (Mind you, I'm no good with memory when it comes to titles.)

    Anyway, I was wondering what happened to that other story you were writing (because I thought this was a new one and I was confused)

    So, I went onto your profile and there wasn't the old one there, so I thought you must've deleted it.

    And I was shocked. Because it was just so amazing and wonderful that it would be a rather foolish thing to do if you deleted it.

    So, I clicked on the 'new' story and it turns out, it was the same story that I thought you deleted!

    Then, I felt really, really, REALLY stupid.

    Anyway, I really liked this chapter and I wish I could say more about it, but I cannot. I apologize.

    I hardly ever know what to say in reviews.

    Usually, I'm just like:

    "Yeah! This story ROCKS! Go you! Update soon!"

    Which, writers don't want, anyhow. They want to know what the reader thought and felt about the piece, instead of a list of adjectives stringing together in praise. =/

    And the fact that I sound really enthusiastic when I review, makes me sound kind of creepy. =/

    Ohkay, then.
    Well. Maybe I'll try to write you an AMAZING review.

    But, hey, I'm not guaranteeing you anything.

    So, if you are disappointed, then its your fault. =P

    Okay, so here it goes:

    I really like where this story is going and the fact that someone is FINALLY using Jon. Because the Panic at the Disco section is usually filled with nonstop Rydons or falling in love/breaking up with Brendon or Ryan. Or possibly, both combined.

    (And I am guilty of writing those myself, mind you.)

    Anyway, I'm just happy to see that someone considers Jon when writing a fic. :]

    Also, I like how you smith adjectives together to create one slammin' sentence. (And, I know, I know. That sounded really stupid, but hey, by the end of this review, you are probably going to think I'm retarded.)

    But, what I mean, is that your descriptions are like, perfect and they create a real visual for the reader. So two thumbs up for that one! :]

    Thats about it. (Well, not really, I just can't think of anything else, because I'm kind of slow, as you probably know already.)

    So, I'm gonna read the next chapter and give you an equally (yeah, right) amazing review. :]

    If I don't, you can slap me with a fish.

    Because fish stink.

    And nobody likes stinky things slapping them in the face.


    Author's response

    I would never slap you with a fish! I'm too in love with your reviews to do anything like that!!

    To start off, sorry about the confusion with the summary change. The more I thought about it, and the more I planned out the story, the first line of the first chapter wasn't a very good way to sum up the whole story. I'm glad you found your way back though. I promise I won't confuse you again!

    I'm glad you appreciate a Jon story. There definitely aren't enough of them. I couldn't help but write one about him though, I only kinda fall in love with him every time I see Panic. haha. I am quite guilty of writing Ryan/Brendon stories too, although I have posted them anywhere. One I have saved somewhere includes a stripper and a love triangle. lol.

    I'm pretty sure I'm just rambling now, it's quite the habit. Once again I loved the review and THANK YOU for reading the story. I hope you continue to enjoy it.
  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) lua 2008-08-07 03:22:05 PM

    Nice story, I haven't really read that much stories about Jon. And he doesn't really look like someone who would enjoy a one night stand but whatever

    I also love the fact thingy and and
    I like your shoes
    Can I follow you?
    sounds familiar :) inspired by bright eyes maybe ?

    Author's response

    Inspired by bright eyes? Yes. You're a fan, I can tell by your screen name. I believe there were at least 3 other references to the song in the chapter.

    I also almost use Lua as a song in a future chapter, but ended up deciding against it when I found a song that fit better. Despite how amazing Conor is, I figured I would mix it up a little.

    As for Jon not being someone to enjoy a one night stand, I wouldn't say Cassia is either. In the next few chapters though, you only get Cassia point of view on the situation, you only saw Cassia reasons for acting the way she did. Later in the story though, Jon's reasoning will come out too. Hope that'll make more sense of why I made the decision I did for the story.
  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) chocolatechortle22 2009-04-26 03:32:52 PM

    so i keep reading this chapter over and over againg NOT because im a perverted wierdo but because i am ADDICTED to the line "Only with every sip of rum" it's SO good. is it a lyric or is it just something you made up, either way

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