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Overnight Visit

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One of Pete's visits turns to a sleepover.

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Amy's POV

I couldn't tell Patrick that Pete was Jennifer's father. He also couldn't know that I was falling for Pete again. He was the same guy that I was in love with all those years ago except this time he seemed like he was ready to be a dad this time. The problem was that I don't know if I'm ready to let him be her dad, cause he will be gone for long periods of time and missing so much. I don't want my daughter to have to deal with the heartbreak of just meeting her dad and then losing him to the road. "Pete its getting late and Jenny needs to go to bed." "Aww five more minutes mom please?" When she does says that she looks so much like him, the brown eyes, almost black hair. "Come on Amy. I just found out about her two weeks ago and I rarely get to see her." "Alright Pete, but then she has to get to bed." Soon Pete comes into the kitchen and sits next to me, just staring at me. "What?" "Nothing... its just she is so much like you always trying to get your way, and she gets whatever she wants from me. She made me read her four stories before she went to sleep." "I'm not that bad." "Really?" "Yeah." "Okay. So how long?" "How long until what?" "Until you tell Jenny and Patrick the truth." "Pete... I can't. I want to but.." "But what? I love her and you. It's not right that I have to hide this." Tears started falling steadily down my cheeks "You don't love me. It's just that we have a child together." "No I loved you then and I loved you now. I never stopped."

(Pete's POV)
I leaned over and kissed her. "No Pete we can't." "I'm sorry Aimes maybe I should go." Just as I turned to leave she grabbed me and pulled me into a passionate kiss. She led me up to her room. I knew that I shouldn't cause this was my best friends girl but I couldn't stop. Quickly clothes began to be thrown across the floor. My mouth found its way to every part of her body. She moaned quietly not to wake Jenny. Moving my lips back up to hers I pulled her body to mine crashing my hips into hers. She arched her body to meet my every thrust. I felt her tightening around me then we collapsed on the bed. Amy turned to me and kissed me and closed her eyes, her breathing evening out told me she was asleep. That next morning I woke up alone. I got up and dressed going downstairs to see Amy, and Jenny sitting in the kitchen. "Want some coffee before you go?" "Uh sure." Just as she handed me a steaming cup the doorbell rang and Patrick appeared in the kitchen door. "Pete what are you doing here?"
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