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Anything For Two

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Anything for two..How was I to know? Fan the flames of separation. Anything for two..What am I to do? No need for explanations.

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This isn't the first chapter, yet. This is just a note from me.
I just want to inform the people about my characters here.
The characters are Carlos Calderon (AKA Calde), Kate Flores, Miguel Chavez (AKA Miggy), Miguel Alcaraz (AKA Mong), Joel Salvador, and Ariel Lumanlan. I will be adding more and more characters, I guess. BTW, they are from the local band Chicosci here. So..I don't own them or anything related to them.

I am placing them in their high school years. The story is mostly told in Kate's Point Of View.

Okay, hope you like it. Read and Review, please. :)
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