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Chapter 11 - The Plan and the Discovery

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DarkFire and her friends might have killed their enemies, but they have to make it out alive!

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Chapter 11: The Plan and the Discovery

DarkFire nodded. "Okay, we'd better look around for something that powers this machine..." declared DarkFire, strolling around the large metal casing in the centre of the room. It was in the shape of a rectangular prism, polished and shiny.

Kate dashed to DarkFire. "Nope, I can't find a source of power for this machine..."

DarkFire nodded slowly. "Alright, it looks like we have to destroy this..."

"Are you out of your mind?" exclaimed Kate.

"What? All we need to do is freeze this thing, and make it explode or implode! That will be sure to destroy it. I can make the thing explode; Crystal can freeze it. What do you say about it?"

Crystal nodded slowly. "Alright, but be careful not to make the explosion too large; I think Kate is concerned about that."

DarkFire nodded.

The metal casing on the machine thickened. It was emitting a cold aurora. Mist wafted from it and drifted to DarkFire.

"Thanks, Crystal. Stand back, everyone..." DarkFire stared intensely at the iced metal. Suddenly, the machine exploded, sending shards of iced metal everywhere. Walls of ice appeared in front of DarkFire, Kate, Crystal and Espio. The flying fragments of frozen metal harmlessly bounced off the walls. As the room fell silent, DarkFire stepped to the machine as smoke cleared away. She faded into the smoke.

The walls of ice vanished. "What is DarkFire doing?" asked Crystal. "Aren't we supposed to be escaping?"

DarkFire emerged from the clearing fumes. She was clutching a slightly burnt piece of paper in one claw, and a gleaming red emerald in the other. She paced towards Kate, Crystal and Espio. "I found something amongst the mess we made. This emerald..." she declared, holding the emerald up to the light."

Espio gazed at it in astonishment as it gleamed in the light. "DarkFire, I think you found a Chaos Emerald..."

DarkFire lowered her arm and turned to Espio. "A Chaos what?"

"Don't tell me you don't know what hat is?"

"I don't... What do you expect from someone who has had no proper education before?"

"Oh... sorry about that."

Kate and Crystal gathered around DarkFire. They both studied the Chaos Emerald.

"And... about Chaos Emeralds..." continued Espio, "If you collect all seven of them, well, you can turn into a more powerful form."

DarkFire nodded slowly. "Also, I think there is something you might want to read on this paper. I'll read it."

Kate nodded. "Alright, but be quick; we need to get outta here!"

"Alright..." said DarkFire, placing it a reading distance from her eyes. "Plan: I am in possession of three Chaos Emeralds. I have constructed three Towers near the city here. I am holding a blue hedgehog's friends captive in them. The Chaos Emeralds are powering my machines which are producing warrior robots non-stop. I will kill Sonic, and then take over the world. There is no stopping me. Join me in this plan before it's too late. Join me before I KILL YOU.

I will send people and robots over to where Sonic's friends live and kidnap them all when everyone is asleep. My factories will continue producing robots of all shapes and sizes. And the people who help me will rule with me. Join me - before you meet your doom."

Kate giggled. "Is it April Fool's Day yet? This is one lame attempt to make people join one lame plan to dominate the world..."

Crystal gazed awkwardly at DarkFire. "Okay, this is strange... and all so sudden. And if this plan is real, why would the guy tell the plan to just anybody?"

DarkFire laughed faintly. "Meh, this must be el lameo... El Lameo planners or something..."

DarkFire heard feet treading on the hard concrete ground. She whipped around. A young man, blonde, with fair skin, cargo pant and a plain white t-shirt stood behind her.

DarkFire bounded back. "Who are you?"

"Well..." replied the man, "I am one of those who used to work for... The Dark One. I am someone who has betrayed him. I will give you something that will assist you in stopping The Dark One from conquering the world."

Kate stepped forward. "No, thanks. I think the El Lameo plan will fail on its own."

DarkFire glanced at Kate. "Um... should we trust this guy? I think he's trying to tell me something I don't know yet."

"Gah!" spat Kate . "As I said, he's a guy from El Lameo or something: He doesn't know what he is doing. Don't fall for it, DarkFire!"

DarkFire ignored her. "Kate, I think I am the one who decides what we do; I think I am the leader of the mission... am I? Alright... what are you going to give me?"

Kate fell silent.

"I won't give you anything yet." replied the man. "but you-"

"-Have to pass a test first?" implied DarkFire. "That happens all the time."

"No. I need to tell you that DarkFire is a former necromancer. DarkFire, you are a very dangerous being. You are also very capable of changing the world."

"I was a necrowhat?" shouted DarkFire. "Kate might be right; you might be El Lameo."

Crystal tapped DarkFire's shoulder. "If so... you might want to try to use these skills to defeat the Dark One, whoever he may be. That might be of help..." she stated, in a small voice.
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