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New Apprentices

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When the four Clan join together under the Sky, Lake will be saved.

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I ran from the sound of dogs and ran right into a large beech. Snow and Lava ran in beside me. I suddenly heared paw step behind a big bush beside us. I flicked my tail for Lava and Snow to run behind a different bush. Suddenly a she-cat with brown fur and light green eyes appeared with a smaller white tom. I looked around to see if the others could be seen but i couldn't find even a hair. The brown she-cat hissed at me and asked "who are you?!" i crouched down and looked up at her "S-Silver. I have traveled very far and have no where to go," i told her. Suddenly the white tom was at my side sniffing my side where a big scrach lined my side "she has no Clan sent," he told the she-cat. Suddenly flashs of cats and a camp went threw my mind "I have a sent you just wouldn't recongnize it," i said quietly "Where did you come from then?" the tom asked "behind the mountines, in a clan called Lake Clan," i said as more memoreys flashed threw my head. "Well i am Rageflower and this is my apprentice, Blizzardpaw," she told me, she seemed to have calmed down now. I nodded and stood up "um actuly, I have two friends with me," i told Rageflower. She looked suprized but still calm "well lets find them. And quickly," se told me "Snow!!! Lava!!!! You guys can come out now," I yelled. The bushes behind me moved and the snow white she-cat and the firey orange tom came out. "Rageflower, Blizzardpaw, these are my den mates and siblings, Snow and Lava," I told the cats.

When we got to the camp Rageflower and Blizzardpaw were greeted kindly while we got cool glares and questioning stares. I stared at the ground and followed the sound of Rageflowers paws. "Rageflower! What is the meaning of this?" i heard a tom ask. I looked up to see a orange and ginger tom and blazing blue eyes "Flamestar, me and Blizzardpaw found these three by the lake," Rageflower told him. He looked at me and his eyes widened. "You...your name is Silver isn't it?" he asked " is," i said in confousion "was your mothers name Lark?" he asked again "yes it was but, we don't know who our father was," i told him quietly. I turned to Lava and Snow but they looked guilty "Lava? Snow? Whats wrong?" i asked in alarm. Snow looked up and sighed "we aren't siblings Silver. Your mother gave you to our mother when you were very small, she told us that your fathers name was Flameclaw," she told me. I stared at her in shock, "your mother came from another clan. When she came to us her name was Stoneflower. Before she left again she told us that she wanted you to have a better life then she had," Lava told me. "This is the clan she came from," the orange tom told me "i am your father," he said with happyness in his eyes. "if you would like you may join Thunder Clan," he told us when i didn't reply. "We have no where else to go," i said quietly. He nodded and paddled over to a tree and jumped up. "All cats old enouph to catch their own prey gather around the High Branch for a Clan meeting!" he yelled. All the cats is the clearing and some from insides the four dens came out and gathered bellow the High Branch. "Most of you rememer my last mate, Stoneflower. When she left she was getting ready to have my kits, but she dissapered. Now, my kit has found her way back to us with two others. Until she becomes a warrior my kit shall be known as Silverpaw. Streamsong," he called, a silver and blue pelted she-cat walked under the High Branch "you shall be Silverpaws mentor. She will be your first apprentice, but Frostberry has teached you many things and i now hope that you will pass those things to your apprentice," Flamestar told the she-cat. She walked up to me and touched her nose to mine and led me to a spot inbetween a grey tom and a ginger she-cat. "Until he has gotten his warrior name this apprentice shall be called Lavapaw. Smokering, you have mentored Breezetail and now she is a great warrior. I hope you will teach this young tom the same way," Flamestar said and the grey tom sitting beside me stood up and touched noses with Lavapaw. "Flamestar? At Lake Clan i was training to be a Medicane cat. I would like to continue my training in that area," Snow suddenly said. Flamestar nodded and turned back to his clan "Until she has gotten her warrior name this she-cat will be called Snowpaw, Silkflower if you will train her she will be yours," Flamestar said and a silver she-cat steped out from the crowd "of course Flamestar," "then Silkflower shall mentor Snowpaw," Flamestar finished.

Streamsong lead me to a den and called a name. Suddenly a muscular brown tom came out from the den. "Oakpaw, i want you to show Silverpaw here, Thunder Clan. Intoduce her to the cats and then find her a nest," Streamsong ordered the tom. He nodded and we both watched Streamsong walk off. He turned to me again "Okay so i'm Oakpaw. This is Thunder Clan and i'm missing my nap," he said with a yawn. Suddenly a small ball of mixed coloured fur flew into Oakpaw. "HEY!! Soundpaw! Watch where your going!!!" Oakpaw yowled at the ball of fur. Then i noticed that is was a calico tom with amber eyes "sorry Oakpaw!!! I just wanted to meet Flamestars' daughter," the tom told him. ~great!! Thats my new title? 'Flamestar's daughter'. Uhhgg~ The tom turned to me "hi!! I'm Soundpaw!!" he practicly yelled "uhh hi," was all i could say. I heard a light sigh from behind me. I turned to see Blizzardpaw standing there "Oh, hi Blizzardpaw," i said with my own sigh. He bowed his head in greeting and turned to Oakpaw "are you going to show her the Clan or what?" he asked "uhh no!! It's not my job," Oakpaw replied with a sneer "if you want to go right ahead," he added. I sighed and looked around, i saw Lavapaw with his mentor waking around, meeting the other Clan cats. And Snowpaw walking with her mentor toward another den. I sighed and looked back to the aruging apprentices.
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