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I felt somebody lift me up off my bed and tumble backwards a little.

"Wow, for a small girl she's pretty heavy, Senpai." I heard Tobi say.

I didn't want them to notice I was pretending to sleep, so I had to do what I had to do. I mumbled and rubbed my eyes so it looked like I was jusy waking up, and thats when my amazing acting kicked in. I slowly opened my eyes and yawned.

"Huh? Wha, who're you people?" I said very tiredly and yawned again.

"Well i'm Tobi and this is my senpai Dei-" Tobi got interupted by Deidara wacking him in the head.

Shut up Tobi you idiot!" Deidara shouted.

I giggled, and decided to surprise them a little.

"I know who you guys are actually. You're Deidara, the explosionist," Then I Pointed to the one that was holding me, " and your Tobi, the good boy!"

THey just stared at me like they just saw a ghost. I giggled and then burst out laughing, making comments on how stupid their faces looked. When I finaly stoped laughing I noticed that it got colder, then everything whent black.

I woke up in a cold dark room, I could barely see anything. I stood up and began to walk towards the door that I could just slightly see, when something jerked me back bymy neck. I fell backwards onto my ass. Then realised I was wearing a metal colar chained to the wall and then I saw that the walls were covered in...blood?! I leaned against a wall and pulled my lags up close to my chest and wraped my arms around them. I closed my eyes and started to cry quietly. I heard somebody open the door and sit beside me. I looked up and it was Tobi, he gave me a little hug.

"Hey, is pretty girl alright?" I just kept crying.
"Tobi's really sorry! What can Tobi do to make pretty girl stop crying?!"

I lifted my head up and faced him, tears still running down my face. "W-why did you kidnap me, I didn't do anything wrong! Whats going to happen to me?" I curled back up and started to cry again.

Just then the door flung open and an orange haired man stepped into the room. He looked at Tobi and nodded, then Tobi left the room. It was just me and the orange haired guy and it stayed quiet for a few minutes. Then, he finaly spoke.

"You're wondering why you're here aren't you?" He said in a deep voice.

"Uh-umm, I...uh." Was all I could really say.

"I want you to join the Akatsuki, do you accept?"
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