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Chapter 7

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a week later...

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I dumped my maths and chemistry textbooks into my locker and slammed it shut. I sighed when I saw Kate and Toni appear in the corridor walking towards me.

“So Mel” Kate leaned onto the locker next to mine.

I knew she was here to gossip and I didn’t know why. I’ve noticed that people kept talking about me whenever I walk pass them and I still don’t know why though.

“Hey” I greeted then. Maybe they want to ask me why I don’t show up at recess or lunch. Or maybe why I don’t gossip as much as before,

“I heard that you were faint last week” Kate drew a line on the locker with the tip of her index finger.


“You refused for Matt to take you to sick bay but let the filthy faggot take you” she raised an
eyebrow and stopped drawing with her finger.

“He’s not a filthy faggot” I said. Shit. Why don’t I think before I say something?

“So you guys dating then” she stated but it was a question.

“No, where did you get that from? I frowned. I am so not dating Gerard.

“Well… we hear that you hang out with him a lot”

I sighed. “Honey, you shouldn’t listen to what you hear” I pushed my bag behind my back. “I
help him with Ancient history, and don’t think I like it one bit. Our teacher is forcing us” I smiled. “I gotta go, I’ll see you guys later” I quickly waved and walked down the corridor without ignoring the fact that their eyes were burning holes in my back. I turned the corner and gasped when I saw Gerard push himself off the wall.

“So you don’t like the fact that you have to help me out in ancient?” he looked upset.

“Gerard don’t scare me like that!” I whispered frantically.

“Sorry” he grabbed my arms gently and looked me in the eye, “So do you?”

“Huh? Do you what?” I asked.

He slightly pulled me closer to him; our faces merely inches apart. “That you don’t like helping me in ancient”

The closeness made my heart beat recklessly and my brain thinking of many ways of what will happen next which made me respond slowly. “No I like helping you” I sighed, “Gerard you should stop thinking like that”

“But I heard you say that you didn’t like it”

“Gerard those girls gossip. I had to lie to them”

He let go of my arms. “Yea well” he crossed his arms over his chest and turned his back to me. “I don’t like it”

“Naww Gerard please, I wouldn’t lie to them but I had to”

"Yea, well you don’t have to. I won’t let the jocks bash you”

“It’s not that” I paused, "Are you saying that you don’t want me to help you?” I smirked.

“No it’s not that” he stopped crossed his arms and let them hang at his sides. He didn’t look at me so I hugged him from behind.

“It’s easier this way” I whispered.

“I know” he whispered back. He turned around and looked down at me. “But I hate the fact that we can’t act like friends in school around people”

I pressed my lips together. “Ok, how about we hang out at the mall or something”

“Tomorrow?” he asked trying to hide a smile.

I nodded, “Yea, tomorrow is Saturday right?”

He nodded as he grinned. “Yay!” he jumped up and down.

I grinned back. “Let’s just get out of this crap” I said and pushed him down the corridor.

It’s been about a week and a half since that incident where I was feeling faint. Since then somehow Gerard and I just became close friends. It was like we’ve been friends for years and that we know each other so much now. Although Gerard’s friends give me weird looks and don’t like the fact that he’s hanging out with a popular girl that will brain wash him apparently but still as Gerard said I ignore them. We always go to the library and pretend that we’re going ancient history together but we always end up talking. So that was my excuse for spending time with Gerard.

I groaned when my front door knocked. It was Saturday morning and I was home alone because mum decided to go over a friend’s house. I knew it was Dan because I told him last night that I was going to hang out with Gerard the next day and he took it as if we were going on a date. Really ridiculous.

“Dan you didn’t have to come” I said when Dan ran into the house and up to my room.

“No time now Mel, we gotta get you ready!” he said in a hurry.

I ran after him after I rolled my eyes. When I reached my room he was throwing out all my clothing onto my bed. “Dan!” I yelled. “We’re just hanging out!”

“No honey”

“Why wont you understand that we are just hanging out AS FRIENDS!” I waved my arms in the air.

Dan threw some clothes at me. “Try those on” he clicked his tongue. “Honey you don’t know the things that I know”

"Like what?" i asked.

"Nothing, you dont need to know now" he bit his bottom lip and busily chose some other clothes.

I sighed and slipped off my clothes and put on the ones that Dan gave me.

“You look fabulous!” Dan grinned.

My eyes were half drooped as I stare at myself in the mirror. My blonde hair was sleek straight, my make up was heavy eyeliner but the rest was pale, I wore grey skinnies and an extra large purple shirt with some slogan on it. “Yes really nice now Dan”

“Now for your shoes, what would you like? Traditional chucks? Or ugg boots?”

“Chucks” I said remembering that Gerard always wears his.

“Argh!” Dan squealed like a girl when my front door knocked. “It’s Gerard!”

I rolled my eyes and tried to ignore my heart beating out of my rib cage. “Yes it’s him now quit squealing”

“But it’s exciting!”

“No it’s not” I stood up and walked to the door.

“Tell me all the goss when you come back”

I turned to him and stuck out my tongue.

“If you come back” he smirked.

“Oh fuck you!”

“You know that you're gonna fuck him!”

I groaned and shooed him away. Clearing my throat I opened the door revealing an awesome looking Gerard.

“Hi” I stuttered. Damn Dan for making me nervous.

“Hey” he smiled and stood up straight. “Ready to go?”

“Hmm” I nodded eagerly and closed the door behind me.

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