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The Headband

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A little bit of blackmail.

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The Headband

Vincent sighed heavily as he sat up on the couch in Cid’s room. They had been playing cards and drinking all night long. Untangling himself from his cloak, he removed the said item and threw in over the back of the couch. He yawned and his head throbbed horribly. Reaching up to rub his face, his hand ran over the headband still partly wrapped.

“Damn it.” He muttered out loud and he tried to pull it off. He hated when he forgot to take the band off. It always tangled in his hair. Wincing as he pulled, he finally gave up. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to get it off he made his way over to Cid who was sound asleep on the bed. Vincent could only laugh at the sleeping pilot. Cid was half way hanging off the top left hand corner of his bed, head touching the ground. His right arm was between the mattress and the box springs. Drool was dribbling out the side of his mouth and his left arm was through the neck of his shirt. Vincent let go of the headband leaving it to dangle and pull his hair. Digging in his pockets he found the wanted object. He flipped open the phone and placed the camera over Cid’s face. He flashed a few at different angle to get everything and saved them. Placing the phone back into his pocket he began to poke cid in the side.

“Cid. Wake up.” The pilot groan and tried to turn over causing him to fall the rest of the way out of bed. Angry azure eyes snapped open and looked at crimson accusing.

“I did not make you fall.” he said simply. Cid yawned loudly rubbing his face and trying to right his clothing.

“What’s up Vin?” Vincent squatted down beside him and held up the offending tangle.

“Help.” Smiling Cid sat up snorting.

“It’s not that funny chief.” Cid continued to laugh.

“Of course it is. Now I have some blackmail on you.” Vincent positioned himself his back to the pilot so that the aviator could work on the knot.

“You have no proo…f. Owch Cid!”

“Sorry. Fuckin’ things a bitch. Who cares if I don’t have proof they’ll believe me.” sighing the gunman put his face in his hands.

“Idiot.” his hands muffling it somewhat. Cid still hearing it pulled lightly on the tangle.

“Watch it sunshine.” he smiled as the tangle finally came loose. Vincent turned and kissed the pilot softly on the lips.

“Thank you Cid. I’ll go make you some tea.” Vincent winked at Cid as he went out the door. Cid now alone began to get up and stretch. Walking to the bathroom he heard the familiar ring of his phone. Turning he walked back grumbling.

“Who the hell is callin’ me.” picking up the phone he flipped it open and his jaw dropped. There was a picture of himself drooling in his sleep and text message underneath it. Here is my proof. Smiling Cid ran from the room and down the stairs. Vincent spotted the pilot as he came around the kitchen wall and made a dash out the door. The aviator put on a burst of speed tackling the gunman to the ground laughing. Straddling Vincent’s hips he leaned down and kissed him deeply.

“Do your worst.” he challenged.
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