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Chapter 23

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This chapter is very special to me because of who it has in it and I hope that you like it.

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We pulled into the driveway. I got a horrible feeling in my stomach. I knew exactly what it was…I didn’t wanna leave home. I hated it but I had always been a homebody and whenever I knew that I had to leave I got a horrible feeling in my stomach. One of the many flaws about me. “You ok?” Brooke asked as we got out of the car. “Ya I’m fine just having a hard time with having to leave.” I smiled weakly. “It’s ok I know how you have a hard time with that stuff, but I’m sure that once we leave you will have a good time.” she smiled. “Ya you’re right” I nodded.
“hey guys I’m gonna take a walk.” I said. “Do you mind if I go with you?” Joe asked. “No I guess not.” I shrugged. “Anyone else wanna go?” I asked. “I would go but I’m a little tired.” Nick yawned. “Ok well we’re off then.”
“So where are we walking to?” Joe asked following me out into the woods. “This special spot…there’s someone I need to say hi and bye too.” I said softly. “Ok.” Joe looked at me with wonder. We walked on and on for quite a while before coming to a gate in which I opened. I walked up to one of the headstones and sat down. “Hi Gram.” I whispered. Joe sat down beside me. “Joe this is Gram…” I bit my lip. No matter how hard I held the tears they managed to fall down my face. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t of even came here with you.” I said sobbing. “Aubrey don’t think badly of yourself for bringing me here.” Joe pulled me into a hug as I sobbed. I pulled away, “Joe I’ve never showed any of my friends this spot…” I said with tears still flowing. “Well then I’m honored to be the first friend here.” he smiled at me. Since I don’t think I could’ve handled anymore time there crying with Joe I decided we should go back. “Joe I’m ready to leave.” I said getting off the ground. “Ok.” he just nodded and silently followed me. “If you ever need to talk I’m here for you.” he said stopping at the gate. “Thank-You Joe.” I put my head down and we walked back to the house.
Denise and Mom were talking at the table completely in that whole mom to mom talks. “Hey I was wondering when you guys would get back!” Denise said finally looking away from my mom. “Well I kinda held us up” I sat down beside my mom. “Oh well that’s fine sweetheart.” Denise smiled at me. The clock ticked on for an hour while we all talked and discussed all that would be going on. “It’s three-o-clock doesn’t your flight leave at five?” Mom asked. “Ya I guess we should go pack everything.” I shrugged.
I stood alone in my room as I put things into a few suitcases. Belle, my dog, sat on my pillow and watched me pack things. “Oh Belle I don’t know whether to be hysterically happy or to be just down right miserable.” I sighed. “I mean I’m super excited to go off with the Jonas Brothers but what about my life? I just know everything is gonna change.” and I was right. Everything was going to change and whether this change would lean towards good or bad I was unsure but I had to take a chance.
I seen Brooke walk into the room. “Hey.” she said sitting down on my bed. “hey.” I said still a little off in thought. “So what did you and Joe do on the walk?” she asked. “Well actually I took him to the cemetery and I talked to Gram…and cried.” I said speaking in a soft voice. “What did he do?” she asked now more interested. “Surprisingly he handled it well.” I said putting one last shirt into my suitcase. “Well that’s good. But on to what I came back here for, its almost time to leave so you better go say your goodbyes and such.” she walked out of the room.
Of course the goodbyes sucked. I hated saying goodbye. My mom gave me about twenty hugs and then I managed to squeeze a hug out of Skyler, which he hated. I even got some hugs out of some of the other boys and then we got on the bus and left.
Some sadness came upon me as we drove away. I couldn’t help it I felt like I was chickening out on life and running away with the Jonas Brothers and Brooke. Honestly I just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be here or that I wanted to go back and run into my mom arms or anything but I felt guilty, like I was abandoning all my loved ones.
“Hey you ok?” Nick asked with a puzzled look on his face as I stared out the window in thought. “Nah I’m fine…” I could tell I didn’t sound all that convincing. “Oh come on I can tell you’re upset.” he said. “Well maybe just a little bit…it’s just I’m wondering if I made the right decision…you know?” I asked. “Ya I know what you mean it was hard for us all leaving New Jersey but it was definitely the right choice. Your just unsure right now but I promise it will get better.” he reassured me. “Ya you’re right Nick…thanks.” I said resting my head on his shoulder.
“Awe…” I heard Brooke saying in the background. “Oh shut up!” I said throwing a pillow at her. “Owe! Your mean!” she said laughing. “Ya and your not?” I said using my typical sarcastic voice. “No, no I’m not thank you very much.” she said. “Prove it.” I laughed. “Ok…Kevin!” she shouted. “What?” he asked walking into the ‘room’. “Am I mean?” she asked batting her eyes at him. “No…you’re like the nicest person ever.” he said completely lost in her eyes. “Ok he doesn’t count because you’re going all Jedi-Mind-Trick on him.” I said laughing. “I am not!” she said now not being able to keep a straight face. “ya that’s what I thought.” I smiled in victory.
Before I knew it the day was long gone and we were all on the couch watching TV. I was in the perfect spot, my head on Nick’s lap and my legs sprawled across Joe’s lap. I looked over in the “cuddle chair” (we named a chair the cuddle chair) and Brooke and Kevin were asleep all snuggled up and holding hands. God, could it get much cuter! I began to notice that I was sleepy and me being the lazy person I am I just went to sleep right there.


I heard a voice, “Come on kids its time to wake up we’re here.” it was Denise. I opened my eyes noticing that we had fallen asleep in the game room watching TV. I crawled off the couch. I let out a big yawn and stretched, my back hurt a little from sleeping on the couch. I got off the bus only to be completely amazed by the house standing right in front of me. This was the house:
“This is the house?” I asked in shock. “What sweetheart do you not like it?” Denise’s voice dropped. “Like it? I love it!” my eyes got as wide as they possibly could. Brooke and I high-fived lightly behind our backs. Paul walked up to the front door and turned the key…I was so anxious to see the inside. The door opened and it was like my dream home. Everything was perfect, all the rooms big and welcoming and the coolest staircase leading upstairs.
“Well you boys, girls, you may go pick your rooms but if I hear any fighting I will make you share rooms again. The boys made faces. Brooke and I ran up the stairs, me tripping about three times on the way up. Of course us being weird girls we got rooms right by each other. My room was perfect, it even had a balcony. I smiled as I looked around my new room, “perfect…” I sighed.


After Aubrey finally managed to get up the stairs we picked our rooms, of course right by each other. I opened my door and looked around the room and noticed the huge window in the wall. I walked over to it, “Awesome.” I said smiling. “You like your room?” I heard Kevin’s voice behind me. I turned around. “I love it! My old room didn’t even have a door.” I said thinking of always having to get dressed in the bathroom. Something caught my eye, a bathroom? Cool.
“Ya I’m just waiting till the guys pick their rooms. I don’t even want to fight over that with them.” he laughed. I walked over to him and leaned into a kiss. He grabbed my belt buckles and pulled me into him. I ran my hand through his hair as he rubbed his thumbs over a small patch of skin under my tee shirt. “Ahem!” I heard someone cough loudly, Aubrey. “Sorry to ruin the make-out session but I want Brooke to come see my room, you can have her back in like five minutes.” I laughed.


I dragged Brooke away from Kevin. “Thanks for ruining the moment.” Brooke joked at me. “I’m so not sorry.” I grinned. “You meany.” she made a sour face. We laughed. “Ok here’s my room.” I said opening the door. “Wow I think we got the two best rooms in the house.” she spoke looking around my room. “Awesome yours has a bathroom too!” she said. “Oh really? Cool.” I said looking into the uuhhhmazing bathroom. “Ok you can go back to Kevo.” I said. She rolled her eyes and went back to Kevin, probably to kiss him some more.
I turned around only to see Joe basically running into my room, “Guess what!?!” he asked loudly. “What?” I said. “My room is next to yours.” he grinned childishly. I shook my head, “Well Joe I am oh so happy.” I laughed. “I’m gonna look around your room now.” he stated. I decided while he was doing that I would go on the balcony.


I seen Aubrey walk out on her balcony, but I paid no attention. I looked around for a moment until I glanced up and seen the sun’s glow hitting Aubrey. I was stunned as her hair was lit up by the rising sun. I almost couldn’t help myself I wanted to be with Aubrey so bad it hurt but she was with Nick. I shook my head trying to shake out all the ‘bad’ thoughts and left the room.


When I walked back into my room Joe was gone. I hated to admit it but whenever Joe wasn’t around my world wasn’t quite as bright. Why on earth did I feel this way? The ‘old Aubrey’ still had major feelings for Joe just like she had the moment she found out about the Jonas Brothers but then there was this other part of me that loved Nick or at least thought she did. Why do I always have to have so many mixed emotions?
My thoughts were interrupted by Nick and Joe carrying some boxes down the hall, “Joe you have to actually hold it.” Nick huffed. “I am. Maybe you are just to weak to hold your side.” Joe said back. I walked out of my room. They were carrying a HUGE mattress to the Master Bedroom at the end of the hall that I assumed was Denise and Paul’s room. “You guys need help?” I asked. “No we’re good.” Joe said as he lifted more of the mattress. “Of course you actually work when someone else is around.” Nick mumbled. I just laughed.
Brooke and I walked outside to get some of our boxes. “I wonder what the school is gonna be like.” Brooke said but was interrupted by a girl our age walking up to us. “Hi I’m Chelcie, your new neighbor I live two houses away.” she smiled brightly at us. “Hi I’m Aubrey.” I said shaking her hand. “I’m Brooke.” Brooke said nodding her head since she was holding a box. “You guys want some help?” she asked. “Ya we would love some help.” I said relieved that someone would help us.
Chelcie had short brown hair that had almost been turned blonde by the highlights she had put in her hair. She had shiny blue-green eyes. I looked a little closer and noticed some freckles placed upon her happy face. She was about the same height as me, maybe a little taller.
“My room is up here.” I said pointing up the stairs. It was strange how it took about five minutes and Brooke and I had a new friend. “I absolutely love this house.” Chelcie commented. “Ya I know.” Brooke agreed as we sat down on my new bed. “Dude those are my socks.” I heard Kevin’s voice. “No they’re not.” Joe argued back. “You guys quit fighting its just a pair of socks.” Nick tried to calm the argument. I heard running footsteps as Joe ran into my room holding a pair of socks. “Joe you better give them back.” Kevin glared. “Why should I give you MY socks?” Joe questioned.
“Oh goodness! You are Joe Jonas and you are Kevin Jonas.” Chelcie said perky. “I am such a big fan.” she held out her hand to Joe. “Got them.” Kevin said snatching the socks from Joe. “Hey you guys mom said not to be to loud Frankie fell asleep.” Nick said walking into the room. “And your Nick Jonas.” Chelcie shook his hand too.
“Boys this is our new friend Chelcie she lives two houses away from us.” I said getting off my bed. “Nice to meet you.” they all said politely. “I am such a big fan, I even made my ex-boyfriend listen to you.” she laughed. “So I take it you guys will be going to CTHS, Celebrity Teen High School?” she asked. “How do you know about that school?” Kevin asked. “My ex-boyfriend goes there and he told me about it but I don’t get to go there.” she frowned. “Who’s your ex?” Joe asked. “Taylor Lautner, he played Shark Boy and he’s gonna be in the movie Twilight, he’s playing Jacob.” she said. “Awesome you went out with Shark Boy.” Joe grinned. “Ya…but Taylor has grown up since then.” she smiled. Her phone rang playing, ‘Say’ by John Mayer. “Hello …Ok… ya… I’ll come home now.” she hung up. “Well I got to go home.” she said. “Ok well we’ll talk to you later.” I said as she left.
“Awesome a John Mayer ring tone.” Kevin said. We laughed. “What?” he asked. “Nothing Kevo.” I said patting his back. “Whatever.” he shook her head. The evening passed super quick and before I knew it I needed to go to bed. “So what time does school start?” Joe asked. “At 9:00 am.” Kevin replied. “Really? How come it doesn’t start at 8:00 am like most schools.” I asked. “Because its for celebrities and they always get special treatment…especially the snobby ones.” Kevin said with a little disgust. “Well I’m going to bed.” I said. “Us too.” they all said and we all went off to bed. I rolled for a while because I had never went to a new school before and I was super nervous about having to but finally I feel asleep.
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