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The killing Lights

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we finally see what happened to make this guy crazy.

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As she struggled for air the girl looked back a few days earlier at 3am on the city street. She was walking and sucked in a mouthful of the sweet air, then smiled and walked into a restaurant. She sat down at a table with a boy, fully aware she would not be able to talk to her boyfriend when she got home that night.
Two hours later she was laying on the bathroom floor not even the least bit regretful at what she had done. She turned on the lights and looked in the mirror.
“Am I beautiful?” she thought.
“Am I usable?”
As she continued to think to herself she wondered if this other boy found her dreadful.
“Of course not” she reassured herself,
“If he found me dreadful then we would have been waking people up at four in the morning screaming.”
She got dressed and went back to her house leaving the other boy behind in his apartment. As she crawled into bed next to her boyfriend she began to realize what she had done in its entirety, but still didn’t regret it, so that night she smiled in her sleep.
The next morning after the boy left for work she panicked. She went to the kitchen and got a knife and ran to the bathroom. She turned on the killing lights by AFI so no one could hear her cry as the sink became glazed with blood.
That night she didn’t sleep at all, just merely rolled around the bed turning the pillow over in every direction.
After the boy came home the next day the girl told him everything and that she had no clue why she did it but she was sorry and she loved him. He screamed “Bull,” and ran upstairs.
At the funeral the other boy said to the person next to him, “ I guess outside the screams, such a pretty face will look dreadful.”
“Oh,” said the girl’s old boyfriend
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