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The Deal

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Bob makes a deal hopefully he won't regret.

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Gerard looked at the drummer, Bob looked stunned.

“Everything all right at home?”

Bob just sat there with a stunned expression on his face.

“Earth to Bob,” Gerard finally yelled “BOB!!!”

Bob shook his head as if to snap out of his daze.

“Everything okay? You look like you’re in shock.”

“I am.”

“What’s going on?”

“William Trenton, who happens to be one of the richest guys in the world, wants me to take on his two daughters and teach them about hardwork and respect for others, to the tune of two million dollars.”

“You told your mother to tell him no. We don’t need the money plus the inconvenience of having two girls around. I don’t think so.”

“Here’s the thing the money wouldn’t be for us. It would all go to charity.”

Frank gave a low whistle.

Gerard looked at Bob, “That’s a lot of fucking money.”

“Shit, think of all the good that will do,” said Frank.

“I didn’t know what to say, so I told her I would talk to you guys. I mean they’ll be under my supervision but it does affect all of us. Like Gerard says it’s a lot of fucking money.”

“Let’s have a meeting with everyone then,” said Gerard.

It was a quick decision and only took one vote. And though everyone might have to work a little bit harder so Bob could fulfill his duties, the answer was a resounding Yes. The band surrounds itself with like minded people as they knew that money would go to good use.

The next morning Bob called his mom and got the number for William Trenton. He wanted to meet him face to face with the band’s lawyer Stacey Fass and their manager Brian Schechter. They had certain conditions and wanted to know when. The band would be in Chicago on April 1st and he wanted to set up a meeting for then.

On April 1st the parties sat down in the offices of Trenton Industries to hammer out the details.

The three were escorted to a conference room and waited for William to arrive.

William looked at his monitor to see what he was facing. There was a man dressed in a suit with dark hair, piercings, and a tatoo on his neck and across his fingers. Across from him was a woman dressed in a dark suit, silk grey shirt, adorned by a string of pearls. Next to the man with dark hair was another man with short sandy blonde hair that was brushed over to the side. He had a piercing on the right side of his bottom lip and wore black jeans and a black zipped up sweatshirt with a hood. From the research he knew this was Bob.

He walked into room and shook hands with each as they introduced themselves. He asked his secretary to get them drinks and asked if she could call in Mark his attorney.

“Will your daughters be joining us today?” asked Stacy.

“Unfortunately, No. They are both as school Madison at University of Connecticut working on her third major and Elisabeth is at Phillips Academy in Andover Massachusetts.

“When would they be joining the band?”

“I was hoping sometime during the summer?”

“Right now we are working out a deal with Linkin Park to join in they're Projekt Revolution Tour. It’s rigorous to say the least. I don’t know if that environment would be best for your daughters,” said Brian.

“I think that would be perfect for them. They would meet a diverse group of people and see that you have to work hard and as a team to get through it all.”

“They’re to be on the band bus and are only to bring the essentials. No one gets to sit around and be lazy. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done on this tour and they have to earn their keep. We want their cell phones shut off, if you need to contact them call Bob. We’ll get you the tour dates as soon as we know them. Upon completion the monies will be sent to this bank account where the band will decide which charities get what. Are we clear Mr. Trenton?” asked Stacey.

“Here are my conditions, all six weeks have to be completed. If you quit Mr. Bryar then you will not receive one dime, even if you have completed five of the six weeks. If you touch either of my daughters in a romantic, suggestive or harmful way, the deal is off.”

Brian looked at Bob like is this guy for real?

Bob bit his lip ring before he spoke, “Mr. Trenton I just got out of a bad relationship I really don’t want to deal with one right now, and I have never or nor ever will harm a woman. It goes against everything I believe in.”

“I’ve did a background check on you and your band and you all seem like decent enough fellows. No drugs, girls or any of the other trappings of a rock stars. Let’s keep it that way until my daughters leave.”

“We’ve already been through that shit we have no reason to go back.”

“Why don’t we let Stacey and Mark here hash out the legal wording while I take the two of you to lunch?”

After lunch and the contracts were typed and signed.

They got back to the Allstate Arena and the rest of the band was waiting. Brian turned to Bob, “Do you really think you can pull it off?”

“I have a lot of people counting on me.”

“That Madison was a looker, you sure you can keep it in your pants?”

“I just got my heart broken real bad. It will be a cold day in hell before I’m interested in a girl like that again.”

The rest of the band looked at Bob, they all knew exactly what Ali did to break Bob’s heart.

William got on the phone with his secretary, “I’m going to spend the weekend with my daughters.”

He then turned to Mark. “Get the standard contracts for my daughters. Maybe this one will work out.”

“Yes sir.”
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