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It's Only a Crime If I Get Caught; It's Only a Line If It Gets Bought

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Aurora Jacobs goes undercover to find the truth behind Pete and Ashlee's wedding disaster that caused their breakup.

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So I did some editing to this story and it has been slightly revised. Aurora gives Pete her real name now, not her reporter name so she won't get caught! And any ideas for the scandalous (thanks to Gabe Saporta for teaching me to spell that) breakup? Post your ideas in a review! Now on with the revision and soon another chapter!

I'm Aurora Jacobs, People Magazine's best Celebrity reporter. Aurora Jacobs is my reporter name. My real name is Aryn Berkeley. By going undercover, I get the dirt and gossip that no other reporter can. I seem like a sweet and innocent girl, which I am by no means. Well I can be, sometimes. I get close enough for a Celebrity to divulge their secrets and then I print them. I am so smooth with it that they never even know it was leaked from my fingertips.

Today was the same as every other day in LA. I made my way from my amazing loft apartment along the beach, grabbed Starbucks, and walked to work. Walking always seemed to calm my nerves while I sipped Starbucks. Working in the media was very stressful and you always have a deadline to catch. I kind of run my show though, which is amazing and only because my boss could not live without me. My pay proves my point. I make just about as much as the editors there and I'm just a reporter.

I strolled into work right on time and greeted my coworkers on my way to my desk. What a mess, how did I ever find anything on it? I mean, I had post-its, photos, articles and other random office junk strewn everywhere. I am seriously the worst Virgo ever, so much for being anal and organized. Amy popped her head over the top of my cubicle wall.

"Did you hear?" Was all she said. Of course I had heard, who did she think I was? Sometimes she cracked me up at how innocent she seemed about my connections.

"About Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson's Wedding disaster? Of course!" I responded nonchalantly.

"I heard that a fight broke out or something and the wedding got called off in the middle of it. Think Helen will want you to cover it?"

"Probably, the whole breakup is really hush hush. One of my connections called me last night and she said that she didn't even know what caused the breakup and she was there!" My desk phone beeped. I pushed papers out of the way and pressed the key. "Yes?" I said in a sing-song voice.

"Aurora, can I see you in my office in 10 minutes?" Helen's voice rang through the little speaker phone.

"Of course, see ya," I said and disconnected the intercom call. "Well I guess I'll be going undercover again." I said with an evil little smile on my face. Something about going undercover excited me so much.

"Oh my god you are so lucky," Amy said, her voice laced with envy. She loved Fall Out Boy. I liked what she had played for me, but I wouldn't go out and buy a CD. "Pete Wentz is so hot too! I hate you." She joked and I just laughed.

"Come on, you know I'll dish everything to you, and maybe I'll get to bring you in on it." I said and she was instantly in a fit of teeny bopper shrieks. How was she a college graduate? I just shook my head and grabbed a pen and pad of paper for my meeting with Helen. "Well I'll leave you to acting 14 and get on with my workday," I teased and she threw a wad of paper at me as I made my way down the hall. I glanced over at the photo studio, which is where we did Celebrity photo shoots. If I was being assigned to the Wentz/Simpson breakup, then today was my lucky day. Gabe Saporta was the one having the photo shoot. I dodge his glance and kept walking. I did not need Pete's friend seeing me and warning Pete that I was an employee at People Magazine.

I walked into Helen's office a few minutes early and she was eager to begin. "I want the scoop on Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson. I don't care how long it takes or what you have to do. We need someone new to sell our magazines. Britney and Jessica don't do it anymore. We need scandal, we need actual facts, the inside scoop. Aurora, I know that you can do it and you won't let me down. If you get the scoop, I'm making you Celebrity editor. You'll get your own office and a hefty raise. Don't let me down." She warned. I've never seen her so greedy for a story, but I wanted all those promised things. I was ready to edit, to get to the top and hopefully own my own magazine someday. She turned her back to me and walked up to her window, which gave one of the greatest views of the LA skyline. I wanted this office, or at least one on this side of the building that is.

"I can do it Helen, shouldn't be too hard to squeeze in. If I work my way in with one of his friends, then there should be no problems with meeting him." I assured her. She turned to me and smiled.

"I knew I paid you way too much for something. I don't care how you get it, but I want it. I don't care if you have to sleep with him, just find out what happened at that wedding."

I always felt like a horrible person when I discussed my assignments with Helen. Then again, I loved the pay and the thrill of pretending to be someone else. I got to use a fake name and pretend that I worked somewhere else completely. Sometimes the magazine would get me a temp job at different places in order to get close to Celebs. I've worked at Starbucks (which caused my seriously guilty pleasure) and a few clubs in the past. Have I ever fallen for any of the guys that I research? Nope, never once. I've had to fake feelings and then get them to dump me after I got what I wanted. My dating list is pretty exciting, if I say so myself. Some of the big names include John Mayer, a couple of Backstreet Boys, some other random boy band guys, Collin Ferrell and the list goes includes a few more, but I'll keep those to myself.

It was easy for me to pretend because only a few things would be different. I would sometimes use my real name, but just change my job. I always wondered why Celebs never figured out how their secrets got out, but it's because they trust me so much and they all do still to this day. Not once have I been busted.

I returned to my desk to see Amy eagerly waiting. "Well?" She asked.

"We need to figure out where he goes, stalkerazzi time." I announced and she squealed for the millionth time today. I need to buy ear plugs.

"I'll get to work immediately and call our sources in the paparazzi." And with that she retreated to her cubicle almost skipping. I couldn't help but laugh at her. Once we did our research I would know where to meet him "by chance" and where to work.


So Pete Wentz is apparently a really nice guy, well, at least from all the research we can find he is. This is going to be too easy. He always walks his dog, Hemingway, to one particular Starbucks around 11 everyday. My plan? Bump into him and knock his coffee on the floor. And yes I know it could be dangerous, but I'll make sure I'm the one who gets burned if someone's gotta do it.

I made sure that I was dressed to catch his attention. I wore skinny jeans, an AP magazine t-shirt that hung off one shoulder, dark eye liner and my hair down and wavy. I will have to admit that I looked damn good. I waited across the street for him to walk over. After about 45 minutes he appeared, dogless. I waited a minute before walking into the Starbucks. I lifted my sunglasses off my face and pushed them to the top of my head. There he was as the cashier, ordering his drink that was soon to be spilt. He paid the cashier and walked over to the side to wait for his beverage. I stood in line made sure that I didn't make any eye contact. I was so ecstatic that the cashier was quicker than the barista making the drinks. As soon as I ordered, Pete's drink was ready. I walked towards the pick up station, digging in my purse and BAM! Pete's coffee fell from his hand as I slammed into his chest. I wasn't meaning to almost take him out, but at least I got his attention.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry! I really should have been paying attention." I said apologetically. I was only half serious with my apology, but I should really get paid to act.

"It's cool, your fine. I've done it myself," he said with that famous photo shoot grin of his. Wow, it was really breathtaking close up. I felt myself almost blush.

"Let... Let me buy you another one. Please?" I said and began picking up some of the mess I made.

"No, you don't have to." He said and walked up to the line.

"No I do, I almost took you out and I made you drop your coffee." I stood next to him in line. "I'm Aryn," I said smiling.

"Pete," he smiled back. He ordered his drink from the cashier and I paid. We walked over to the pick up station and my drink was waiting.

"This is me," I held it up and took a sip. "It was really nice to meet you Pete."

"You too, Aryn. Maybe I'll see you around," he said and smiled a closed lip smile.

"Maybe you will," I smiled and walked towards the door. I turned before exiting and our eyes caught each others. We smiled and I headed out into the sunlight.
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