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White Knight Fantasy

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The Doctor and the Master, losing each other through the centuries. Songfic.

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Notes: Ever Dream was written by Nightwish. Lines of dialogue are taken from Doctor Who.

Would you do it with me?
Heal the scars and change the stars
Would you do it for me?
Turn loose the heaven within

The idealist grasped the cynic's hands beneath the amber skies, eyes wide with dreams that defied decades, voice high with joyous anticipation. He wanted to change the world, and then he wanted to leave and change the universe.

"People just need help, sometimes, and we can give it to them! I'm tired of just watching, I won't do it, I won't just accept that they know what's best. I can't." The cynic smiled, and shook his head, and squeezed his friend's hands.

"You can't change Gallifrey alone." His voice was lower, tethered to reality, but something like hope glinted in his eyes, dying embers in a night breeze.

"We can," the other said fervently, softly, as he leaned forward. "Together, right? I know you don't like it either."

His companion looked unconvinced, but he didn't argue.

"And if…if it turns out we can't. If people are too stubborn, and don't want to open their eyes, then… Then we can just go."

I'd take you away
Castaway on a lonely day
Bosom for a teary cheek
My song can but borrow your grace

His words were met with a sort of bemused awe.

"You want us to be renegades?" The question earned a wide grin.

"Yeah. Why not? It would be fun." His eyes were the colour of alien skies, and they glinted like secret stars.

"Give those stuffy bastards something to talk about, anyway." The cynic threw his head back and laughed, just as the idealist knew he would.

"Give them a hearts attack, more like." His smile was cool, and his voice was warm.

"All right then, Thete. Let's run away together and heal the stars."

Come out, come out wherever you are
So lost in your sea
Give in, give in for my touch
For my taste for my lust

They lose each other before the day comes, and they are alone when they run.

The idealist flourishes, and the cynic breaks.

For a long time, the healer tries to put the pieces back together, no matter how it makes him bleed. He never forgets the boy who dreamt and fought and cried with him.

Sometimes he sees himself in the shards.

Ever felt a way with me?
Just once, that's all I need
Entwined in finding you one day

As the centuries pass, the search becomes futile. They are now the saviour and the killer, champions of life and death.

"It is enough that your champion is disarmed. As victor I beg you to be merciful!"

They cannot be reconciled. They both wonder, sometimes, if there is anything left between them but loss and bloodshed.

"You do not understand hatred as I understand it. Only hate keeps me alive. Why else should I endure this pain?"

They still cannot kill each other permanently, or directly. Affection and admiration are twisted together with disgust and infuriation.

"A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about."

Ever felt a way without me?
My love, it lies so deep
Ever dream of me?

Everything has its time, and everything dies. Hope fades, strength yields, love decays.

"Doctor, help me! I'll give you anything in creation! Would you show no mercy to your own…"

The idealist watches the cynic burn to ashes that will forever stain his hands. Both of them die here.

Your beauty cascaded on me
In this white knight fantasy

He has done what is right, and failed his oldest friend. This, too, haunts him as he struggles towards new life.

"No, my dear Doctor, you must die. Die, Doctor. Die, Doctor!"

For a moment, he wonders if it is a fair request. The thought burns like everything else and as he dies he decides that no, one of them must go on.
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