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Sleepy Slacker

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Its Health class, and Anne is with Aaron! But Aaron is being his typical self, and falls asleep. What will his dreams reveal?

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Aaron turned in his Health exam to the teacher and sat down, completly exausted. The easiness and the boredom factor of the test had drained him. He slumped down in the desk, and looked over to the desk on his left.
There she was. Reading the manga that Aaron let her borrow. Her hair was slightly in her eyes, but apparently she did not care. Aaron looked around the room. Some of people were still taking taking the test, some were asleep, but most were texting under the desks.
Aaron looked Anne's profile over. She was cute, in an almost surreal anime-way.
Anne suddenly looked up from the manga. She stretched and smiled at Aaron.
"That's a really good book," she whispered.
Aaron nodded, "yeah, haven't you heard of it before?"
Anne ran her hand down the spine of hte manga, "nope."
Aaron looked at Anne. She handed the manga back over. He pulled out his notebook and began to sketch to rid himself of his boredom and to get his mind off of the real-life anime girl beside him., but as he did his eyes started to slip closed.

"Karasu! You're such a dork! You know mom and dad won't like this." A girl with long jet-black hair and dog ears yelled at a greesy haired teenager. He had shoulder legenth black hair and violet eyes. He had a match box in his hand and at his feet was a red container of gasoline.
"Yeah, well Karin, I don't give a dog demons ass if mom and dad approve of what I am." I am a crow demon, and just becuse I was adopted into a dog demon family it doesn't mean I have to live like the dogs I was raised by."
"Yeah, well you're damn lucky mom and dad did."
Karasu rolled his eyes, lit the match and dropped it into the gasoline. With a loud roar, Karasu was engulfed in flames. Karin screamed and dropped to the ground. Flames tore through her clothes and nipped at her skin.
Karasu stepped through the fire to Karin.
"Crows are born under the element of air and fire, and we don't like being told what to do." he then walked away, leaving his sister to put out the fire by herself.

Aaron awoke to the bell ringing and Anne nudging at him.
"Hey, dork. Time for the next class."
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