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You have my Heart, you have my Soul

by Geets

Just another random one-shot I've been writing: it's Brendon's birthday soon and his girlfriend wants to celebrate.

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"Brendon, just go! I'll be fine!" I say forcefully.

"But... I don't want to leave you. Are you sure you're gonna be ok?" Brendon continues to hawk me annoyingly. I look away, throwing my hands up and organising my clothes scattered around the room haphazardly.

I sigh, and then I hold Brendon shoulders tightly, looking into his eyes. "You don't have to babysit me. Just because I don't live here... doesn't mean I can't occupy myself for a few hours." I offer a small smile to calm his protective nerves.

Eventually, he gives in. "Ok... If you need me, you know what my number is."

"I know. I have to get some homework done anyways. I can survive a few hours. Your house isn't that bad," I grin.

He rolls his eyes then kisses me sweetly on the lips. He says a quick goodbye before disappearing downstairs to meet his band mates. I shake my head at him then continue tidying up the very messy room. I was visiting Brendon for a few days, and since I didn't even live in the same state as him, he got a bit worried about me sometimes. I loved how he cared so much about me, but I just had to make him leave for his band practise today! If we couldn't live without each other, how would we live together?

Besides, I had plans of my own. His birthday was approaching and I wanted to go shopping. Keltie, Cassie and Hayley had all offered to take me, since their boyfriends wouldn't be around today either, and they were scheduled to be here about... now.

The doorbell rings. Right on cue. I run downstairs to answer the door. "Hey, guys." I motion for them to all come inside. "I'll just grab my bag, and we can go."

"So, was there anything you wanted to get today?" Keltie asks as we arrive at the mall.

I didn't honestly need a reason to go shopping, but I did have something in mind. "Yeah, I actually wanted to get something for, you know, Brendon's birthday."

"You haven't got him a present yet?" Cassie replies cheekily, poking me in the arm.

I roll my eyes. "Of course I have. I just... wanted to get something else. And get a girl's opinion on it, if you know what I mean."

"Oh," they all reply simultaneously, knowingly. I blush. I was still really embarrassed, but I wanted to do it anyway.

10 minutes later, I'm in a changing room, trying on a matching pair of scarlet underwear, unsure of myself. "Come on, are you ready yet? We want to see it!" Keltie calls impatiently. I hesitate before poking my head out of the curtain to see them all staring at me expectantly.

"Can we see?" Hayley smiles. I open the curtain nervously, just enough for them to see me but keeping myself covered from prying eyes. "Woah."

"Damn, you have a good body!" Keltie smirks. I blush a nice deep red colour, smiling cautiously. It matched the outfit well.

"You think so?" I look sceptical.

"Yes. Brendon is one lucky guy..." I laugh in a reserved manner, shivering and trembling.

I close the curtain. "Alright, I'll get it."

Brendon was due back at around 5 o' clock that night. So that only gave me a certain amount of time to make dinner, shower, get dressed, and litter the place with cheesy romantic sentiments. I had picked up a box of chocolate, some candles and rose petals while I was out shopping too. I figured Brendon was just cheesy enough for it.

I hear the key click in the front door and I hurry to put my long robe on.

"Hey, Jenna, I'm home," Brendon calls, slamming the door shut behind him.

"Hey," I call back. I slowly walk downstairs, catching a glimpse of him. He looks beautiful, if a little exhausted: he kicks off his Converses, leaving his black skinny jeans and a long, red t-shirt. His eyes sparkle lustfully when he sees me, and he shakes his fluffy hair from his face.

As I come to face him, he makes a move to pull me into a hug. "Hey," he repeats, speaking into my hair. I wrap my arms around his neck and rest my head on his shoulder, smiling beside myself.

"Did you have a good day?" I ask, pulling away and pointing towards the living room.

Brendon follows, saying, "Yeah, it was good. We got loads of ideas together today." Then he stops, looks at me with a raised eyebrow and adds, "Why are you wearing a robe?" He laughs slightly, confused.

"Oh, I was just in the shower," I lie quickly.

"But your hair's not wet," he states. I let out a frustrated sigh. Since when did he become a detective?

"I do my hair before I get dressed."

"Oh. Ok." Brendon pulls me towards him and kisses me softly. His lips are moist but desperate for the contact. I couldn't complain: it turns out it was harder spending the day without him than I thought. He tilts his head and presses his lips against mine more firmly and I moan quietly in response. I snake my arms back around his neck, my hands flitting through his hair.

Brendon begins licking my lips, opening them and forcefully pushing his way into my mouth. Of course I don't stop him. Instead I lick his tongue with mine, smiling. Everything he does is so relaxing, it's almost intoxicating. As he continues to explore my mouth, my arms tighten around him involuntarily. Then he does something I didn't expect: he trails his hand further down my hip to my thigh, grabbing my leg roughly around my knee and bending it up. I'm shocked but I don't detach my lips from his; I just comply with what he's doing. I wrap my leg around his waist helpfully and he smirks against me. I stroke down his back and kiss him harder to try and show how much he means to me, and how much I loved this.

A few minutes later of heavy kissing, he breaks away from my lips and breathes quickly. He stares into my eyes passionately and smiles, before I return the gesture. I unwind my leg from around him, still not saying a word.

Instead, Brendon is the first to say anything. "So, uh, do you want to go upstairs?" He asks as if he's a shy 16 year old. I giggle at him.

"Yeah..." I take his hand in mine and guide him up the stairs, occasionally looking back to see his wide eyes and gorgeous smile. It makes me beam inside.

Once we get to his bedroom, I push the door open and drag him inside. But he stops. He has a bewildered look on his face as he looks around the room, acting as though it's the first time he ever saw this room.

"Oh my god..." he mumbles. The room was filled with coloured candles burning by the walls, and the bed was covered in rose petals, a box of chocolates laid in the middle. I had some soft, soothing music playing in the background. Brendon smiles goofily as he looks around, then finally allowing his eyes to rest on me. "Did you do all of this?"

I nod as a response. I face him seriously, rubbing his arms gently, and I say, "I just wanted to do something nice for you. It is your birthday soon anyways."

"It's lovely," he replies in a small voice. Clearly, he had understood the gesture for the loving meaning I had meant.

I can't handle the intensity of the situation, however, so I say, "I didn't know how much counts as corny."

He laughs back and says, "It's the perfect amount." He slips one hand onto my waist lightly and kisses me once again, much more innocently than earlier. It's so tender I melt in his grasp.

I pull away from him to tell him something I had promised myself that I'd say. "I wanted to show you how much I love you, for being... you. I realised that I don't say it enough, and there was no better time to do it." I restrain from the urge to cry, since I can see his eyes welling up slightly with tears that don't fall. Our emotions were obvious to each other, without saying a word. I continue gazing into his deep, dark eyes as he stares back. He blinks slowly, his eyelashes fluttering beautifully.

He lifts an arm silently and brushes back hair that wasn't even in my face. "I love you," he whispers to me, almost afraid that his voice would break. All I can do is smile back weakly and lean into his warm body. But instead, he pushes me back into the door behind me and pins me between his arms. I narrow my eyes at him and the beginnings of smirk play around my lips. He forces his lips upon mine, sucking at any piece of skin he can reach, before he leaves me panting and begging for more as he devours my cheek, my jaw, my neck. I can't help but let my head fall back and bang against the door, or let my eyes roll back, or whine loudly and claw at his back.

Brendon lets me out of his intoxicating grasp, only to pick me up and lead me over to the bed. As he does so, my robe slips apart and he catches sight of my bare legs and lingerie. "Oh... So that's what you've been hiding..."

I feel my cheeks burning up again and I slap his arm. "Shut up."

"Hey, hey, you're the one wearing it." I stick my tongue out at him because I'm pretty helpless whilst being carried by him; in return he gently lowers me onto the springy mattress, avoiding the chocolates well. He gazes down at me for a short moment and then he hovers over my body. "Can I see then?" He looks mischievous and he's back to using his childish voice. I whimper quietly and shake my head.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I was with Brendon Urie: he promptly opens his glassy eyes widely and pouts, tilting his head to one side, pleading, "Please?" Who can resist that adorable face?

I compromise by saying, "Take your shirt off first." Before I can take a breath, he strips off his shirt and throws it across the room, precariously close to the candles. He makes a face and turns his attention back to me, smiling pompously.

"Damn you..." I mutter under my breath, not taking my focus away from him, or his naked chest. Slowly, painfully slowly, he drags his hands down to untie the rope and slides the thin material off my arms. He leans back on his haunches to see me properly in the lace-adorned red lingerie.

"You really are beautiful, you know that?" he tells me after a short silence.

"Prove it," is my only reply. Brendon immediately starts kissing the life out of my collarbone after he gives me a sassy look. His body is pressed against mine and his hands stroke up and down my sides softly. My hips rise into his involuntarily, my arms tightening around his waist. He comes back up to meet my lips and his body begins to grind against mine. We move together, kissing desperately, and I can feel him very prominently, even through his jeans. Firmly twisting my hair around his fingers, he licks so far down my throat I feel as though I'm going to be sick. It's like he is literally sucking my face off.

Eventually, he draws away from me, breathing very heavily, and he frantically fiddles with his belt and his zipper. I laugh at him but he just flashes his eyes at me darkly, so I help him to push the pants down his skinny legs. Next he pulls me up slightly and discards the robe I was lying on top of, and then he returns to lying on top of me, except that I flip us over this time.

But Brendon groans. "Ouch." I had forgotten about the chocolates. "Sorry," I say sympathetically as he reveals the box from under his back. I take it and reach over to the bedside table and drop it on the wood. I lean down and start licking around Brendon's ear; meanwhile, he swiftly unhooks my bra and throws that somewhere I can't see. He holds my breasts firmly in his hands and massages them gently. I stay leaning over his body, unable to focus on anything specific, especially not kissing his skin, and I moan loudly and unwillingly when Brendon cranes his neck over and sucks at one of my nipples, pinching the other between his fingers. "Oh... god, Brendon..."

He rolls us over when I'm not even paying attention and he begins making a trail of kisses down my stomach. I simply lie on the comfortable bed, stuck in a state of bliss, allowing him to do as he pleases, which, at that moment in time, apparently involved caressing my skin and making me very wet. Groaning softly again, I tangle my hand within Brendon's long, fluffy hair, tugging subconsciously when he slips his fingers underneath the hem of my underwear. He grins up at me before sliding them off completely and kissing mere centimetres from my clit; my body shivers at the intimate touches, yet I feel paralysed.

Snapping myself out of the trance, I gasp, "Woah, Brendon, hold up."

"What's wrong?" Brendon asks, confused, looking down into my eyes.

"I... It's just - erm..." I smile, trying to make up for my loss of words. He brings a hand down to my face and strokes my cheek firmly but lovingly. After that, I sit up on the bed with him still sitting in my lap and I pull down his boxers slowly but confidently. I can feel him shake from the dragged out movements. As soon as they finally join the other discarded clothes on the floor, his body covers mine: I feel his lips dominate mine and I feel his hard dick lying between my legs. I squeeze my thighs together, earning a nice deep moan from Brendon.

"God, I... need to... fuck you," Brendon whispers out between kisses and deep breaths. He begins moving his body up and down mine. I clasp onto his back in an attempt to stop from losing it. Sweat begins to mingle between our bodies, making it that much easier to move together. His head is buried deep into the pillow above my shoulder, but I can feel his hot breath on my ear.

He pulls away from me eventually, stilling his movements, only to calm himself down as he lines his dick up with my hole. When I feel him softly poke me without actually entering, I gasp and my body stiffens. Brendon merely smirks in response, saying in a dangerously low voice, "You ready?"

Our eyes lock playfully but no words are spoken. I roughly grab his ass and pull him towards me so that he is fully seated inside my body; his eyes are wide in surprise at my sudden movements. His only reaction is to begin thrusting powerfully into my body and my head falls back immediately from the odd discomfort battled by pleasure. As he settles into a comfortably rhythm, he crouches over my body to kiss me once again but this new angle made him hit the perfect spot. "Oh! Fuck..." I moan very loudly, bucking my hips up towards his. He groans too, presumably from the pressure I was putting onto him. Holding onto my hips, he continues fucking me in that exact spot, making me writhe and cry out beneath him. He had never fucked me with so much passion before; he'd never found the perfect angle so quickly.

To add to the intense situation, he rests one of his hands on my breast, squeezing and massaging once again, and he moves the other hand down my body and presses a thumb firmly against my clit. Now that made me scream. "God... Oh, god!" I cried, biting onto his shoulder to stop from deafening him.

"Jenna, you look... you feel... so amazing," Brendon growls. He's starting to really pick up his pace, slowly losing control of his actions as everything feels so incredible. I wrap my legs around his waist carefully to make our bodies more connected and he smiles in approval of the new position. He slides his hands over every piece of skin he can get to, tickling down my spine and cupping my ass in his strong hands.

Moments later, I can feel my orgasm building up inside me. "Harder," I beg to the dishevelled man above me. I want him to fuck me so hard I still feel it in the morning. Apparently he understood this feeling because he starts sucking, licking, biting at the skin on my neck and it just turns me on more.

"Baby, cum for me..." Brendon mumbles into my neck. He brushes my hair back with his hand and stares directly into my eyes as I take short, shallow breaths, riding out my orgasm. He continues thrusting in and out of my tight, clenched entrance but soon enough, Brendon is moaning and chanting things incoherently as he cums too, slowing down his pace until he finally collapses onto me. If he weren't so skinny, he would probably squash me.

"That... oh god, that was incredible, Bren," I gasp, trying to catch my breath.

"I know..." Brendon is resting his head comfortably on my shoulder and I wrap my arms around his waist. He hasn't pulled out of me and he has no intention of doing so tonight, because I'm not going to let him.

"I love you, Jenna, thankyou... for all of this," he says lucidly.

"I love you too," I whisper, stroking the skin on his back gently.

--- --- ---

So, yeah, I started writing this ages ago, like, when Panic were still recording Pretty. Odd. :O

I hope you like it. Reviews are so awesome, they're like making me high on Cadbury's chocolate Fingers. :-D
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