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Space Cabin Fever

by darkinferno

When the AC on the outlaw star breaks, Jim Hawking, a Ctarl in heat and an uncomfortable bed make for a very interesting mix...

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Space Cabin Fever

AN: This story is dedicated to my good friend Adam in celebration of his 18th Birthday.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Outlaw Star and am making no profit from this Fiction

Hot. It’s so hot… Jim Hawking rolled over in his cot, tossing the remaining bed sheet aside as he went. Sleeping nude has almost been a necessity due to the heat yet even with no layers of clothing covering his body; he was sweating so much that the sheets were sticking to his skin.

One week ago, the Air-conditioning of the XGP had broken and before the boy genius could fix the damn thing; the crew had been given a job to deliver some cargo to a trader in the Salariun System. While Gilliam had advised that the AC should be fixed before the trip, Gene had ignored the AI and insisted that it could wait until they get back and they needed to get the job done quickly so they could spread their name and pay off Fred.

However, the temperature had almost tripled an hour after take off and with the control panel for the conditioning system in the engine room; their was nothing they could do to stop it without being fried to a crisp. However, It wasn't that the Outlaw Star was very hot; it was actually much cooler than some of the Planet’s Jim had stayed on since he and Gene got the XGP three years ago. But then again it wasn't the heat that was killing him, it was the humidity. Everything was so sticky.

Knowing that Aisha was only a few rooms down the hall wasn't helping, either. Jim couldn’t explain it maybe it was the heat, his teenage hormones or maybe even some kink he may have for the more physically mature woman; but he had been really attracted to the Ctarl-Ctarl recently.

So here he lay, perspiration and humidity causing his nude form to stick to the matrice as fantasies began swirling around in his mind although he was trying to think of something else. Anything other than the gorgeous cat girl just down the hall. It wasn’t really working all that well though and Jim could swear he was listening to Aisha’s moans through the space ship’s walls.

With a groan, the blond teen rolled onto his side. This was driving him crazy and Jim was sure that if he had to put up with this for another week; he’d be a nut.

Goddamn hormones…it's Aisha for fuck sake! She isn‘t even human! This isn't natural he scolded…

Still, his fully hardened arousal didn't seem to want to listen. The urge to screw the tempting Ctarl had been coming more often than not ever since he went through puberty. It had all began about three months after the Galactic Leyline that he’d developed a small crush for the cat girl although it felt more like an itch the teen couldn‘t scratch. Unfortunately, as he developed so did the crush.

Rolling back over onto his back and running a hand through his messy blond hair, Jim decided that if he was ever going to get some sleep he‘d need to cool off. Glancing over at his bedside clock before thinking sarcastically ‘Great‘, it’s glowing red face reading ‘02:00’. He had tossed and turned, fantasizing about Aisha for three whole hours.

Standing with a tired groan, Jim pulled on a pair of old jogging bottoms, not really caring that they weren’t’t washed from the last time he he’d worn them before stretching his arms over his head as a small yawn finds its way out of his mouth.

Walking out of his room, Jim suddenly felt as if he had stepped in an oven and had to grab the door frame to stop from collapsing of heat stroke. Glancing both ways down the hall, the blond teen wasn’t surprised to find no one else was awake at the ungodly hour; even Gene had taken to sleeping before midnight since he and Melfina decided to try and have a relationship.

However, it seemed Jim wasn’t the only one still awake as above the gentle hum of the Outlaw Star’s engine, he was sure he could hear a faint moaning sound; almost like a cat in pain…


Peering down the hall, Jim could clearly make out that the Ctarl-Ctarl’s bedroom door was slightly ajar.

Rational thought dictated that he should just ignore the odd sound and just get a drink then go back to bed, it wasn’t any of his business and besides Aisha was easily capable of taking care of herself. However, Jim was naturally the concerned type and felt he had to check on his friend; just to make sure she was alright…

Walking as quietly as he could along the hall, his blood beginning to boil and not just from the heat as Jim knelt down and peered through the darkness into the cat girl’s room; the sight that greeted him making his eyes bulge in fright.

The small room was dimly lit; colourful candles that were filling the room with scents the teen didn’t recognize were the only source of light. Their strange perfumes of exotic fruits and flowers were burning into Jim’s mind and clouding his senses; stopping his eyes from immediately adapting to the soft light.

Jim swallowed down the gasp that threatened to spill across his lips and screwed his eyes shut before opening them slowly, expecting to see what he thought to be a trick of the light had vanished. Surely his eyes were playing tricks on his mind. . .

But no, sure enough, Aisha Clanclan was lying on her cot with nothing covering her gorgeous body; her head was pressed into the soft pillow with her eyes shut, hiding her dark green irises and lips slightly parted. Her hair ring glinted on the floor near the bed, her long locks of cream coloured hair were loose from the usual tie and pulled softly across her right shoulder.

One of her delicate hands was fondling her left breast, her slender fingers playing with her hardened, dusky brown nipple, pinching the bud till it almost hurt before using a few strands of her silken mane to tease the nipple and send a shiver running down her spine.

The soles of her feet were pressed flat together so that her thighs fell widely apart, fully exposing her glistening folds to Jim’s view. Then licking his lips, he watched the cat girl’s other hand travel down to her heated core; her fingers parting her wet folds and pressing lightly onto her clit; rubbing her sensitive nub with increasing speed.

Eventually she slipped two of her slender fingers into her tight passage and let out a sensuous moan while bucking her hips up against her skilled digits; she could feel her hot fluids flowing out of her womanhood and coating her fingers. Aisha’s tongue snaked out to moisten her lips as her fingers made long, slow strokes through her folds and Jim could almost see the instant her breath quickened from the sensation by the subtle change in the rise and fall of her breasts.

Jim could only watch in awe as his gorgeous comrade was pleasuring herself, he had never seen something so hot in all his life and considering he had been Gene‘s partner for the better part of a decade; that was saying something. During their short stay on the Hot Springs Planet Tenrei, he had had the chance to glimpse the cat girl’s perfectly defined body and had not forgotten her flawless skin and sinuous curves; but this was far better. Furthermore the soft noises of pleasure she was making were like a tantalizing music for his ears.

Across the room, the teen listened as Aisha made feline like groans and moans of pleasure as she plunged her fingers inside herself, occasionally whispering words that Jim couldn’t quite make out. But what happened next the teen hadn’t expected…

Her hips began bucking in time with her thrusts and the blond teen was close enough to watch as the powerful muscles in her thighs and stomach clenched and contracted. Shoving her arm in her mouth and biting down on the limb to silence her moans, Aisha released a feral roar as she climaxed on her hand.

Panting hotly as she came down from her climax, Aisha took a second to stop the motions of her hand before removing the digit from her depths. Jim could see her fingers glistening in the dim candlelight.

Before she brought her fingers to her lips and seductively licked her essence off of her fingers; like a cat with a saucer of milk .

“Wanna have a taste, Jim?”


It took several seconds before the fireworks began to fade from her view and Aisha was able to see again. Unfortunately, along with her sense of felling also came the sensation of burning lust blazing in her loins.

Gasping for breath, the Cat Girl took in long briefs of air, inhaling the familiar scent’s of her home worlds plants; courtesy of the candles she had dotted about her room. Although they added a somewhat surreal charm to the atmosphere; Aisha had actually bought the colourful decor for moments when she felt particularly home sick. Even the mighty Ctarl-Ctarl could be sentimental…

However, any thought’s of her home world vanished quickly from the cat girl’s mind as she caught the scent of something different in the air. Something that had the sent of arousal mixed with a faint hint of engine oil….


Pretending to have not noticed the teen’s scent, Aisha slowly opened one of her eyes; it was just a crack but it allowed her to see anything. Despite the dim light, her keen eyes had no trouble picking Jim out of the darkness.

It was strange but at that moment, even the sight of him sent shiver’s of ecstasy across her nerves. Of coarse this wasn’t the first time she'd seen him, you can't exactly live with a guy for as long as they had and not see each other. But this time it was different; today Jim looked... hot.

Well, it wasn’t just today. In the last few years, Jim had undergone a major growth spurt and was now easily as tall and well built if not better than Gene. And to see him standing their, dressed in only a pair of sweet pants seemed to accentuate his usual cuteness and amplifying it into absolute gorgeous.

At that second, Aisha came a decision; she wanted Jim and she wanted him now.

Feeling the desire to tease the teen a little, she brought her fingers to her lips and seductively licked her essence off of her fingers; moaning at it’s sweet taste and the feel of her rough tongue against her slender digits. Smiling to herself as she heard the blond gasp quietly.

“Wanna have a taste, Jim?”

The cat girl didn’t know where that offer came from, she only knew it was the stupidest thing she had ever said. Jim may look more like Gene as he got older but he defiantly didn’t act like the red haired outlaw and would surely get out of the room as soon as possible.

At her proposition Jim’s eyes widened and his heart stopped, frozen with fear he pressed himself against the wall; waiting for the sound of Aisha’s approaching footfalls as she prepared to kick his ass. However he couldn’t deny that it was a really attractive proposal as the woman had curves like no one he'd ever seen in his life. Closing his eyes, Jim tried to remain in reality as his mind pictured the chocolate skinned Ctarl lain out naked before him. His struggle was in vain however and Jim know that his hormones were going to win this argument.

Jim’s silence was killing Aisha, she couldn’t understand why the teen hadn’t taken her up on her offer; any male or the occasional female Ctarl-Ctarl would have been on top of her by now and wouldn‘t of waited for an invitation before they started fucking her into unconsciousness…

However, the Ctarl’s thoughts were cut short by the creaking and squeaking of her door opening fully and then a echoing bang as it shot. Opening her eyes fully, she was overjoyed to see Jim standing within her door; the closed steel door behind him almost completely covering his body in shadow until only the blazing lust inside his blue orbs was clearly visible

She laid motionless on her bed, waiting; Ctarl instinct telling her to let the male make the next move. Finally the dark skinned beauty heard him and her heart skipped a beat in her excitement as the sound of his bare feet on the cold metal floor echoed through the room.

Jim’s heart was beating faster than a pirate messenger and he had trouble to stay on his feet as he walked across the small room. His mouth watering as he reached the bed before gently taking her offered hand and bringing it to his lips, taking two of her slender fingers into his mouth and licking her bittersweet nectar from her digits; never once breaking eye contact with her.

My god, this is sweeter than anything I‘ve ever tasted… Jim thought before acting like a man who hadn’t drank in a century and used his tongue to hungrily sweep her fingers for any remaining taste of the creamy fluid.

Moaning at the sensation of his tongue swirling around her nimble finger’s, Aisha suddenly groaned in disappointment before withdrawing her fingers from his damp orifice. Jim was about to protest when a look from the cat girl silenced him; obviously she had something else in mind than giving him a midnight snack.

Grinning toothily at the boy’s confused look, Aisha took a moment to admire his rugged good looks before leaning down and linking her luscious chocolate lips to his thin ones.

Feeling her warm lips against his own, Jim didn’t even consider resisting the gorgeous Ctarl; his hands nervously snaked around her hips and pulling her enticing form closer to his body. Gleefully sensing his change of attitude, with predatory grace Aisha moved her hands behind his head, her fingers tangling in his blond locks as her lips parted; allowing their tongues to meet in a heated duel.

The passionate dance between their tongues went on till they had to break the lip-lock to breath.

Licking her lips to savour her comrade’s masculine taste, the Ctarl officer then seductively but gently bite his lower lip while looking intently into his light blue eyes before completely separating from his lips. After that passionate kiss Jim’s mind had gone numb, his senses were flooded by her sweet scent, by her hot-blooded form pressed against his and his view was fixed on the bright feline emerald pools that were the only things he could actually see now that they were nose to nose.
Slowly her hands slid up and down his back, scraping his skin with her nails and making him shiver under her touch before Aisha suddenly pushed Jim on his back; so that now he was laying on his back with a very aroused Ctarl straddling him, her bright emerald eyes shining with pure lust. Aisha was staring down at him like a Predator would gaze down on her prey before the kill; her deep chocolate lips curling back into a mischievous smile that made him wonder weather he should moan or cower.

The Ctarl officer sat comfortably on her soon to be younger lover’s hard abs, her heightened senses allowing her to almost sense the sexual tension building up in the atmosphere surrounding them. In her opinion, Jim was the sheer definition of perfection; his body was strong and flexible and although he was thin Aisha loved him all the more for it. She had never been the type of cat girl who liked men with fake, pumped muscles; to her they looked absolutely ridiculous.

Bending down, she placed a light kiss on his lips before pulling away and staring down at him with a predatory glint shinning in her emerald pools. When the sudden feeling of his strong hands gripping her ass struck her, Aisha’s smile grew and she lightly scrapped her talons along his chest; drawing out a long hiss from Jim as her nail drew over his flat nipple. Suddenly her smile grew devious and Teen couldn’t help but worry, remembering just how feral the Ctarl could get when she was excited before calming as she bent down and blew against the scratched area; deepening his hiss and turning it into a low groan.

She continued to blow against Jim’s nipple until his eyes fluttered shut then getting an idea she dropped her mouth down and slid her tongue over the hardened flesh. At the sensation of the rough, wet muscle rubbing against his sensitive flesh; Jim’s eyes flew open and he bucked his cloth covered erection up against her. Keeping her eyes locked with his, Aisha suddenly bite down on the bud before pulling back to blow against the area, making Jim groan and bucked his hips up against hers. This time both of them let out a low moan.

Grinning with excitement, Aisha pulled back from his defined chest and at a teasingly slow pace she moved her mouth down his stomach and to his abdomen before pulling away and sitting back on her heels between his knees. Licking her lips, she looked down and contemplated the bulge in his pants for a moment before closing her eyes and taking in a deep breath before finally sliding down between his legs. The soft cotton of his training pants brushing her skin and sending a shiver of pleasure down her spine as her breasts rubbed against his legs, letting her enjoy the friction against her hard, sensitive nipples.

With an excited finger, she slowly traced the outline of his stiff cock through the fabric before drawing back in surprise as it twitched in response. Suppressing a giggle, Aisha decided to take pity on Jim and untied the drawstring on his pants before tugging them down his legs; freeing his swollen organ out from its restraints and exposing his manhood to her greedy eyes.

Trying to relax, Jim closed his eyes in an attempt to block the image of the cat girl crouched between his legs as she stared down at him; he was so aroused that perhaps just a simple touch from her slender fingers would make him cum.

Slowly, her lithe fingers reached out and wrapped around his length, grinning as she heard him let out a grunt of pleasure, she could feel his shaft pulsing in her grasp as her thumb lightly pressed on his sensitive tip; enjoying the feeling of his pre-cum on her skin. Gasping in surprise as her hand started to stroking him from the base to the head, Jim bucked his hips into her hand before his eyes suddenly shot open; caught off guard by the feeling of her hot wet lips on his skin.

Transfixed, the teen could only watch on in delight as Aisha began kissing and licking his length like it were a sugar cane before the creamy haired temptress took him into her mouth, slowly letting his length pass through her chocolate lips. Her sharp canines lightly scrapping across his skin and every time she inhaled; Jim could practically sense his manhood pulsing inside her hot, damp orifice.

Even by Ctarl standards, Aisha couldn’t help but admire how much larger than most other men Jim was and it was a little difficult getting his length in her mouth. One of her hands reached out and grasped the base of the teen’s member, steadying it as she began bending up and down on him while beginning to massage the exposed skin of his shaft; applying a light pressure with her forefinger and thumb that made him groan louder.

“That’s it! That’s it Aisha! Oh suck me harder! It feels so good!” Jim moaned, his head falling back with his mouth dropping open; vocalizing his pleasure with A series of low moans and gasps escaping the teen as she pulled back, her tongue circling around the head of his cock and squeezing it tightly before taking all of his length back into her mouth once more.

To Jim, her mouth and throat felt like hot satin around his skin as his dick slid back into her depths. It was so tight, wet and so fucking hot that his mind quickly went blanked as Aisha’s nose buried in his crotch. Shivers ran up his spine and along his nerves as she swallowed then breathed out hot air across his skin and there was suddenly an pleasurable friction as his dick moved in deeper; down her throat.

Gasping in pleasure, Jim looked down to see Aisha grinning up at him devilishly as she gulped his cock down her throat; sending sweet oblivion surging through the blond teen. His consciousness was slipping untilled noticed nothing but the nerves bundled within his member, unleashing white-hot sensations from deep inside the base of his dick down to the very tip. The end was exquisitely sensitive, and every time it bumped against the back of Aisha’s throat, a wave of pleasure shot through him. However, Aisha need more, “Now…”

At the sound of her muffled voice around his cock, Jim looked and watched her through half-lidded eyes, his dark blue orbs meeting her dark green irises. “I’ll take care of yours...” the cat girl muttered seductively with her mouth still full of his cock. “If you take care of my end”

Aisha then proceeded to turn around on top of him, resting a knee on each side of his ribs as her legs continue to rise up his body until her centre was finally resting over his head. Licking his lips as he stared up at her moist womanhood; taking in the delicious sight as the thick aroma of her arousal screamed at his mind, flooding his senses and telling Jim to pleasure her.

Nervousness spread through him as realised what she wanted but the memory of what Aisha got like when she was impatient was enough incentive for the teen not to argue. Tightly gripping the fleshy mounds of her ass, Jim used his hands to bring her abdomen closer to his mouth and squandering no more time, the teen’s tongue darted out from his hot orifice, sliding out and flicking over her clit. Vaguely, he heard the Ctarl gasp and the vibrations it caused around his cock made Jim moan in turn before his powerful muscle flicked her clit again, teasing the sensitive nub.

Her young lover’s motions and the bittersweet taste of his pre-come made Aisha feel as if she were burning alive from her desire and she returned to pleasuring his manhood. Although her motions had been slow and sensual to begin with now her hands were barely touching him at all.

Not wanting to be outdone, Jim’s tongue dipped into her entrance; making Aisha’s hips buck against him. Although unsure of what to do as it was his first time, the teen began to tease her folds by lightly brushing his tongue over her clit and coming dangerously close to sliding fully inside of her, but he never did. The taste of her natural lubrication was flowing down his tongue and into his awaiting mouth; making Jim almost cum right then and their just from the sheer deliciousness of the thick substance.

“Oh, yeah… fuck, Jim!” Aisha moaned, releasing his hard cock from her mouth as she cried her pleasure to all those who happened to be in earshot as the blond’s tongue danced inside her tight passage. She was now in a state of pure bliss and was now regretting not having him go down on her in all the time they‘d know each other till now. For a virgin he was absolutely awesome, she couldn’t believe how loving he was being with her; all Ctarl men she had been with had always wanted nothing more than to screw her as if she were nothing more than a piece of meat. All that had mattered to them was their own pleasure.

Jim was different. The kid had always tried to please everyone else; as if he were some sort of very short fifty year old father of six when instead he should of been a carefree child who just wanted to play with friends. And although she had always playfully chastised him for it, the Ctarl officer couldn’t help but whish that she would end up meeting a guy who would care for here in the same way that the little blond human did.

Redoubling his efforts as he and the rest of the universe within a five hundred light year radios heard Aisha moan his name, Jim’s tongue slips past her pussy lips, delving deep into her entrance. As he probed deeper into the hot depths, the teen’s nose began lightly scrapping against her clit as he massaged the velvety flesh of her inner walls with his tongue. His confidence growing as it became blatantly obviously he was doing something right; her moans were increasing in volume with every passing second.

Relaxing her throat, Aisha slid her mouth down around his cock, taking his entire length inside her and making Jim groan in ecstasy; the vibration’s exciting her further and driving the cat girl that much closer to her peak. “Jesus, Aisha!” Jim moaned as she plunged her warm mouth down on his cock and moaned around him while her hand travelled down; cradling his ball sack in her skilled fingers.

The blond haired outlaw eagerly thrust his tongue in and out of his gorgeous partner’s hot slit; the enticing scent of her lush honey was pervading his nostrils and making him even more anxious to taste the cat girl’s thick syrup. Lightly biting her moist folds with his teeth; Jim never had time to gasp as she came into his mouth in a gush of steamy essence and heard her screaming his name; the sound echoing through the metallic walls of the star ship.

Gasping for breath, Aisha’s enjoyed the sensation of her inner walls contracting as her fluids flowed from her pussy and into her comrades amazing mouth; it had been so long since she had had anything close to such an intense and incredible orgasm that her eyes had almost rolled into the back of her head and she wasn‘t sure if she could take any more. However, once the wave of pleasure that had passed through her body had calmed down, she quickly picked up where she had left off and took Jim’s thick shaft back into her burning orifice; massaging his sensitive flesh with her skilled tongue as his length past her chocolate lips.

And it wasn’t long till Jim had started bucking his hips into her mouth, near incoherent chants and moans flowing from his lips as his member was devoured by the Ctarl until with one last thrust, he spilled his steaming sperm down her throat. The cream haired Ctarl officer swallowing it greedily, drinking up the burning fluid and didn’t take her lips off of his length until he was almost empty; droplet’s of his milky cum rolling down her chin and landing on her large bosom. Grinning toothily as she noticed this, Aisha sat up and turned around to face him.

Jim lay on the small matrice, breathing heavily and unable to move as he came down from his climax; his dark blue eyes were closed but sensing that his cat girl lover had turned around he opened them and looked up at her. Aisha was smiling down at him, one of her surprisingly delicate hands was grasping her large, left chocolate coloured breast, smooth fingers moulding around the firm orb as she lick off the sticky cum.

He watched on in rapture as her rough, damp tongue licked her breast, toying with her hardened nipple and shivering at the sensations it created; so much so he could practically feel the goose bumps that appeared on the smooth surface of her breast every time her tongue brushed her dusky bud. Once the creamy white substance was all gone Aisha dropped to her hands and knees, trapping Jim beneath her before cutting off the comment that was sure to come from the blond teen by kissing him passionately.

“Did you enjoy that Jim?” her sultry voice purred in his ear, sending shivers down his spine as he hurriedly nodded “Do you want to fuck me…” She couldn’t help teasing him, the kid was just so adorable when he was sexually frustrated.

Jim never got the chance to replay however as Aisha got off him and suddenly dropped onto all fours on the mattress and turned her back to him, giving his dark eyes the most gorgeous sight of her perfect butt and moistened womanhood. Acting like a lost puppy separated from its mother, the teen quickly got up from the cot and positioned himself behind her.

However, despite the lust clouding his mind and blocking any rational thought, it was still a bit nerve-wracking for Jim as he looked down at the shapely orbs of her ass and at the glistening lips of her opening; trying to contemplate what was gong to happen. He was finally going to lose his virginity and to the gorgeous Ctarl officer; Aisha Clan-Clan none the less.

Taking hold of his erected member, the teen started sliding the erect tip along Aisha’s slick pussy; parting the wet folds before rubbing the head against her sensitive bundle of nerves. Gasping and shutting her eyes as intensely hot sensation’s passed through her body from his tip as it pressed against her delicate nub; shivers of ecstasy jolting up her spine. The cat girl’s lips parting and letting out hot pants of air and gasps of pleasure as the organ‘s tip assaulted her clit; her hips were moving of their own accord against his hard shaft and trying their dandiest to get him inside her.

“Jim, please…” Aisha pleaded, know truly understanding what people meant when they said ‘Payback’s a bitch….’

“What?” Jim asked, pretending that he had not understood what she was asking.

“Fuck me…”Gasping as another wave of sensation’s hit her like an earthquake and robbing her of any last trace of Ctarl dignity she may have possessed. “OH…GOD’S JIM FUCK ME! FUCK ME LIKE THE STUD YO ARE…”

Accomplishing her request without hesitation, Jim never gave her time to finish before he pushed all his length inside her hot core. The second the teen had plunged into her depths, Aisha threw her head back and howled with pleasure while moving her hips back to meet his thrusts. Moaning at the incredible feeling of her velvety walls around him, Jim gripped her inviting hips and began guiding her movements so they were in time with his thrusts.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! It’s inside me! You’re dick is inside me!” she cried, her back arching and eyes almost rolling as the feeling of her walls stretching around him filled her.

“Hold on, Aisha! This is just the beginning!” groaned Jim, his hands gripping her ass as he thrust into the Ctarl’s burning pussy, grunting at the feeling of tight flesh around his large member. It felt so good that the teen wasn’t sure how much longer he would last.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she panted, a wave of new sensations hitting her body like a tidal wave.

“Yeah! You like that, don’t you?”

“Oh come on!” she shot, Ctarl desire filling her as a look of insatiable lust grew on her face, “Is that all you got?! Come on Jim! Rock my world!”

To Jim this was amazing. Her inner walls were clutching him from all sides; clouding his brain as he became drunk on the sensation of being inside her. Falling into a fast and hard rhythm, the wet slapping of his hips meeting her rear echoed in the small room and driving the lovers on.

"You like it rough, don‘t you Aisha?" the blond gasped, his thrusts becoming irregular as he enjoyed the unfamiliar sensations; he would shove himself inside her till the hilt or just press the tip inside her and enjoy the pleasure that he got from having the swollen head of his cock going through her tight entrance.

"Oh fuck yeah! Give it to me, Jim! Give it to me!", she moaned between breaths and becoming totally lost in the pleasure he was making her experience. He filled her like nothing she had ever imagined and she could practically sense it as his thick cock pulsated within her and stretched her velvety walls each time he entered her; she had no doubts that if he kept on ramming into her at that pace she would be unable to move from this cot for the rest of the trip.

“Uh-uh-uh-oh Aisha! God this feels so good!” grunted Jim, thrusting his dick into the Ctar’s innermost depths.

“Uh-uh-come on, Jim! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She cried out as he filled her again, her hands balling around the matrice before her sharp talons torn it to ribbons; this was quickly becoming too much for her. In public she carried herself like the strong and powerful Ctarl officer she had been raised to be since kitten hood; she was always proud and true to her goal. However, under this young human’s touch she had been robbed of almost all the things that made her a Ctarl-Ctarl until she was actually begging for him to fuck her; she had become a human!

Aisha’s moans and pleads soon turned to screams as he worked her body with increasing intensity until soon the whole cot was rocking hard as Jim let out grunts of pleasure with each fervent thrust of his hips into her wet cunt.

“Uh-uh-uh-oh Jim! Oh that’s it! That’s it! Harder! Faster!” the cat girl urged, her pussy contracting every time the boy genius rammed his cock inside her hot depths. groaning at the added pleasure, Jim did as he was told and started driving into her slick entrance as fast and deep as he could; his hips slapping against her firm, shapely buttocks. The slapping sounds of his rhythmic thrusts into her slick canal echoed around the room as the cracking noises of the bed beneath them went unnoticed. Their minds were totally absorbed in the sensation of pure ecstasy that they were feeling as their bodies moved in perfect synchronism.

“Uh-uh-uh-oh God! Aisha! Oh you’re so hot and tight!” Jim cried, pumping into her hard and savouring the hot tightness around his dick. Running his hands along the upper part of her sexy legs and tracing the elegant curves of her womanly body as he thrust while Aisha continued to move her body back to meet his powerful movements; both moaning in ecstasy as they neared their respective orgasms.

“Uh-uh-uh-uh-oh God! Ah-Ah-Ah I’m cumming! I’m gonna cum! Oh it feels so fucking good! So fucking good!” Cried Aisha, her muscles tightening around him till the point the teen was afraid that she might squeeze his cock right from his abdomen.

“Uh-uh-uh-Aisha! Uh-oh yeah! Uh-uh-so hot! So good!” grunted Jim, now moving his hips with such force that he was penetrating all the way up to her cervix. The cat girl’s toffee coloured skin was glowing with sweat in the dimly lit room, her hands standing in a pool of feathers from the torn sheets and cuts of diced matrice; struggling to grasp a grip to hold herself up on as the blond teen’s dick thrashed wildly inside of her hot pussy.

“Uh-uh-uh-oh I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Aisha suddenly cried as Jim hit her pleasure spot and now she couldn’t hold back before she came in a gush of hot fluid that coated the pulsating cock sliding in and out of her pussy at a speedy tempo. At the sensation of her inner walls convulsing and tightening in erratic spasms around his thick member, Jim let out a low grunt and exploded in a spurt of thick cum into the cat girl’s hot depths.

Gasping for breath, the blue eyed teen collapsed back onto the matrice; he needed a shower and badly, sweat covered his body and his dirty blond hair was plastered across his forehead. However, at the feeling of a warm body shifting between his legs, Jim looked down to see Aisha smiling another toothy grin back at him as she said “You don’t think I’m done with you yet do you Jim?”

Jim barley had time to blink before Aisha was pinning him on his back and straddling his pelvis. With his hands still firmly on her hips, the Ctarl guided his hard penis back into her wet vagina, letting out another moan as his hard member filled hot depths.

“Oh God it feels so good!” she moaned loudly, her body quickly adjusting to the feeling of fullness and as she flexed her muscles around him experimentally; Jim moaned sharply while thrusting up into her instinctively.

"No! Bad Jim," Aisha choked angrily, digging her nails into his chest as she now sat up completely astride him. Looking up, although confused by her reaction it only took him a second to understand what the furious blaze in her emerald irises meant; Aisha wanted to be in control this time. Nodding in understanding, Jim watched as she grinned down at him before coiling her legs beneath her and lifted her body, rising and falling in an instinctual steady rhythm on his body.

Her movements were slow at first, grinding their hips together in small circles. Their was noting Aisha Clanclan liked more than to be in control. Even the pride she felt when being crowned the strongest woman in the galaxy three years ago came in second place to how she felt now, it was just such an incredible feeling for her to be dominating when it came to having her way with men. To watch Jim as he concentrated on her movements and the idea that he couldn’t even direct her excited her even more. However, the teen surprised her when he bent his knees, making her slide deeper onto his shaft.

Looking down at where they were joined, Jim watched on in awe as she moved up until just the tip of his member would remain inside her before Aisha would then plunged down and take him completely inside her in one stroke; generating a loud moan that vibrated through his whole body. Smirking as she watched him watch them, the cat girl’s hands slid over his before bringing them up and wrapping them around her swaying breasts. Jim didn’t need any more encouragement before he moulded his rough hands around the large, firm orbs.

Within minutes, Aisha began to bounce up and down on his large dick in a fast rhythm and it quickly became faster as Jim matched her thrust for thrust, timing himself to catch her on the down stroke. The sweet sound of her moans was music to his ears as she arched her back and gyrated her hips to the rhythm.

"Yes, faster," she gasped at the deeper penetration, a wonderful little keening noise rising in her throat as one of his hands left her bouncing breast and moulded itself to her rear; helping her to keep the pace when her powerful legs started trembling from the difficult task of lifting and lowing her body. Placing her hands behind her on Jim’s legs for added support as she arched back in a loud moan, her feline green eyes shutting tightly as she drove her crotch into his over and over again.

“Oh God! Oh God! Yes! Yes! YES!” cried Aisha, “Oh it feels so good!”

“Uh-uh-Aisha! Oh Aisha!” Jim moaned as the cat girl bounced on his hard dick fervently, her large breasts bouncing with her. Admiring the erotic display, the teen gripped her hips a little tighter and savoured the intoxicating feel of this hot woman’s velvety flesh around him.

As Aisha rode his cock, absorbing each intense sensation that his hard dick brought to her throbbing vagina, Aisha once again found herself nearing another orgasm. The movement of her hips getting more and more rigorous as she felt it coming on strong as Jim tightened his grip on her hips, giving them a sensual squeeze as she neared her climax.

“Hrah! Hrah! Hrah! Hrah!” she growled, moving her body with great ferocity and making the bed shake so violently the the young human was afraid she‘d send them through the wall and into the next room.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck it’s so good! Damn Aisha, you’re amazing!” Jim moaned while thrusting upwards and making her body arch in a show of great ecstasy and beauty.

At that point, the cat girl began fervently toying with her own breasts, working them harder than Jim ever could as she kept screaming her pleasure in a show of sexual ferocity. Sweat was consuming both their bodies, mixing in a pool of flesh where their hips were joined and making them glisten like fireflies in the candle light. Their respective climax’s was approaching faster and harder than a space metal wave.

“Rrrrrrahhhh! Almost…there!” she roared, rubbing her tits with greater intensity.

“God Aisha Me…too!” panted Jim.

However before they could reach heaven, one of Jim’s hand left their grip on her hips and reached over to play with her sensitive clit and as he rubbed it with his rough fingers; she let out a feral scream that echoed throughout the ship. Her orgasm was something beyond description and all she could concentrate on were her inner walls convulsing and contracting around his throbbing manhood as her juices once more poured out of her heated core and coated his stiff shaft as she kept on bouncing astride him.



Sensing Aisha’s muscles tightening around his member, Jim couldn’t stop himself from releasing himself inside her and he let out a long moan of pleasure as he came erupting a wash of creamy seed into her velvet linned canal.

Once they’d come down from their orgasmic highs, the lover’s laid on the bed unmoving for what seemed like an eternity, listening to each other’s heartbeat slowing to their regular rate as their bodies lay entwined. They feel asleep without another word mentioned.


“Good morning, Jim. Would you like some breakfast?”

Robbing the sleep from his eyes, Jim relaxed at the sound of the bio-android’s sweet voice and never noticed the kitchen’s other occupant’s as he sat at the kitchen and replied. “Oh sure Mel, what ya making?”

“Bacon and eggs, everyone dig in while it’s still hot.” smiling kindly, Melfina placed three plates of scrambled eggs and bacon on the table before returning to get her own.


Swallowing hard, the teen looked up from his sizzling meal to come face to face with a widely grinning Gene and a somewhat cheerful Suzuka.

“Uh, Morning Suzuka…Gene…what’re you looking at?” Jim asked sheepishly.

Chuckling at the question, Suzuka replied “You of course. I personally can’t help but stare after what I heard going on last night.”

Jim’s fork stopped in midair, just inches from his mouth and his face turned bright red within second‘s. Trying to act as innocently as a person after spending half the night making a Ctarl beg him to fuck her; Jim asked “Uh… come again?”

Now it was Gene’s turn to laugh and he took to it like the immature outlaw he was. “Oh, come on Jim. Me and Mel both heard you last night.” Snickering again, he added, “And I‘ve never been so proud; You’ve finally ploughed your first and Aisha of all woman.”

“Did someone call me…”

At the sound of the groggy female voice, the kitchen’s inhabitants all looked round to see an almost naked Aisha standing in the doorway; her gorgeously curved body hidden from view by a large white sheet .

“Morning Aisha, I hear you slept very well last night.”

Stopping in mid step, Aisha almost dropped her sheet as she stared dumfounded at the grinning outlaw. “You knew about me and Jim?”

"Yes and may I suggest you two find a way curb the volume…” Suzuka added, her lips still tilted in a small smile as she finished a mouthful of egg. “ I don't think we can all listen to another night of that."

Eyes flashing in rage, Aisha started to get defensive and said “Well I’m sorry Suz-Suz, when a Ctarl goes into heat we can’t control ourselves.”

However, before the retired assassin could interject; Melfina cut in. “Oh morning Aisha, would you like some bacon and eggs.”

“No thanks Mel, I’ve ordered take-out and the delivery boy is running late.” And before anyone could question the Crarl’s words; she grabbed Jim by the back of the collar and dragged him back down the hall towards her room.

The End
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