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Harry Potter, The Dark Lord

by fleur4ever

A big R and X warning! After Harry Potter killed Voldermort, he became the next Dark Lord- with certain benfits to the position. Practically pure smut- not for minors.

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Warning: This will include graphic sexual content, spanking, sexual humiliation of women, threesomes, more or less forced sex and male dominance. Do not read if you aren’t of age or offended by this.

Disclaimer: Everything is JKR’s. I’m using her characters in a very non-canon way.

Harry Potter had killed Lord Voldermort less than an hour ago. At the beginning of the summer vacation before his seventh year, the other had tried to portkey him to Riddle Manor. It had worked, but Tom hadn’t really expected Harry to beat him and even less to become his successor.

It was a choice the boy who lived had made long ago, after he heard that Dumbeldore had kept the prophecy for him, he had turned dark. And now, he had finally reached his goal to kill Riddle. With the assistance of only about half a dozen people, he had destroyed Riddle forever.

In the last hour, he had killed Death Eaters unwilling to obey him, and those who would be granted to serve him, would have to pay highly and convince him not to kill them. He looked up as Bellatrix Lestrange and her sister Narcissa entered the room, where he sat on Voldermort’s high chair. They begged him to spare their lives. Their husbands had died during the battle and while he especially wished Bellatrix dead after she had killed Sirius, but when they told him they’d do everything, a slow smirk crept onto his face.

Both women were beautiful, despite being a bit older than him. Narcissa was a classic beauty, with aristocratic features, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a thin, yet well-formed body. Her breasts were about a C cup, and she had curves in all the right places.

Bellatrix meanwhile had a darker complexion, likewise with long hair though hers were black. She wasn’t as tall as her sister, but her breasts were even large, size D at the very least. She had a round ass, well-pronounced in her robe.

He stood up from his chair, waving his hand over a ruler lying on a nearby chair. Tom Riddle had been working on battle plans. He murmured portus and turned to Ron, who would become his second in charge. “We’ll be leaving. They were the last, I believe. Take care of everything. In emergencies, I’ll be at Potter Manor.” He reached for the portkey. “Hold on, ladies.”

A moment later, the three of them appeared in the courtyard of a large house with small pools, ponds and flowers everywhere. “What now, Potter”; Bellatrix asked.

He slapped her hard on the face. “That will be master, slave. From now on you won’t address me in another way. You are nothing but my personal slave, is that clear?”

“Y…Yes, master.”

“And what about you, slave” he asked, turning to Narcissa.

“Yes, master.”

“Very good. Now, we shall talk about proper attire.” He waved his hand over them. A moment later, both women were wearing short red lacy knickers, matching stilettos and red corsets, pushing up their breasts. He noticed that they’re breasts were larger than he had estimated. Bella was a double D for sure. “Much better.”

Bellatrix gasped in shock. “I can’t wear that.”

He slapped her twice, leaving a handprint on each cheek. “Wrong answer, slave. Now, we’d better have you quiet if you can’t stop this.” A moment later he divested himself of all clothing. His cock was hard from watching the two women so sparingly clothed. He pushed it into Bellatrix’s mouth. She tried to pull away, but wasn’t successful, as he gripped her head, pushing her onto him.

“Now slave, be good. You’re going to suck me now, and you’ll do it well or I’ll have to punish you. And you’re going to swallow it all.” With these words, he pushed his cock farther into, gagging and making her choke at his length. He thrust into her mouth hard as she sucked him, her eyes full of fear.

Narcissa stood next to them, watching, unable to turn her eyes away. The sight of him thrusting his long cock into her sister’s mouth made her wet. Still staring, her hand moved down to her pussy, barely covered by the red knickers.

Harry saw this. “Does that make you hot, you dirty little slut? Me fucking your sister’s mouth.” He reached down to grab one of Bella’s boobs, groping it heavily. He pinched the nipple, before looking at Narcissa again, who as frantically rubbing her clit. Then, he looked down at Bella. Her tits bobbing up and down while she was sucking him was too much, and he came into her mouth.

He gripped her hair, tilting her head back and forcing her to swallow his cum. When he was finished, he gave a satisfied smirk. “You’re quite good at this, slave. Now, kiss your sister.”

Narcissa shrank back. “She’s my sister. We can’t do that.”

He gripped her waist. “You shall do whatever I wish, slave. And you are to address me as master. I think we’ll need to punish you for that message to sink in.” He forced her down on all fours. Slowly, he ran his finger along her knickers, while summoning over the ruler they had used as a portkey.

He removed the knickers, which ere soaking wet by now. “Now, slave, I will punish you and every time you shall say I’m sorry, Master. You shouldn’t forget.”

He hit her ass, raised high in the air, with the ruler. She gasped in pain. “I’m sorry, Ma..Master.” He hit her again, harder, while wanking of with his other hand. Her well-curved ass became red where he had hit down and she shrieked in pain. He shook his head. “That’s no good, you know.

This time, he spread her legs and ass cheeks and used the ruler to hit her cunt and her clit. She cried out in both pain and pleasure.

„I’m sorry, Master. “ “There, that’s better, whore. But I don’t think the message has quiet sunken in yet.” He slapped her half a dozen times, before reaching down to pinch her clit, hard, which made her come. Harry cam as well, spraying his cum all over the blonde’s body.

A moment later, Harry looked up. “I’ll have to go now, slaves.” With a snap of his fingers, he called two house elves. “Bring them to their quarters.” He pointed to Narcissa and Bellatrix. A moment later, he had apparated away.

AN: Hoped you liked this, just something I scribbled down why I was trying to figure out how to continue my other story. Don’t know here this will go, but I really want to continue it. Suggestions would be welcome. Please review!!!!
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