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by starmelace

Two years after Naked Truth, Takaba and Asami encounter Fei Long.

Category: Viewfinder - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Asami,Feilong,Takaba - Warnings: [!] [!!] [!!!] - Published: 2008-12-11 - Updated: 2008-12-12 - 560 words

Takaba closed the door behind him softly. Asami was on his cell phone, barking orders to some subordinate. Akihito set down his camera bag and shrugged off his jacket. Asami flipped his phone shut, looking disgruntled and irritated.
“Evening.”Takaba said hesitantly. Asami’s expression lightened at the sight of his lover.
“You’re back early.” Takaba nodded, slipping off his shoes. His ‘lead’ had been a wild goose hunt. Asami smirked, making Takaba suspicious. “I’m glad,” he said, pulling the younger man into his arms. Akihito froze in Asami’s arms for a moment before he relaxed, breathing in the familiar scent of the Japanese man. Asami ran a hand through Takaba’s hair. “You worry me every time you’re gone, Takaba-kun.” Akihito rested his head against Asami’s firm chest and murmured,
“I’m sorry.” The older man smiled, a mischievous look appearing on his face.
“I have half a mind to just tie you up and never let you out again.” Takaba’s eyes narrowed and he pushed Asami away from him.
“Don’t be a bastard Asami. I’m fine. You go and start talking.” Akihito’s words were cut off by Asami’s warm mouth covering his own. Takaba gasped in surpise but gave into the kiss, falling into Asami’s strong arms. The kiss lasted for several minutes, Asami’s hands wandering under Takaba’s loose shirt, finding his lovers nipples. Takaba put up with it for a few moments before he jerked away. “Asami! Stop that!” Asami smirked, his eyes glinting pleasantly. He didn’t argue, however, simply stepping away.
“Are you hungry, Takaba-kun?” Akihito nodded, still wary of the Japanese man. Asami pulled out a cigarette as he said, “ We’ll go out to eat then.” Then he stopped, surveying Takaba’s clothing. The younger man’s shirt was loose and wrinkled, his pants dirty and full of holes and his hair mused. “Hmm, maybe we should get you cleaned up first.” Before Takaba could protest, Asami, with a sly look, was pulling him into the bathroom.
Akihito squirmed in his nice clothes, feeling awkward among so many rich and powerful Japanese men. Asami on the other hand seemed quite at ease, moving with poise and power. He sat down at a table in the corner, motioning for Takaba to do the same.
“What would you like Takaba?” Takaba glanced down at the menu, trying to not look at the prices of all the large meals. Coming from such a unwealthy background, Takaba was still not used to Asami’s rich lifestyle. Before he could respond, Asami’s phone began to ring. Asami’s eyes narrowed and he growled in annoyance, flipping in open. “Nani?” he snapped. Takaba hid his smile beneath his glass. Asami was so easily riled up. Asami said a few more things before abruptly standing up. “Akihito, I have to take this. Order something for yourself, I’ll be right back.” He left the table, heading for the exit. Takaba sighed, looking at the menu once more. He had just begun to look at the drinks when a voice broke through his thoughts.
“Takaba Akihito. It has been a long time.” Takaba looked up and his eyes went wide with surprise. A tall Chinese man stood in front of Akihito, his expression calm. Liu Fei Long.
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