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Frequent Flyer

by pettybureaucrat

Harry's sexual awakening continues, but that may not be a truly good thing. Follow on to 'A Perfect Day for Flying'

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It was another very pleasant Saturday as Harry walked to the Pitch, his Firebolt over his shoulder. The fourth-year Gryffindor Seeker - even if there wasn’t Quidditch this term - was simply going to chase a snitch for awhile to stay sharp. And, he hoped, have another amazing shower with Katie Bell.

Harry now considered himself the luckiest - and happiest - wizard at Hogwarts. Only one week ago he had lost his virginity in an amazing locker room shower encounter with the lovely and sensual fifth-year Gryffindor Chaser, Katie Bell.

She told him the next day that she had let her teammates and very good friends, Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet, both sixth-year Chasers, know about their lovemaking and that it was entirely possible - indeed, likely - that they would both try to find an opportunity to make love to him.

Harry had stared open-mouthed and dumbfounded at her. “Ang...Ang...Angelina? And...and Alicia!? can’t be serious, Katie!” Harry cursed his tongue for stammering so much around the lovely Chaser, but he just was not prepared at all for what was happening to him all of a sudden.

“Harry,” she had smiled prettily, “you are a wonderful, marvelous lover! Witches appreciate that! None of us are slags. None of us has had more than half-a-dozen lovers. As I told you yesterday, Quidditch is a very, very exciting and stimulating game and I’m not the only witch whose hormones are pumped by the end of a practice, let alone a real game.”

Harry just shook his head with disbelief, then seeing no one around in the hallway, gave Katie a warm, lingering kiss. She actually blushed a little and smacked his arm in a teasing way.

“Harry!” she giggled. “What kind of witch do you take me for? Kissing me! Right in a hallway!”

“Oh,” Harry murmured, “the kind of witch who I always dreamed of. One that would teach me about...about love.”

She blushed more, but said firmly, “Now, Harry! I told you yesterday that one shag, as marvelous as it was, does not make us a couple. We have two more years together here. That’s more than enough time to see how compatible we are. Now, there’s nothing definite, but if you go out for a practice every afternoon - which as a Seeker you should be doing anyway - there’s always a chance someone else might, ahh, need to use the showers.”

Harry realized the truth of her statement about practice. Cedric flew daily, even though as a seventh-year, he wouldn’t be returning to Hogwarts next year. He even saw Viktor Krum sometimes, early in the mornings, chasing and grabbing a snitch with almost artistic grace. On occasion, Fleur Delacour and a couple other of the gorgeous Beauxbatons witches would sometimes practice chaser tactics as well.

Monday had been just him, but he had a pleasant chat during supper and later in the Common Room with Ginny, who seemed to be overcoming her shyness around him a little bit. Harry was very circumspect around her though, both out of respect for her age - she was only thirteen - and the fact that Ron, and to a lesser extent the twins, kept a close eye on her when any wizard hung around her. But since Harry was practically family, they didn’t really pay too much attention to him and Ginny.

Harry couldn’t help occasionally thinking about Ginny in a lustful manner - he was a fourteen-year-old wizard, for Merlin’s sake! She was really fetchingly pretty and had started showing some definite feminine curves. But, despite having just lost his own virginity, he really had no intention of trying anything with Ginny.

Tuesday he noticed another Gryffindor on the Pitch and when flying by saw to his delight - and trepidation - that is was Angelina Johnson. She gave him a very warm, inviting smile as she tossed him the quaffle and they practiced passing for half-an-hour or so. She landed first and went into the lockers as Harry chased the snitch for another five or ten minutes and then landed and went into the lockers himself.

He heard the water running on the women’s side, and after storing his uniform and grabbing his clothes, boldly - but very, very nervously - made his way in the women’s locker room. He stuck his head into the showers and through the steam and mist could make out Angie’s tall, lithe, ebony form.

She looked up from washing her legs and smiled.

“Water not working on the mens’ side, eh, Harry?”

"Ahh, umm, yeah, now that you mention it," Harry managed to mumble, blusing rather deeply. "Can I, umm, may I join you?”

She laughed and pulled him in, hugging him tightly to her tall, shapely form and kissing him hard and deep.

Harry let his hands wander over Angie’s amazing body. She reminded Harry of a black panther, all sleek muscles and bright eyes and teeth. She was the only black witch Harry knew well and had a reputation as a passionate - and physical - lover.

Harry fondled her large, firm breasts, tweaking and twirling the dark nipples to diamond hardness. Angie’s tongue ravished his mouth as her one hand softly but firmly gripped his manhood and began gently stroking it.

Harry whimpered into her mouth and let his hands drop to her hard, round buttocks and pulled her more tightly to his own muscular form. After several more minutes, he gathered his courage and let one hand wander down to the triangle of black hair between her thighs and ran a finger up the wet, pink cleft of her pussy.

“Harry!” she hissed with pleasure as his fingers found her clit and started to stroking it with a circular motion.

“Do you actually want shag me, Angie?” he asked, his nervousness obvious.

She grinned at him as she pushed his hand more firmly into her pussy and began to move her hips around in rhythm with his strokes.

“I...I do, Harry!” she panted. “Katie told me and Alicia the most wonderful story about you. We three have all been very, very horny this year, what with Oliver gone and no scheduled Quidditch. Roger Davies has been spending most of his spare time shagging Fleur and Cedric is being faithful to Cho.”

Harry suddenly wished he were Roger Davies, thinking, “Roger is actually shagging Fleur!? Gods! I’d give anything to be able to shag her!”

Harry knew this was a virtually impossible dream. Fleur had told him right at the beginning of the Tri-Wizard Tournament that she thought of him as a ‘little boy.’ Both Cedric and Viktor had let slip that they had shagged her, and apparently Roger Davies was banging her on a regular basis.

However, she did give him a warm kiss and tight hug for saving her little sister in the second task, but that had been the extent of his physical contact with her. She always had a smile and polite words with him whenever they met, but Harry knew she was almost certainly out of reach.

Harry’s thoughts were forcefully drawn back to the gorgeous, black witch in his arms. She had stroked him until he was as hard as a rock and she was gasping and whimpering from Harry’s fingers teasing her clit. She summoned her wand and quickly Transfigured some towels into a mattress and pillows and pulled Harry over to them with her and pushed him down on his back.

“Will you teach me how to do this, Angie,” he asked as he looked up at the tall, curvaceous chaser who was looking down on him with an almost feral glint in her eyes.

“What? Shag?” she asked, sounding confused. “Katie said you don’t need any lessons in that!”

“What? Oh, no, I mean Transfiguring towels to pillows.”

“Afterwards, Harry,” she chuckled. “Right now, I want to sample that wonderful-looking cock of yours!”

She got down on her hands and knees and immediately plunged her mouth onto Harry’s erection, eliciting a moan of pleasure from him as her tongue teased and tortured the sensitive head and soft skin of his prick.

She turned her body and was straddling Harry’s face with her knees. Mumbling around his cock, she told him, “Stick you tongue into me!”

“ tongue! Really, Angie?” he gasped.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried. “Don’t tease me, Harry! Please! Stick your tongue up my cunt! Lick my clit! Please!”

Harry pulled her hips close to his face and just stared a moment at the erotic sight now just a couple of inches above his mouth. Angie’s vagina yawned open, her inner walls dark red and slick with the juices of her arousal. Her aroma wafted out and Harry nearly swooned from the raw, musky scent. Her clitoris - at least he assumed it was her clitoris - was hard and wet, but whether from the shower or from want Harry couldn’t determine.

“Stick your tongue in me! Damn you! Don’t...don’t tease me like this!” Angie begged as her mouth continued its erotic torture of his throbbing, pulsing cock.

Harry forced his tongue up into her passage, pushing the soft, tight walls of her cunt apart. The dark, tight ring of her anus was directly above his nose. Harry had never thought of that particular part of a woman’s body as sexy or exciting, but he suddenly found himself wondering what it might feel like to stick his cock into it sometime.

He forced his mind back to Angie’s other hole, the hot, wet one his tongue was twisting and turning in. He must be doing something right, he thought, since Angie’s hips were gyrating on his face and groans and moans of pleasure were issuing from her lips, which were still wrapped around his aching cock.

“My clit, Harry, my clit!” she cried. “Please! Rub it! Kiss it!”

Harry reached a hand in and squeezed the hard nub softly, then with a little more force.

Angie’s mouth released his cock with a loud, wet plop as she sat straight up on Harry’s face, grinding her hips into him almost painfully. Her anus enveloped his nose as he felt her cunt spasm and ripple along his thrusting tongue.

“HARREEE!!” she cried as her orgasm uncoiled inside her, sending a flood of her juices flowing down her slick sheath into Harry’s mouth.

Harry was very surprised as she came, he never realized a witch could get so wet. He lapped at her release, the musky, slightly sour taste exciting his taste buds unlike any other liquid he had ever sampled. He remembered his reluctance to taste Katie’s essence on his fingers until she almost shamed him into trying it. Hers had been tangy and quite different from Angie’s, which he was now eagerly lapping up.

It’s delicious!” was all Harry could manage to think as Angie’s motions started to slow just a little. “I...I wonder what other witches might taste like? I sure hope I get to ‘sample’ some more."

Angie gave a final downward thrust of her strong, wide hips, then rapidly turned around and straddled Harry’s waist. He smiled up at her as her eyes glistened and her red tongue circled her lush, full lips. She seized his cock in one hand and pushed the head inside her and then quickly sank onto him with a sigh of contentment.

She sat there, softly rocking on him, obviously catching her breath. Harry began to thrust his hips up, driving himself hard into her steamy depths. She had had him so close with her mouth that he was absolutely bursting.

Angie responded and began forcefully pistoning her hips up and down on his length, holding his shoulders for leverage and gasping and panting with lust and her own desire for more release.

“Rub my clit, Harry! Pinch my tits!” she cried, her breasts bouncing most erotically as he met her downward thrusts with his own forceful, upward pushes.

Harry was suddenly seized with an inspiration, and using Angie’s strong body for leverage, pulled himself up to a sitting position and wrapped his arms around her, all the while never missing a stroke into her pulsing cunt. He buried his face between her firm, smooth tits then licked and sucked first one black nipple, then the other. He forced his hand in between them where their sexes were joined and found the hard mound of her clit. His calloused fingers rubbed it hard, up and down, then left and right, then in a circle.

Harry only went through this cycle twice and then Angie was screaming, her cunt squeezing and undulating along his cock, her juices flowing down again and pooling around the base of Harry’s thrusting prick.


The next series of her cunt’s sensual undulations did Harry in. He screamed himself as he came hard - his hot, sticky semen spurting from his cock deep into the beautiful black witch’s body. Angie writhed and ground on him, as Harry kept thrusting up into her and continued his sensuous torture of her clit with his fingers.

“ANGIEEEEE!” he moaned, his spasms of release continuing to electrify his senses. His whole body was quivering with lust and release as Angie continued to force her cunt down onto his length, burying it as deeply inside her as possible.

As Harry felt the last few twitches of pleasure from his cock fade, he fell heavily backwards onto the pillows, nearly exhausted from their lovemaking. Angie leaned over and kissed him hard and deep, her hips still rocking on his, her cunt still squeezing his now softening organ within its vice of erotic pleasure.

She sat up again and looked down on the young wizard with her gleaming, black eyes.

“I...I never, NEVER, expected it to be this good, Harry. I thought Katie was exaggerating simply because she got your cherry. Gods! It...this, I swear, this is just about the most fabulous shag I have ever, EVER, had!”

Harry couldn’t say anything, both from exhaustion and amazement. Even he had heard stories of Angie’s sexual prowess. Fred was almost blasphemous sometimes when he talked about the sex the two of them had shared in the past.

“Really, Angie? You - you’re not just...just saying that, are you?”

She leaned over and kissed him again, warm and deep and all tongue and lips and her wondrous, firm body pressed tightly to his.

“It’s true, Harry. It is. Damn! You are just...just incredible!” she gushed. Then, looking at him with eyes so filled with lust that Harry even shivered a little, she said, “And we have all next year together as well!”

They finally, but sadly, released each other. Harry was a little unsteady getting up, he was actually a little sore. There were even some bruises on his hips where Angie had pounded on him so hard.

“ you shag all your lovers this hard, Angie?” he asked, pointing at the purplish spots while still panting for breath.

“The good ones,” she smirked. “Consider them badges of honor, Harry! I’m sorry I’m such an insatiable bitch. Maybe you should be on top next time so you can control how, umm, rough we can be.”

Harry just nodded. He was still having trouble taking in everything that had happened the last four days. First Katie, now Angie, two of the loveliest witches in Hogwarts had made passionate, abandoned love to him. And, apparently, Alicia wanted to make love to him as well.

“Oh, well, in that case, Angie, maybe I’ll show them to my mates in the showers tonight! I’ve never had a ‘badge of honor’ before!” he smirked.

“You tell anyone about us,” she threatened, her voice firm, “and you’ll be back to using your hand. Please, Harry, don’t...don’t tell, not right now. You and I know how good it was. Maybe next term, then we can be a little more open about a relationship. You’re only a fourth-year, Harry, and you could have a lot of guys pissed at you over this. And you have enough worries as it is, what with the final task less than two months away.”

Harry nodded and agreed, and they dressed and walked up to the castle and supper. As with Katie, they walked in together, simply talking about Quidditch, each taking their normal seat with their own best friends.

“What the bloody hell, Harry?” Ron spouted.

“Ron!” snapped Hermione. “Language! And we’re at the table. And your sister is sitting across from you. Do you use language like that at home? I don’t think so,” she scolded.

“Oh, he does,” Ginny added with a smirk, “but Mum whacks him with her wooden spoon whenever she hears him. Hi, Harry. How are you?” she asked, her cheeks coloring despite all she could do.

“I’m just fine, Ginny,” he answered with his own smile. “Say, you know Fred and George have told me about how you used to sneak out of your house early in the morning and ride their brooms. They both say you’re a good flyer. Would you like to fly with me tomorrow?”

Ginny gasped in surprise. “Umm, well, er, I...I guess. I don’t have a broom, though.”

“You can use mine. I’ll use a school broom,” Harry said simply.

Ginny’s eyes widened to saucers. “You - you’d let me ride your...your Firebolt? Really, Harry? Really?” she gasped.

“Sure,” he answered, very pleased that he had made her so happy.

“Now wait a minute, Harry,” Ron put in. “I don’t think Ginny can handle a Firebolt. She’s never ridden anything faster than my old Cleansweep.”

“Don’t you dare try to tell me what I can or can’t do, Ronald Bilius Weasley!” Ginny flared. “I can ride a broom just as well as you. Better, in fact. I wish Mum wasn’t such an old fuddy-duddy about me flying at home. She keeps worrying that I’ll fall. I haven’t fallen off a broom in the last five years!” she said proudly.

Back in the common room, Ron still was harassing Harry and Ginny about her riding his Firebolt.

“I don’t want you doing it, Ginny, you understand. A Firebolt is the best broom there is and you’re just not old enough or strong enough to handle it,” Ron stated.

“I’ll do whatever the bloody hell I want, Ron!” Ginny yelled at him, drawing many curious eyes to her. “You’re not my boss!”

Fred and George walked over and asked what the fuss was about. When Ginny explained, the twins smirked at each other, then at Harry.

“Why so generous, Harry?" George asked. "You ain’t let me or Fred ride your fancy, schmancy Firebolt.”

Harry was trying to decide how to handle this situation. His offer to Ginny was completely innocent. He simply was curious to see how well she flew. He had no intention of showering with her or anything like that. It was true, though, that the Firebolt required that the rider pay close attention to what they were doing and to their surroundings. It was so fast that there was little time to recover from an error.

“If letting you two gits have a ride is all it takes, then you can have one as well. So can you, Ron. And you, Hermione!” he joked.

Hermione paled, then broke into a grin, giggling, “Oh, like I’m going to take you up on an offer like that, Harry Potter! Maybe I’ll bring some homework and watch, though. The weather has been very nice of late.” Hermione’s fear of brooms was almost legendary.

“You’ve got a deal, mate,” Fred said. “Actually, little Ginny here is a first-rate flyer. Better than Ronnikins, that’s for sure!”

“She is not!” Ron sputtered. “Alright, you have my permission, Ginny.”

Ginny blew a raspberry at her brother, then tossing her long, red hair over her shoulder started walking over to a study desk.

“Harry? Can you help me with my Charms again?” she asked with a smile. Ron glowered, Fred and George merely smirked.

Later that night, Angie was talking with Alicia and Katie about her first sexual experience with Harry, saying, “You weren’t lying, Katie! Gods, he...he is just unbelievable! Oh, Alicia, you’re going to have so much fun whenever you get a chance with him. Isn’t she, Katie?”

“Gods, yes!” Katie squealed. “I...I actually get wet just thinking about last Saturday.”

“Well,” smiled Alicia, “maybe I’ll see if I can corner him tomorrow.”

“He won’t be alone tomorrow,” Angie told her, shaking her head. “He’s letting Ginny try out his Firebolt. In fact, he’s letting all the Weasleys try it. Say, why don’t we three go down and maybe he’ll let us fly it as well.”

“If there’s going to be that many team members there,” said Katie, “maybe we can have a pickup game.”

“That’s a great idea, Katie,” said Angie, who had already been appointed Captain of next year’s team. “Fred and George say that Ginny is really a good flyer. And Harry needs a backup at Seeker. I just wish I knew who the hell we can get for a Keeper!”

Angie then pulled Katie into a hug and kissed her hard.

"Sleep with me?" she asked. "I am still so, so hot from Harry!" Katie blushed and nodded.

Wednesday afternoon saw a small crowd of Gryffindors flying around the Pitch, Harry happily letting everyone have a spin on his Firebolt. Ginny had been very impressive, she flew extremely well. Angie told her to definitely come to team tryouts next term.

The pickup game was fun, Ginny and Harry played Seeker against each other. She showed real skill at it but told him when they landed, “I really want to be a Chaser. I like scoring. But, I’d be happy to be your backup, Harry, if I make the team.”

Once the game was over they all went into the showers. Harry tried hard not to think of Ginny, naked under a shower, just on the other side of the wall, along with the other three pretty chasers.

“If it weren’t for Gin, we could go over and have a bash with the ladies,” Fred moped.

“Well, send her over here to me, and then you guys can have your fun,” Harry joked.

They both looked at him very crossly. “That ain’t funny, Harry. You keep your hands off our sister, you understand?” growled George.

“It’s just a joke, guys,” Harry said, trying to recover.

“Ginny’s virtue is no joking matter, Harry,” Fred added. “Why’re you being so friendly to her all of a sudden? If you’re thinkin' about any hanky panky, you’d better be prepared to face the Weasley wrath!”

“I am not thinking about hanky panky,” Harry shouted. “Good gods, guys, she’s only thirteen! What kind of person do you think I am?”

“The sort who preys on innocent, little witches, offering ‘em rides on their fancy Firebolts,” George snorted. “We just don’t want her hurt, Harry.”

“As if I’d ever hurt her,” Harry protested. “Come on, it’s me, Harry, you’re talking to. What are you going to do her fifth year, when you two aren’t here?”

“Ron’ll watch her,” Fred said.

“Yeah, you see how much attention she pays to him,” laughed Harry.

“Aye, that’s the truth,” George laughed back. “Well, Ronnikins is hot for that Granger girl. Can’t rightly blame him. She’s turnin’ into quite a looker.”

The next afternoon, Harry was again on the Pitch and smiled as Alicia came to join him. They spent half an hour tossing quaffles and chasing snitches and the went to the locker room.

Harry joined her in the women’s shower, staring at her as he entered the shower room. Alicia was sort of halfway between Angie and Katie in height, about five foot eight. She had light, mousy brown hair, a pair a soulful gray eyes and a handsome, rather than beautiful face. Her figure as just as fine as either of the other two Chasers - large breasts, wide hips, shapely legs, and a firm, round ass.

Harry entered the shower and kissed her warmly. She responded immediately, wrapping her strong arms around his neck and rubbing her delectable tits and pussy up and down the front of his torso. Her wet, pink slit stroked erotically up and down on Harry’s already steel-hard erection.

“I’m so hot for you, Harry,” she gasped, “that I don’t need much more foreplay. Let’s...let’s just Transfigure a bed and get it on!”

Harry was delighted to agree and tried to perform the Transfiguration spell. He got giant marshmallows instead of cushions. Alicia snorted, then laughed out loud at him for a couple of minutes. She turned the marshmallows into a mattress and pulled Harry tightly into her firm, sexy body.

They began to kiss and stroke each other passionately. Harry very much liked her firm, taut body and her smooth, creamy skin. He kissed down her neck, pausing to suck on it where it meet her shoulder. Alicia squealed with delight, her hand stroking his hard on.

“It’s so big,” she breathed. “Oh, I want it!”

Harry just couldn’t believe that such a pretty witch as Alicia was so horny for him.

“Soon, my sexy Chaser,” he teased, nibbling on her pert, hard left nipple. “Soon!”

Alicia growled with delight and pulled them down onto the cushions. They laid side-by-side kissing, their hands wandering and fondling each other’s firm, Quidditch-toned bodies.

After several panting minutes, Alicia squatted over Harry’s face, leaned over and inhaled his long, hard cock into her wet, warm mouth, waggling her dripping cunt over his mouth. Harry seized her hips and licked her glistening lips, slowly trailing his tongue up her sweet, pink slit and locking his lips around the hard peak of her clit.

Alicia hissed around his cock, mumbling, “Harder! Harder, Harry!”

Harry happily complied, sucking the little nub into his mouth and biting on it with just a little bit of pressure.

Alicia howled with release, her cunt bouncing and rotating on Harry’s tongue. “GODS! YES! YESSSSS! HARREEEEE!”

She pulled her hips from his mouth and turned around. Harry prepared for the ecstasy of her mounting him but she laid down on her side, pulled him over, then rolled onto her back with Harry resting on top of her. She spread her legs and Harry groaned as his throbbing cock came in contact with her pussy, the hair tickling him and her wet slit stroking up and down along his length.

“No, Harry!” she gasped. “I want you on top of me! Please! Fuck me! Put that marvelous cock of yours into me and make me scream your name!”

Harry gulped a little and began pushing his cock into the juncture of Alicia’s legs. She grunted with frustration and lust, and grabbing his cock in her left hand, pulled him a little lower between her legs and settled the tip of his penis between her swollen lips.

“There it is! Oh, gods! It feels so good. Please!” she begged. “Please! Put it in me, Harry! Please!”

Harry pushed forward, a groan of ecstatic delight spilling from his lips as Alicia’s soft, hot walls parted before his thrust. He pushed until he was completely buried inside her, his cock tingling with new sensations.

“Oh, gods!” he groaned. “It’s so wonderful!”

“Fuck me, Harry!” she begged. “Fuck me!”

He started moving in and out of her, tentatively and unevenly at first, but he soon discovered that smooth, fluid motions gave him the most pleasure. They also obviously pleased Alicia, whose hips started pushing up and meeting his thrusts with the most erotic effect.

She curled her legs around his, just under his cheeks and began pushing him into her faster and harder.

“I won’t break, Harry!” she cried. “Harder! Faster! Gods! It’s so big! So long and hard! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Harry complied, clenching his buttocks and pushing into her with more force. He moaned with delectation as Alicia’s firm, slick walls parted before his thrusts, then closed around the head of his cock as he withdrew from her grasp, then the entire erotic sequence would repeat. Harry wished he could keep doing this for hours but recognized all the signals that his youthful, sex-crazed body would soon demand release.

“Alicia!” he moaned. “It’s so, so, SO fucking good! I...I don’t know how much longer. I’ll try...I’m really trying. It’s just hot, so wet, so, so tight!”

Alicia was close as well and responded by pushing her cunt up onto his cock harder and faster.

“Almost...almost there! Just...just a little more. Please. Harry, just a little...a little...OH, GODS! YESSSS!! HARREEEE!”

Alicia screamed as her entire body quivered with lust and fulfilment, her cunt rippling down the hard length of Harry’s fantastic cock.

Harry yelled as well, his balls compressing, his cock twitching as he felt his seed, hot and thick, spill from him deep into Alicia’s steamy depths.

Alicia screamed again, her cunt flexing and undulating along Harry’s prick, milking all of his wonderful hot essence out of him into her. Harry’s motions became erratic and jerky as he spent himself inside the enthralling and enthralled witch writhing beneath him.

He seized her lips with his, kissing her hard, savagely even, as his orgasm slowly died away. He groaned again as her cunt continued its erotic torture of his still-hard manhood, rippling and compressing around it like a silken vice. Or something. Harry’s brain was almost shutting down from erotic overload.

He finally collapsed onto Alicia’s firm, muscular body, panting and spent.

“” he gasped.

“Yes, it was,” she gasped herself, smiling up into his eyes, her cunt still grasping and squeezing his cock inside her.

They laid there for several more minutes, simply basking in the pleasure of the afterglow. Alicia softly stroked his back and ran her feet up and down the back of his calves and thighs, making Harry shiver and, he was almost embarrassed, start to harden again.

He groaned as he started stroking his cock up and down in her soaking pussy. “Oh, gods! I’m...I’m sorry, Alicia! It’s just so exciting, you’re so exciting, so pretty, so sexy, so...”

She smiled and kissed him again, warm and deep and slow. “Harry, don’t be sorry! Don’t ever be sorry for anything that has to do with sex - love - freely given and taken. If you want to have intercourse again - if you’re really ready - I am absolutely delighted to do so!”

And so they did. Harry just couldn’t believe that less than a week ago, his only pleasure, his only means of release, had been his own hand. And now, here he was emptying himself for the second time in less than two hours into one of the prettiest, sexiest witches in school.

Harry had a hard time even getting up after the second time. Alicia just smiled and smiled, her cunt squeezing him until he was ready to die from erotic exhaustion. She helped him get dressed and even cast an Ennervate Charm on him.

As they walked up to the castle to get to supper, she sighed happily to him, “I’ve only done it twice in a row like that once before. Gods! It was amazing, Harry, just shattering!”

They walked in together, again causing a buzz in conversation, but since they both were carrying their brooms it was obvious they had simply been ‘practicing’ on the Pitch. Alicia kissed Harry’s cheek before she went to sit with Katie and Angie. The three of them ate quickly and as soon as they could ran out, giggling and chattering.

Ron just stared at Harry, Hermione did as well. Ginny looked up at him shyly, giving him a small smile and strange look.

“What?” Harry asked, rather annoyed.

“Bloody hell, Harry! She...she kissed you!” Ron spouted.

“She kissed my cheek. Hell, Fleur’s kissed my cheek, in fact she’s bloody snogged me. You didn’t get this upset over that,” Harry groused.

“You’d just saved Gabrielle. What did you do for Alicia?” Hermione asked, her eyes boring into his.

“Why the third degree?” Harry snapped. “You know, anyone can use the Pitch. It’s not like during a normal year when the teams reserve practice times. All of us want to make sure Gryffindor gets the cup back next year.”

“Still, Harry,” Ron groused, “she kissed you! And Angie was smiling at you really strangely a couple days ago when the two of you walked in. And you and Katie...”

“Oh, belt it up, Ron!” Ginny said angrily. “What? Are you jealous because Harry has been talking to some of the prettiest witches in the school and you’re still mooning over Fleur?”

“I am NOT mooning,” Ron shouted.

The four of them continued to argue on the way to the common room, Harry firmly maintaining that there was absolutely nothing wrong with him enjoying being in the company of his teammates, be they female or male.

At the Gryffindor steps, Ginny said, “I’m going to the library for a while. Harry? Would you like come with me? Help me with my Charms?”

“Delighted,” Harry replied. “Take my broom up for me, would you, Ron?”

“Take it yourself,” Ron snapped. “Ginny, you go up to your dorm room and study there.”

“I’ll study where I want to, Ron!” she hissed, her eyes glaring dangerously. “Are you coming, Harry?”

Hermione intervened, saying, “I’ll take your broom up, Harry, and have someone take it to your room. Ron, you and I need to work on our Potions essay. Harry, don’t forget it’s due Monday. It’s very nice, your helping Ginny, but don’t forget your own work. Come on, Ron, let’s go,” she urged, grabbing his elbow and forcing him up the stairs.

Ginny and Harry walked towards the library in silence, then Ginny suddenly took his hand in hers and pulled him into a small alcove behind a suit of armor.

Harry was rather stunned. He hadn’t even been thinking of anything like this.


“Harry,” she said, a trace of her old timidity in her voice, “what’s...what’s been happening to you recently?

“Nothing!” he snapped. “Everybody seems surprised that I’m happy for a change. Was I so much more fun when I was miserable and unfriendly that everyone wants me to change back?”

Ginny shrank back a bit from his heated response, her eyes glistening just a little.

“I...I didn’t mean it like that, Harry,” she said meekly. “I’m just wondering what...what might have happened to make you so happy, different, this last week. I...I’m not complaining. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you, even if it is just studying together.”

Harry took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you,” he apologized. “I’ve simply been really enjoying this...this change in routine that’s happened to me recently. I should have been going out to the Pitch all year, I’m really rusty. And I’ve simply gotten a chance to know the other team members better. I’ve always liked them, especially Katie. It’s rather nice, having some relatively private one-on-one time with a pretty witch. Like I’m having now, with you,” he ended, smiling what he hoped was an innocent smile at her.

Ginny gulped and reddened. “Ah, umm, er, that’s...that’s nice, Harry. Me? actually like spending time with me?”

“Of course,” he answered easily. “Come on, Ginny, we’ve known each other for nearly four years. I’m sorry I’ve always been distant, hard to approach. It’s just, well, you know, HIM! Voldemort.”

Ginny shuddered. “Don’t...don’t say his name, Harry.”

Ginny gasped as Harry took her by the shoulders, saying firmly, “It’s just a name, Ginny. Just a word. It’s nothing to fear. He can't hurt you any more, not now.”

They looked into each other’s eyes, then Ginny put her arms on Harry’s shoulders, pushed up on her tiptoes and gave him a soft, chaste kiss.

“I...I, gods, I...I’m sorry!” she muttered, gasping and turning red at her forwardness.

Harry smiled happily at her. “Don’t be! It was very, very nice. But, maybe we’d better go study now. And Hermione’s right, I do have a Potions essay to finish.”

They stayed at the library until it closed and walked back to the Gryffindor common room. There were only a couple people in it, so Harry took a chance and gave Ginny a quick, soft kiss at the bottom of the girls’ stairs.

She blushed all the way to the roots of her hair, then smiled.

“Thank you, Harry," she said softly, her eyes bright. "See you at breakfast.”

Harry worked for an hour or so on his Potions essay before going up. He quietly made his way to his bed, sniggering to himself as he listened to all four of his roommates wanking quietly behind their curtains. It suddenly occurred to him that he hadn’t needed to wank since last Saturday.

“Shagging is SO much better,” he grinned to himself as he heard Neville come, moaning, “Ginny, Ginny, Ginny.”

“You’re dead, Neville!" Ron shouted. "Stop...stop wanking off thinking about my sister, pervert!”

Seamus laughed, then groaned as he came, “Ginny! Ginny! Oh, gods, Ginny!”

Dean joined in, moaning, “Oh, yes, Ginny! Yes!”

Harry decided to really rub it in. “Oh, gods, yes! Ginny! You’re so sexy! Ginny!”

“Harry, I’m coming over there and murdering you, right now!” Ron yelled.

“Oh, shut your gob, Ron,” Seamus snorted, “and finish wanking off to Hermione!”

“I do not!” Ron screamed.

“Do too.” Neville put in.

“All the time, mate,” Dean chuckled.

Ron simply growled and rolled over and went to sleep. His hard on had deflated anyway.

Harry smiled at all these delicious memories as he mounted his Firebolt and chased after the snitch. Katie came down about ten minutes later and they spent a wonderful hour flying and chasing quaffles and snitches.

In the shower afterwards, Harry took charge. He got the Transfiguration spell right and laid Katie down on the soft cushions and began kissing her from the lips on her face to the lips between her legs and had her moaning and begging for satisfaction.

Harry settled in between her gorgeous, creamy thighs and thrust himself up into her, gasping with pleasure, as he buried himself in her tight, slick embrace.

“Oh, yes, Harry!” she cried. “So big! So hard! Fuck me! Please, fuck me!”

Harry did so, loving the beautiful, blond witch for as long as he could. She came twice, then wrapped her muscular legs around his waist and grabbed his ass with her hands and pushed him into her, crying, “Now, Harry, now! Come! I want it! Please! Come!”

Harry groaned as he released into her, her cunt pulsing and throbbing around his thrusting cock. He kissed her hard and deep, pushing into her with all his strength, trying to extend the orgasm for as long as possible.

As they cuddled in the afterglow, Katie kissed him softly, murmuring, “Even better than the first time, Harry. Gods, you’re such a stud. And Angie and Alicia couldn’t agree more. And there’s still over two months of school left. I never thought I’d be sad that school didn’t last longer, but I am now, since it means no more of this fabulous sex with you!”

“I feel the same, Katie,” she sighed. “Katie, would...would it be wrong for me make love to Ginny?” he asked suddenly.

She sat up and looked down at him, her eyes and expression hard. “Yes, Harry, it would. She’s only thirteen! That is much, much too young for a witch engage in intercourse. I would have waited longer than fifteen, but, well, Oliver was awfully persuasive. Really, Harry, fifteen is the very youngest a witch should be. Sixteen is much better, even seventeen.”

“I...I wasn’t really planning to, honest, Katie!” Harry cried, taking her hand. “I, well, I just didn’t know. I still really don’t know the, well, the rules about making love. Please, don’t be upset with me.”

Katie smiled and kissed him. “I’m not mad, Harry, just surprised. I’ve noticed you’ve been studying with her and talking with her more. That’s how a relationship, a really loving relationship, should develop, Harry. Slowly and with a lot of trust on each side. As I said last week, you and I may eventually be more than just shag buddies, but a relationship takes a lot of work - from both people. Now, how about a few more kisses and then we’d better get to supper.”

Angie and Alicia met them at the door to the Main Hall and the four of them walked in together, hardly causing a raised eyebrow. After all, what could be more natural than members of the Quidditch team walking in after practice?

In the common room that night, Harry finally gathered his courage to do something he knew he should have done long before. Parvati and Lavender were chatting and giggling together - nothing new in that - on a couch near a window. Harry walked over and gave the two pretty witches a smile.

“Yes, Harry?” Parvati asked cooly.

“I...I’ve come to apologize for...for treating you so badly at the Yule Ball, Parvati,” he said sincerely. “I should have done so much sooner, but, well, I’m a coward. I really have no excuse. I was moping over Cho and, well, worried about the egg and, well, I know I really hurt your feelings. I’d like to be friends again, if you’re willing to forgive me.”

She looked at him a little strangely, then her pretty, pouty lips curled up into a lovely smile.

“I accept, Harry. Thank you. Yes, you did hurt my feelings, quite badly, in fact. But, I’ve noticed you’ve been much more, well, upbeat here recently. What’s going on?”

“Oh, I just decided to try and stop worrying about everything. What happens is going to happen,” he said softly. “I figured I should start enjoying the good things that are going on.”

“Yes, you should,” Parvati agreed. “What’s with you and Ginny Weasley?”

“Yeah, Harry!” Lavender grinned. “What’s the dirt?”

Harry blushed. Lavender and Parvati were the most notorious gossips in the school. They’d have him and Ginny engaged by breakfast if he wasn’t careful.

“Nothing, Lavender, really,” Harry said. “We both just finally got over our shyness around each other and decided to be friends. After all, I’ve known her for nearly four years and...”

“...and saved her life, Harry,” Parvati concluded. “Some of us wondered why it’s taken so long for the two of you to become friends. So, when’s the wedding?” she snickered.

Harry turned red as the two pretty witches giggled at him.

“Please,” Harry asked, “don’t start that! Ron will murder me. So will Fred and George. Tell you what. Keep our dirty secret and next weekend during the Hogsmeade visit, I’ll treat you both to some Honeydukes chocolate. Padma, too!”

Lavender and Parvati squealed and tittered. “Oh, Honeydukes!” Lavender almost drooled. “But, Harry, that’s pretty pricey, you know.”

Harry thought about the stacks of Galleons in his parents’ vault at Gringotts. He hardly ever spent a Knut. He didn’t want to seem like Malfoy, buying people’s friendship. Then it occurred to him that he already had friends, if he would only let them in a little closer.

“Price is no object when it comes to bribing such charming ladies as your lovely selves,” he said with a flourish.

The two young witches giggled and blushed.

“Harry!” Parvati almost squeaked. “What has gotten into you? Actually, it’s a very nice change from your brooding. Are you asking us to be your dates?”

Harry gulped, he hadn’t thought about this. “Well, not as such,” he mumbled. “I mean, if Padma comes, too, that’s three of you. All the rest of the guys would hex me if I monopolized the three of you. The three prettiest witches in the school!”

Lavender and Parvati giggled and blushed again. “I like this new you, Harry,” smiled Lavender. “So, you think I’m pretty?”

Lavender was very pretty. Stylishly long blond hair, a heart-shaped face with bright, baby-blue eyes, a pair of full, lush lips and a rather remarkable figure for a fifteen-year-old. She also liked short skirts and was showing off her shapely legs all the way to mid-thigh. Harry tried, rather unsuccessfully, to force his thoughts away from what lay at the top of Lavender’s gorgeous legs.

“Yes, I do, Lavender,” Harry smiled. “Of course, I think all the girls here are pretty. But you’re one of the very prettiest.”

Lavender smiled widely. “Oh, Harry! You are just too, too much! All of us are pretty? Even Millicent Bulstrode?” she snickered.

Millicent, Pansy Parkinson’s best friend, could, at best, be called very unattractive.

But Harry managed to come up with the perfect answer. “Yes, Lav. All witches are beautiful. Some are just more beautiful than others.”

Lavender and Parvati simply beamed at him. “Okay, Harry, it’s a date,” said Parvati. “I’ll tell Padma at breakfast tomorrow. I’m especially fond of the double creamy, double chocolate chunk fudge.”
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