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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1.
I pulled my jacket closer to my body as the cold October wind stung my face, whipping my hair making it stick to my forehead. I slowly made my way down the deserted streets in hope of finding a place to stay. Shoving my hands into my pockets I pulled out its contents, all it contained was small change and a five-dollar bill. I was going to need more money soon enough. Pulling my hood over my head I started a brisk walk in the direction of my usual stop.
Turning the corner I noticed some cars had already pulled in. Sighing I walked slowly over to the alleyway and leaned against the cold brick wall.
“Hey Frankie Baby.” Someone called. I glanced over at the car squinting my eyes trying to figure out who it was. Rhino. Of course that wasn’t his real name it’s what everyone round this place called him; and for obvious reasons too. I pulled my hood down and stalked over to the car.
“Whatya need Rhino?” I asked winking at him.
“The usual babe.” He smirked, “Hop in.”
Squeezing my eyes shut I tried to regain my normal breathing pattern. I was going to pay for this in the morning. I hopped into the car beside Rhino avoiding eye contact at all costs.
“We’re gonna need to make this quick Hun my wife will be expecting me soon” He smirked. There was no messing around with this man; one wrong move and you got what was coming to you. He was larger than the average man and I was sure he carried a gun around in his pocket one thing was for sure I didn’t want to be at the wrong end of that gun. I nodded slowly reaching for his belt and unbuckling it. I took another breath to prepare myself only to have the wind knocked out of me from a strong punch in the gut. I groaned and clutched my stomach in pain.
“I said hurry the fuck up,” He hissed.
Hands shaking, I fumbled with his jeans and pulled out his throbbing member. I stroked it up and down making sure it was at its full length. Bending over I licked the tip of the head making him shiver in pleasure. He knotted his fingers into my hair as I began to take his full length into my mouth. His breathing was becoming hard and uneven as he gripped my hair tighter. Bobbing my head up and down I prayed this would be over soon enough. He grunted and began to fuck my mouth with long and rough thrusts. I began to cough and splutter as his throbbing member was forced down my throat stopping air from getting to my lungs. My eyes were beginning to cloud over with tears as he continued to attack my mouth. I was thrown off balance when the force of a fist connected with my face, falling back my head clashed with the window. I groaned and slowly sat up knowing that if I stayed down the beatings would become worse. With one last thrust he forced his cock into my mouth moaning as his sprayed his Lode down my throat only pulling out before he was finished which resulted in me being covered in his cum.
“Thanks Frankie.” He smiled handing me a fifty. I smiled weakly at him.
“Anytime Rhino.”
I watched as he drove off knowing that I still needed to find a place to crash tonight. Shoving the fifty deep into my pockets I walked over the dumpster pulling my rucksack out from behind it. Swinging it over my back I began my routinely walk through the town in hope of somewhere to stay.

First chapter… This was just an introduction so yeah it will get better. Comments? :) I’d love to hear them.. Bad or good. :D Please Rate And Review. I would be forever grateful. Yup. Xoxo Maya
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